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Cibdol Review

Europeans (or those visiting Europe) in search of state-of-the art CBD products, look no further than Cibdol. Cibdol promises ‘Swiss purity’ in every bottle, every capsule, every CBD topical they sell. The company employs a proprietary filtration process rendering their CBD oil golden in color, and their independently conducted cannabinoid profiles prove their extract has exceedingly high amounts of both CBD and CBG. With a line that includes mostly liposomal delivery options for heightened bioavailability, we’re on board with much of what Cibdol is doing.

Miracle Smoke Reviews

Miracle Smoke specializes in creating flavored CBD e-liquid and concentrates containing CBD oil that range in price between $69-$1,008. There is not much to say about Miracle Smoke because other than selling products, they say virtually nothing about what they are about.

Nulief Review

Nulief is another CBD oil capsule created by Whole Products that fancies itself as the first branded CBD supplement. Many new CBD oil companies see themselves as original or being first, but the reality seems as if this is just another CBD capsule product.

Hi CBD Review

Hi CBD is owned by Cannabis Sativa Inc a publicly traded company focused on branding and marketing high quality legal cannabis products including CBD oil. As these products exist in concept only, there is no pricing information available. What makes Hi CBD products innovative is that they are one of few companies focused on bioavailability through water solubility.

Zamnesia Review

The European company is a venerable online superstore for all things cannabis (and otherwise). With over 3,000 products in stock overall, Zamnesia has an incredibly diverse line of CBD-related items. While the company sells a number of CBD products produced by its own Zamnesia line, many of its CBD oils, cannabidiol skincare products, CBD edibles, and cannabidiol vape juices come from brands found all over Europe—and the U.S. Still, it seems information on the items is just as piecemeal as their origins, and even within Zamnesia’s own brand line, only some items offer ingredients lists or other in-depth data, making it difficult for us to award badges for quality or safety.

CannazALL Review

CannazALL shouts from the rooftops that they are ‘the world’s premiere CBD oil company.’ Our take? They’re definitely not top tier but certainly not bottom dwellers, either. CannazALL has solid products with ingredients we approve of, and that’s about as far as it goes with the accolades. We acknowledge they’re doing some things right, but they will have to up their game not only to rank higher with us, but to compete in a cutthroat market where others are doing so much more.

Trompetol Review

Trompetol is a natural products manufacturer that has created a CBD oil salve that costs $40. Trompetol is a Czech based company that creates products while caring about the environment attempting to avoid devastation of the environment.

Love CBD Review

Founded in 2014 when the CBD trend was beginning to explode in the US, Love CBD set out to create a product for Europeans that went against the grain of the low-quality offerings commonly available. Through hard work, Love CBD created CBD products made exclusively from the flowers of the hemp plant. It is worth mentioning that Love CBD only ships to Europe (excluding Norway) and so our American readers need not apply. We encourage to publish Certificates of Analysis for contaminants testing so that we may confidently recommend them as a verified CBD vendor.

KanaVape Review

KanaVape is a French-Czech company that has created another CBD oil vaporizer that costs about $55. Focused on nature and sustainability and combining over 10 years of experience with growing hemp this team might have actually created a great vape CBD product.

PyoorCBD Review

PyoorCBD is a CBD oil company focused on health and fitness conscious customer that range in price from $40-$99. Pyoor CBD is an edgy cool cutting edge looking CBD oil brand that has a small catalogue of CBD products ranging from gold oils, sleep aids and berry drink mixes.

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