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OLEO Review

Delicious CBD-infused water on the go? Yes, please! OLEO makes tasty, water-soluble CBD powders you can take with you for a refreshing and healthy beverage before a hike, after a workout, whenever the mood strikes. Wellness enthusiasts, don’t fret! These powders have clean ingredients. No artificial stuff here. OLEO uses an innovative carbohydrate binder to increase the bioavailability of their CBD, a claim they back up with a legitimate scientific study. Read on to learn more.

Alpha CBD Review

What’s up Slovenia? Meet this CBD skincare purveyor from Central Europe with worldwide shipping and a passion for the epidermis. Alpha CBD makes seven topical options to treat an array of skin issues from eczema to acne, all of which have been dermatologically tested. Problem is, we can’t see any test results for the cannabidiol contained in the products, and we’re not sure that the brand even runs these tests. We’re justifiably hesitant to take this gamble.

Vape N Terps Review

Vape N Terps offers an astounding range of cannabidiol-infused products, including a prodigious amount of CBD vape pen cartridges, as well as cannabidiol distillate and CBD isolate. And while we appreciate the company’s obvious passion for what it does, we wish Vape N Terps would channel just a bit more of that energy toward information distribution, as some more nuanced third-party testing data and details on the company’s hemp sourcing and extraction methods aren’t quite as plentiful as inventory.

Livity Foods Review

Cannabidiol may be a new frontier for Maryland’s Livity Foods, but its parent plant, hemp, certainly isn’t. The company makes the popular Ever Bar, which already utilizes nutrient-dense hemp seeds to help power its eaters through an active day, but with its new line of CBD oil-infused bars, the company hopes to introduce even more nature-based goodness to the mix. We just wish they’d offer a little more background information on their new star ingredient.

Beeza Review

Beeza is a new vendor on the scene with a fresh look and a genuine story behind their singular product, a relaxing CBD body lotion. Founder Alexandra suffered from unbearable cramps which led to an unwanted reliance on prescriptions, and like many founders in the CBD space, she knew there had to be another way. Using her grandmother’s botanical recipe, she came up with a genius CBD topical we’d love to recommend, but need to know significantly more about in order to do so.

Relive Everyday Review

Relive Everyday is driven not only by producing a product that helps give others control of their own wellness, but on creating and promoting positive change, generally. And the company’s product is truly a manifestation of those hopes, with quality and safe cannabidiol mixed into innovative items that are specifically approved to help families affected by Autism. It’s a five-for-five badge earner, proving that it’s not impossible to have it all.

PhytoLogica™ Review

PhytoLogica™ may be the entrepreneurial embodiment of a silver lining. While the father of the company’s founder may have lost his battle with cancer, despite finding help through cannabidiol, that didn’t stop his daughter from taking what she’d learned from the experience to help others get through their own difficult times. And fittingly, a company inspired by so much medical hardship, goes through special pains to ensure the CBD oil it delivers is as safe and high quality as possible.

Yuyo Botanics Review

This small, women-owned CBD operation out of Tennessee is turning some heads in the business. That’s kind of their thing, seeing as co-founder and hemp farmer Christie was instrumental in making the hemp movement what it is today in their state. We love the fact that Yuyo’s hemp is not only grown organically, but under the auspices of biodynamics, a truly holistic approach to farming. Yuyo Botanics ranks low with us because of what we believe is simply missing information, as their products and processes appear to be stellar.

Genco Pura Review

Genco Pura was founded by two special operations veterans with a passion for the natural benefits of CBD. Needless to say, their heart and minds seem to be in the right place. Or are they? We were surprised to find no charitable affiliations with the brand whatsoever nor a veterans discount (something we expected to see). The brand may have good intentions, but they’ll need to explain their processes in more detail and conduct more lab tests to ease our minds.

CBD For The People Review

It’s all in the name: CBD For the People prides itself on providing a product that’s as safe and quality as possible, and has the transparency to prove it. The company puts its ethos on clear display, as well as its extensive third party lab-testing policy, which is broken down and explained with both nuance and straightforwardness. It all comes together to showcase CBD FTP’s commitment to bringing affordable CBD oil to the masses.


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