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GoGreen Hemp Review

GoGreen Hemp certainly covers the gamut with their product catalog — CBD tinctures, vape cartridges, CBD topicals…the gang’s all here! High points include their charitable program that goes above and beyond and their highly affordable, all-natural CBD balms. And since the GoGreen team is both innovative and meticulous about their testing, they get all five badges from us.

CBD 2.0 Review

CBD 2.0 hails from Louisiana and promises “a better CBD for a better you”. They fulfill that promise through their water-soluble, nano-sized CBD oil with optimum bioavailability, and they take it further by infusing carefully chosen Ayurvedic herbs in the mix. Ayurvedic medicine dates back thousands of years and incorporates different herbal remedies and plant therapies to treat a myriad of health conditions. By synergizing this ancient tradition with the benefits of CBD, this brand is providing a real treasure trove of plant-based health solutions. We want to see CBD 2.0 up their game even further by posting up-to-date test results for contaminants and purity for their products.

AdvoCANNA Review

AdvoCANNA are first and foremost advocates of cannabis for beauty. And why shouldn’t they be? CBD oil has amazing properties that benefit the skin, and healthy, moisturized skin along with overall health will undoubtedly make you look years younger. The Florida brand claims their products can improve elasticity and even lessen fine lines and blemishes. It all sounds well and good, but we have major reservations about taking the plunge with this CBD skincare line. A lack of any independent tests on their CBD oil and a staggering amount of chemical ingredients are unfortunate red flags.

Summit CBD Review

Denver-based Summit CBD may get its name from the towering mountains lying just West of the city. Or maybe it’s from the high-quality of cannabidiol product they hope to produce. Either way, it seems the company does a good job of living up to its lofty name, with a large variety of CBD oil items—for both people and pets—that pass our safety test and can help users with everything from revving up for a peak performance to chilling out at the end of a long day.

Current Naturals Review

In a world full of pretenders looking to make a quick buck off a hot trend, Current Naturals hopes to stand out as a company deeply rooted in its morals—and its commitment to creating a safe and consistent product. And, from the breadth of information it provides on its preferred farming practices, CBD oil extraction methods, and cannabidiol safety records, it seems the company does just that, earning our Big Three badges (Mission, Safety, and Quality) and proving that there is still such a thing as an honest business in this crazy age.

Lily CBD Review

Lily CBD is a rare East Coast-based entrant in the CBD oil market, but the company brings with it all the zippy follow-through the Northeast is known for. New York State farms are responsible for organically growing Lily CBD’s hemp, while the more extensive—but safer and cleaner—CO2 extraction method is employed to cultivate CBD oil. The company also has all of its products tested for heavy metals and other contaminants and works just as hard spiritually as it does physically, with a percentage of all sales donated to charity.

American Biosciences Inc. Review

Don’t let the lab-loving name fool you: American BioSciences is just as big a fan of natural solutions as it is of the science it’s named for. The company thrives on mixing the best of both words to create a treasure chest of natural supplements, including the newest addition to its extensive line of products, the cannabidiol-infused GreenPower powder. The dietary supplement is made from quality-grown hemp and safely-extracted CBD oil, making for a product we’d love to purchase—if only we could figure out how.

Love Grass™ Review

Sure, you’ve heard of THC, but what do you know about THCa? THCa is the precursor to THC, kind of like CBDa is to CBD. It’s completely non-psychoactive and similar to CBD, has a lot to offer by way of natural benefits. The Love Grass product is unlike any other we’ve seen in that it not only contains cannabidiol but a large amount of THCa as well. Since one can technically heat their CBD oil and the THCa will convert into active THC, Love Grass products have only been available in registered dispensaries in California. Nonetheless, we’re highly intrigued by this CBD oil for pets and people that packs a little something extra.

VitaDreamz Review

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep. Aside from the natural energy and cheer it can offer, getting enough rest is essential for most of our body’s functions to work properly. Yet, for many, those sweet relaxing hours are all too hard to come by. Enter Vita Dreamz. The company hopes to help induce sleep naturally, through CBD oil and a number of other plant-based ingredients. And while we love this mission, we sadly couldn’t find enough information on the site backing up what’s actually going into the company’s products—including some vital information about its cannabidiol.

Proper Hemp Co Review

Like the traditional image of a “proper” gentleman or lady from the days of yore, Proper Hemp keeps an exceedingly stiff upper lip. The company reveals minimal background info about itself—from its general operating philosophies to the sources of its hemp to its CBD oil third-party testing policies. Products span a wide range, and full ingredients lists are offered, which we appreciate, but overall, there’s just not enough information to go off of to make too many other notable points on Proper.


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