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Dreem Nutrition Review

Perhaps the biggest redeeming factor of Dreem Nutrition is their excitement and dedication to using US grown hemp, and keeping it domestic throughout the entire process. Although they provide some CoAs, the lack of testing for pesticides/herbicides and residual solvents forces us to remain cautiously optimistic about the positive changes supports through their educational content and innovative products.

Hempgenix Review

While Hempgenix caters primarily to wholesale buyers, there’s an abundant variety of desirable items from this remarkable one-stop cannabinoid shop. The fact that performs some of the most rigorous laboratory testings we’ve seen, and links to each product’s Certificates of Analysis, speaks volumes about their operation (sadly, they don’t produce proof of common contaminant testing). A majority of CBD products they sell are full-spectrum, organic, and made from hemp grown in the US as well, which is worth of extra props in our book.

Ojai Energetics Review

Ojai Energetics is on their game in almost every sense of the word. They are charitable, eco-conscious, organic-minded, and even innovative! Ojai Energetics has it covered. They use a colloidal process to achieve their water-soluble CBD, and they’re the first to do it without synthetic ingredients. With current and comprehensive test results and an amazing CBD product line, there’s a lot to get excited about here.

CBD Unlimited Review

You can find CBD Unlimited on the New York Stock Exchange under its parent company, Endexx Corp (EDXC). The CBD oil purveyor seeks to develop premium products that have optimal bioavailability, are cost effective, and provide a rewarding user experience. While CBD Unlimited certainly possesses credentials in the business world, they would benefit by taking direction from some of the more homegrown vendors. For example, staying current on their CoAs and giving back may make them more endearing to health and wellness consumers.

Cannimal Review

Cannimal is a premier provider of CBD for animals with non-GMO products and thoughtful formulas. The company focuses on the combination of CBD oil with adaptogenic herbs to provide healing relief for pets with pain and anxiety. What makes Cannimal unique is their pump containers: they offer zero droppers for their CBD oil. They made this intentional move because they stand behind delivery directly into the mouth for highest bioavailability and it’s a safer method for animals.

Kat’s Naturals Review

Live well. That’s the simple and honest mantra behind Kat’s Naturals, a CBD apothecary born out of the Tennessee backyard of founder Kat Merryfield. Using expertise in nutrition and herbal remedies, the brand formulates powerful remedies that combine CBD with potent herbs and essential oils. Everything is 100% natural, and sustainability underpins every step. Kat’s Naturals is a charitable, ethical organization with a top-notch CBD product line and quality ingredients. While they post cannabinoid profiles for each of their products, we’d like to see them go further by publishing independent tests for contaminants. Other than that, there’s little that leaves us wanting from this little company with big heart.

Golden Leaf CBD Review

When it comes to our fondness for those who demonstrate love for the vast healing potential of the CBD oil, Golden Leaf CBD certainly gives us that warm fuzzy feeling. “We use our CBD everyday,” they state, echoing other reputable brands that promise their cannabidiol is used by the internal team regularly, which speaks to the quality of product. However, despite being a widely distributed brand and assuring intensive laboratory testing, the documentation provided on their website is strikingly scant. We’d like to see more clear, relevant information from the brand in order to fully get behind their CBD oil.

Medterra Review

We applaud Medterra for placing such importance on not only sourcing USA-grown, organic hemp, but also going the distance by providing up-to-date, third-party Certificates of Analysis for each innovative product they offer. Were we to hear more about their charitable endeavors, Medterra would earn a perfect score.

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