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Nectar Leaf Review

Nectar Leaf’s bread and butter is essential oils. They offer just one CBD product: full spectrum cannabidiol tinctures. The company insists they are on the up and up when it comes to responsible sourcing and testing for contaminants like heavy metals. However, there is zero evidence to back their claims. With only one CBD oil offering that happens to be their bestseller, it shouldn’t be unmanageable to provide this information — if their product is indeed as potent and pure as they say it is.

BioCBD Plus Review

Claiming to be the original appropriators of water-soluble cannabinoids, BioCBD Plus boasts products with incredibly high bioavailability. Additionally, we have yet to see any CBD businesses come close to the magnitude of charitable operations being enacted by BioCBD Plus.  Every time someone purchases a product, they give one away to someone in need.  They also offer a scholarship program and make it clear that they are ‘for-benefit’ and not ‘for-profit.’  It renews one’s hope in life and humanity to see a business make such a priority out of helping others.

Charlotte’s Web (CW Botanicals) Review

If you’re even remotely familiar with cannabis, you’ve probably heard of Charlotte’s Web, the groundbreaking company that unlocked the power of CBD years ago — before it was cool. Their story took a dramatic turn when the founders met a very special child named Charlotte. The Stanley Brothers’ revolutionary high-CBD genetic variety with scant THC changed the game for Charlotte and thousands of lives across the country who heard the story. Charlotte’s Web is still going strong as perhaps the most trusted name in CBD oil.

Crystal Pure CBD Review

Crystal Pure CBD is a CBD oil isolate powder that is 99%+ concentration that is only sold wholesale. Crystal Pure CBD has recently created their first tincture product that ranges in price from $169-$200. This all natural CBD crystallate (very fine CBD crystals) are blended back into organic hempseed oil to create a tincture that is free of waxes and other particles.

Jeff’s Best Hemp! Review

Jeff’s Best Hemp has been in the game for quite a while and is one of the original providers of raw (unheated) CBD hemp oil. Due to the lack of heat or chemicals used in the creation of their hemp oil, each tincture is a 40/60 blend of CBD/CBDa (offering purported advantages over straight CBD). Although we hope to see Certificates of Analysis for laboratory testing for Jeff’s Best Hemp published in the near future, they are available upon request to any customer who requests them from the manufacturer at any time. Jeff’s Best Hemp! still shines for their commitment to purity and originality.

Cannadiol Review

Cannadiol creates high quality CBD oil supplements that range in price from $99-$560. As it is impossible to trademark cannabidiol (CBD), what’s the next best thing? Change the spelling to Cannadiol and call it a day!

Alternate Vape CBD Review

Admirably, Alternate Vape chooses to stick to three essential ingredients when formulating their vape cartridges/e-liquids: MCT oil, CBD, and plant terpenes.  While’s products are delightfully free of things like VG and PG, the lack of testing for common contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents certainly raises some eyebrows.  If transparency is important to you as it is for us, we recommend finding a more reputable CBD vendor.

CanChew Review

CanChew is a New Jersey-based company with a focused but innovative product line: CBD gum. The cannabidiol-infused chewing gum is not only a discreet way to access the benefits of CBD but also a good option for increasing the bioavailability of the cannabidiol oil. Still, we can’t say much more about the company, or its product. Information on CanChew itself is very sparse, and the website doesn’t offer any details about how the hemp is sourced or the results of any lab testing on its CBD.

Kannaway Review

Kannaway operates on the direct sales model, soliciting global ambassadors to distribute their products.  They equate to the Mary Kay of the CBD sphere with teams around the world counted among the Kannaway family.  We’ve seen this model before, and most often, the direct sales CBD businesses tend to be lacking when it comes to our methodology.  But we have to hand it to Kannaway.  They check all the boxes, and although we’re historically suspicious of their business model, their products and processes are sound.

Hemp Health Technologies Review

Hemp Health Technologies creates an organic CBD oil tincture product that costs $55. Hemp Health Technologies is a family run brick and mortar health food store from South Georgia that sells this CBD oil tincture both online and in their store front. Hemp Health Technologies like most claims to have an Organic product but as this industry is unregulated there is no proof.


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