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MedUSA CBD Review

While one won’t find any Gorgon women with snakes for hair at MedUSA, there is everything from cannabinoid-enriched massage oil, pre-packaged CBD brownie mixes (“Take~n~Bakes”), or pet CBD treats, there are products for the whole family. However, potentially falsified testing data invites a healthy dose of skepticism into our minds and hearts.

HYGIA Nutrients Review

A combination of a proprietary hemp cultivar, published scientific data comparing the competition, and many other sound product development practices puts HYGIA Nutrients in an elite but small group of CBD companies pushing boundaries and seeking to do things differently in the name of healing. HYGIA is dedicated to research and advanced technology to enhance the bioavailability of CBD, making it more effective for the consumer. There’s a bit lacking (which we discuss), but overall, HYGIA looks like an exciting, quality brand.

Fairwinds CBD Review

The ingenuity and creativity innate to the engineering life translate well into the CBD industry, as Fairwinds CBD has some of the most technologically advanced growroom monitoring systems in the biz. Originally only selling products with THC, we are stoked that Fairwinds now has a CBD catalog available in all 50 states. However, we are a bit concerned about the CBD oil extraction method currently employed by this Washington brand.

Hempland USA Review

If you’re looking for a patriotic CBD vendor, take a glance at HempLand USA: they’re all about keeping things American. They promise homegrown health by sourcing and manufacturing their entire CBD line domestically. A peek at their product line, and we’re impressed — high-quality, CO2-extracted cannabidiol and a surprise proprietary ingredient we’ve never seen before. We love the homegrown shtick; in this case, it’s genuine and there’s nothing wrong with it. A couple more contaminants tests are all that’s stopping this excellent brand from a five-badge rating.

Prime My Body Review

Prime My Body’s claim to fame was being one of the first to offer an innovative liposomal delivery system wherein cannabinoids are encapsulated inside phospholipids, allowing for dramatically enhanced absorption. Since then, they’ve taken things further with their yet-to-launch CBD oil which uses ‘Nano Sonicated Technology’ to create the liposomes which surround the compounds. Their line is focused and appears top notch, but there’s a catch — to date, you have to be an affiliate member to purchase directly from the company. Yep, here’s another multi-level marketing CBD brand out for world domination. The products aren’t too shabby, but proceed with caution.

Treatibles Review

Harmony for the whole family. That’s the aim of Treatibles, the first company to offer organic, full-spectrum CBD oil specifically for pets. This brand is the real deal, with their own organic and sustainable hemp farm in South Carolina and team of veterinary advisors and consultants. We love that they are charitable, and they don’t use one, NOT ONE, questionable ingredient in their CBD pet line. Pet owners can rest easy with these tested and quality CBD products for whatever ails your furry friend.

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