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true Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailFollowCBD Oil UK CBD Oil, aka Cannabidiol, is a food supplement that many thousands in the United Kingdom use every day. UK CBD oil is non-psychoactive and supports many different illnesses because it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and an antipsychotic. Buy CBD Oil UK If you want to buy CBD oil in the UK you are …

Holland Hemp Company Review

Holland Hemp Company is a Washington based company that makes CBD oil products that range in price from $9-$490. Holland Hemp Company sells many different brands of CBD products including their own self branded line called Holland Hemp Honey.

The Medics Inc. Review

The Medics Inc. start out generating much excitement by enthusiastically discussing their exclusive access to what they claim to be the best hemp genetics available – and truly American in origin, to boot.  Further encouraging is The Medics Inc.’s in-depth attempts to educate the public about everything from endocannabinoid deficiency to the history of the hemp plant.  Unfortunately, until up to date Certificates of Analysis are published on, we will remain cautiously optimistic.

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