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VitaMia Hemp Review

At VitaMia Hemp, the farm is the muse of this family business that emphasizes quality over quality.  They easily hit high marks for sustainability and advanced farming techniques, priding themselves on the purity of their products that have a literal personal touch (they are harvested and processed by hand).  We recognize excellence in localized production, as their entire process takes place in Colorado, and the bulk of it happens on or near their farm in Boulder.  However, VitaMia falls short in a few key areas that we’d like to see resolved.

Harmony Review

As their name suggests, Harmony is interested in making the world a better place, and they intend to accomplish this through proliferating cannabinoid products to the masses at an affordable cost. Their business model reflects their expansive mindset as does their international, forward-thinking team. Meet the self-proclaimed hemp pioneers determined to eliminate barriers and improve lives across the globe.

Illuminent CBD Review

Illuminent has an extensive product line and a competitive direct selling platform, offering consumers the chance to be business owners themselves by pedaling their merchandise. While the company is full of promises of innovation and quality, we find them to be lacking in just that. Illuminent offers both isolate and full spectrum options, something we love to see from CBD product manufacturers. However, their widespread use of artificial flavors and the fact that they sell nicotine e-liquids don’t sit very well with us.

The Wee Hemp Company Review

Meet Wee Hemp, a team of eco-conscious straight shooters with an infectiously personal branding message. Wee Hemp hails from Aberdeen, Scotland and sources CO2-extracted, industrial hemp grown in Europe and the U.S. sans pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.  Their segway into the CBD industry began with a daunting personal health battle and blossomed into a little company with big personality.  There’s something downright loveable about Wee Hemp; we just need a wee bit more from them to grant more badges.

Progressive Pet Products Inc. Review

“Our pets need us to help them when they can’t help themselves.” This is the guiding principle behind Progressive Pet Products Inc., a veterinarian-owned company dedicated to helping pets live their best life, the natural way.  The ethos behind this brand is sound, and we think the products are too.  They need to work on a bit more transparency with lab testing and revealing their hemp sourcing methods to get 100% on their game, but the future looks bright for these passionate individuals.

Myaderm Review

Boasting ‘pharmaceutically elegant transdermal creams that use CBD to reduce pain and inflammation’, Myaderm has zeroed in on the topical segment of the industry with an intriguing line for people and their pets.  While the company has a litany of positive testimonials and media spotlight features among the likes of PBS and CNN, we need to see a bit more disclosure from them in certain areas.  Questions as to their source material and extraction method need immediate attention for us to award them a higher ranking.

Nature’s Script Review

Nature’s Script has an impressive operation, performing manufacturing, packaging, and shipping all in-house for purportedly outstanding quality control.  They valiantly attempt to check all the boxes, and their product quality and safety levels are admittedly on point.  Sustainably grown, industrial hemp and regularly published, independent testing for potency and contaminants earn our applause.  However, the company is lacking a solid mission with an uber impersonal branding message and a contradictory practice involving artificial ingredients, a huge no-no for us.

Blue Sky Biologicals Review

Blue Sky Biologicals is producing serious volume on a global scale.  With jaw-droppingly extensive and efficient production facilities in China, they are procuring top-notch CBD for individuals and brands all over the world.  From humble beginnings in the kitchen of a wellness expert, Blue Sky Biologicals has grown through their commitment to basic tenants: conscious impact, organic promise, interconnectedness, and restoration.  While we are disappointed in their lack of posted test results, they are nevertheless a brand worth checking out.

MedJoy Review

Married couple Gerry and Dolores experienced multiple natural benefits by incorporating CBD into their daily health regimen. This inspired them to take their passion to the people, and MedJoy was born. MedJoy offers premium full spectrum and isolate CBD oil products for humans and pets, plus a bulk buying program for retailers. They are off to a great start but could improve their reputation by way of testing disclosure, and in time, may be considered for more merit badges.

SAUC Review

The proof is in the SAUC! Pronounced “sauce”, here is a company that has a singular focus: they do one thing and they do it well.  By centering all their efforts on the vape market, SAUC delivers an elite product line featuring a blend of CBD isolate with organic terpenes that tastes great and contains no traceable amounts of THC.  Their price point is noticeably affordable, and from what we can tell, they don’t sacrifice any product integrity.  Relentless research and ardent transparency are the cornerstones of their practices, and we like what we see.


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