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Therapy Pure Essentials Review

Therapy Pure Essentials is on the right track, using quality CBD oil and natural ingredients with a desire to be transparent. But they have to walk the walk by posting comprehensive, current test results and listing ingredients for each product. And while they claim to donate to charity, they do not specify their affiliations, so we are unable to award the Charity Badge at this time.

Muscle MX Review

The primary goal of Muscle MX is to provide freedom through CBD oil: from pain and inflammation and from reliance on prescription medication and other unnatural solutions. Their CBD product line, which includes pre- & post activity balms, is geared toward the active individual, be it the consummate athlete, the weekend marathoner, or the elderly consumer enjoying low-impact exercise.

They market their CBD balms as “simple, natural and powerful with results you can trust”. Muscle MX has the simple and natural part down. However, this is a classic case of missing information where we need more to award additional badges to this performance-driven CBD company.

NuLeaf Naturals Review

Purity and simplicity are ways of life at NuLeaf Naturals; you will be hard-pressed to find CBD oil with the same level of consistency and massive consumer backing. Their organic, specially-bred hemp from Colorado receives nourishment from Rocky Mountain spring water before undergoing a highly innovative extraction process, and then being sent to a lab to verify potency and freedom from contaminants. Though their CBD product line is limited, Nuleaf Naturals excels at what they do, earning them a coveted five-badge rating.

PH Secrets Review

PH Secrets wants the world to take their health back from the medicine cabinet and return to healing principles of the ancestral world through what else, CBD oil. By combining CBD with sophisticated herbal combinations (the founder is a professional herbalist), they procure CBD tinctures, salves, and more with potentially powerful healing effects. When it comes to holistic knowledge, PH Secrets knows their stuff. What we don’t see is a transparency in testing, sourcing, and basic processes. But with a few changes, they could be a future contender.

Amrita Review

Although Amrita’s fondness for the Vedic mythology surrounding cannabis illuminates the imagination, it is not nearly enough to justify a lack of discussion on the source material. Furthermore, claims of third-party laboratory testing do not have the backing offered by proper Certificates of Analysis. Finally, as living the state of California (and being 21 or older) is a prerequisite to making a purchase, Amrita is likely not ideal for many CBD consumers.

PharmaHemp Review

While U.S.-based customers need not apply, PharmaHemp remains an enticing option for our friends across the Atlantic. While the lack of contaminants test results on their Certificates of Analysis is something needing immediate attention, we can’t ignore the passion PharmaHemp demonstrates for CBD hemp cultivation and CBD product formulation. Hand-selected seeds and flowers grown in the subalpine regions of Croatia and Slovenia give us great hope that PharmaHemp has some truly wonderful products.

Try The CBD Review

This Denver brand wants us all to “choose to feel life at its best.” They don’t wow us with an emotional backstory or sleek branding, but the quality of their CBD products and ardent transparency are enough to peak our interest. And our rating. We can easily say that Try the CBD hits all the right marks. Whether you’re looking for full spectrum or isolate, vape oils or CBD tinctures, you can bet these products are safe and contain exactly what they say they do.

Zakah Life Review

The Zakah Life brand throws the word “organic” around a lot, but unlike the massive amount of CBD brands that do the same, they actually use mostly organic ingredients. In fact, their CBD balm contains 100% organic ingredients, an anomaly in the CBD topical space and a feat we applaud. But we think it’s weird that Zakah Life makes a big deal on their homepage about the importance of test results and where hemp is grown but doesn’t disclose either when it comes to their own company.

Sadica Review

With their mission statement being about leading the food and beverage industry, it is a head-scratcher as to why Sadica are selling mostly topicals (although more consumables are listed under their “Coming Soon” page). While this mission-driven company claims to use cutting-edge quality testing that’s verified by third party laboratories, without Certificates of Analysis, no discussion on the origin or cultivation of the hemp plants, and very little information available on each product, we are forced to remain skeptical for now.

CBD Rx/Functional Remedies Review

Functional Remedies and its parent company CBDRX are genuinely innovative and sustainable organizations that are leaders in the industry in their efforts on the genetic engineering and sustainable farming fronts. We believe their products and processes are top of the line, and we look forward to seeing where their groundbreaking research will take them and the CBD space at large.


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