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ViPova Review

Loosely translating to ‘absorbing life’ ViPova sets the innovation bar high with their original line of full-spectrum hemp oil and tea blends. While they make various exciting claims about their products and certainly seem to have good intentions (having several charitable operations in place), we need to see some changes before recommending them to our readers. Crucial updates for would include publishing CoA’s for laboratory testing, giving information about the origin of the hemp oil/plants, and offering proof of the studies they frequently reference.

Entourage Hemp Review

Entourage Hemp has been a significant player in the CBD industry since the early days, and pioneered practices now deemed vital such as publishing CoA’s for laboratory testing with each freshly made batch. Their incredibly potent tinctures are six times stronger than anything else currently available, with 50mg of cannabinoids per .25mL serving. Considering’s dedication to providing the absolute best CBD products at an affordable price (and without exploiting children) we strongly recommend them as one of the best vendors in the business.

Hemp Forte Review

Hemp Forte creates an innovative CBD oil capsule product that range in price from $60-$160. What makes Hemp Forte unique is that they are using a gel capsule that releases in the intestines bypassing loss of CBD in the stomach acid.

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