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Ignite CBD Review

Ignite CBD is a hyper-brand-focused distributor of CBD vape oils and CBD tinctures. And there’s plenty we could say about the Los Angeles-based brand itself, as well as its flashy owner, whose presence is splashed across the website. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to information on product testing or specifics on where and how the cannabidiol is sourced or extracted, there’s little to go off of, making it difficult for us to award many badges.

Premier CBD Oil Review

Premier CBD Oil offers a dozen products, but seems to focus most on their innovative line of crystal-infused salves. The products offer something different and, by the looks of things, seem dreamy for the skin. Still, elsewhere on their site, the hard evidence to back up the quality of their all-natural products is hard to find, and Premier CBD Oil offers no further information to support their claims of lab testing or how the CBD oil in their isolate products is extracted.

CBD Nutritional Review

CBD Nutritional offers the world adaptogenic wellness and beauty.  An adaptogenic substance, in the health space, refers to something that responds to what the body currently needs. It may behave one way in one body and another way in a body with different needs. The ashwagandha herb is an example of an adaptogen.  So is CBD. CBD Nutritional harnesses this adaptogenic power by creating thoughtful formulations. They source their CBD from industrial hemp grown organically and utilize solvent-free CO2 extraction. With a couple exceptions, we like what we see.

Lazarus Naturals Review

Sustainability? Check. Premium CBD extract? Check. With Lazarus Naturals, the checks just keep on coming. Here is a team of like-minded individuals committed to both the science and ethos of the CBD hemp movement, and we honestly can’t get enough. Their aim is to provide the best CBD for everyone, especially those who need it the most, which is why they have an extensive discount program for the disabled, veterans, and those with low income. Lazarus Naturals is on their game when it comes to posting comprehensive third-party test results, and they truly back up their promise of “consciously crafted CBD”.

Cannuka Review

“Separately they’re powerful, together they’re Cannuka.” We’re talking about two of nature’s healing elixirs: CBD oil and manuka honey. The potent combination is the trademark of Cannuka, an American CBD topical company. Their polished beauty care brand focuses on giving skin a healthy glow the natural way. Like CBD oil, manuka honey offers a ton of natural benefits, especially for the skin. We dig the combo, but we’re missing too many basic elements to rank Cannuka higher at this time.

WillPower Review

Made by an athlete for athletes—or at least those who like to stay active—Will Power is a CBD-infused protein powder that aids in fitness and sports nutrition routines. The company says its aim is to help promote healthy lifestyles through the natural benefits of cannabidiol, and its products seem to check out, with recent test results posted to the site confirming the safety of the company’s CBD oil. Still, its extraction method remains a bit mysterious for us, preventing us from awarding our quality badge, though we do appreciate the efforts toward sustainability Will Power makes in other ways, including in its recycled materials packaging.

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