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Appalachian Standard Review

When it comes to organic, home-grown CBD, Appalachian Standard certainly sets the bar high. Hailing from the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, this family and veteran-owned CBD merchant clearly knows a thing or two about cultivating sustainable hemp. They rotate crops through greenhouse, indoor, and field environments to keep the soil healthy and their customers happy all year long. If they can rev up their testing protocols, we’d be even more on board.

Endourage Review

Endourage has an impressive team of doctors and scientists who have crafted specialty CBD products aimed primarily at physicians and clinicians to dispense to patients. But now, you can get their innovative formulas straight from the source at their online CBD store. Unfortunately, Endourage ranks low simply due to a lack of information. If there cannabidiol is as awesome as they say it is, more disclosure could be all it takes to become an elite CBD vendor.

CBD TRU Review

CBD TRU is quite the enigmatic CBD brand. For one, we’re confused about the sourcing of their hemp and have no idea what extraction method(s) are used. CBD TRU does not include comprehensive ingredient lists with their online CBD products, leaving us with more questions. They fall short in the testing department too, with missing tests and cannabinoid profiles that don’t match their claims — probably wise to wait until more bases are covered.

Kush Queen Review

If you’re looking for a CBD gift, this is THE place! Kush Queen offers deluxe CBD lifestyle products with old favorites and a few that are unique to this female-owned, female-focused brand. Their super popular Lit Kit is a fantastic $20 gift box of goodies, and they make a fabulous CBD bath bomb for dogs! Kush Queen has even more uncommon offerings and a curated focus that make them one of the best online options out there for CBD gifts.

Mr. Pink CBD Review

It’s champagne wishes and CBD dreams for this Beverly Hills company. Mr. Pink CBD is the first vendor we’ve seen to go with the celebrity angle, and we’ve never seen a company in the CBD oil space with this kind of star power. That power comes from the Mr. Pink brand that took LA by storm a few years ago, and we have to say, we like most of what we see here, especially their eco-conscious practices.

Sera Labs™ Review

Sera Labs wins big time when it comes to our methodology. This focused CBD brand sources organic USA hemp and processes it cleanly. They’ve got all the third-party safety tests we look for; they’re innovative, and they go above and beyond in the charity department. We have a bone to pick about their CBD skincare with supposedly ‘100% natural ingredients’, but other than that, Sera Labs is clearly a five-star champ.

CBDO™ Review

CBDO is based out of the U.K. and offers a limited line of CBD products sourced from Slovenian hemp. Considered veterans in the industry, they’ve been around since 2013, practically ancient times in the CBD biz. While they’re certified-organic CBD oil (an easier certification to come by in Europe) and clean ingredients are great pluses, there’s not really much to write home about here. We recognize CBDO’s level of quality, but with such a longstanding operation, we’re shocked they don’t offer more variety.

Bare Roots Nutrition Review

According to our methodology, the Bare Roots brand is lacking in most departments. That being said, they don’t necessarily give off any red flags; it seems like they simply need to do a better job of covering their bases. A big plus — their CBD oil product line contains only all-natural ingredients, a feat that’s becoming less and less common these days. We think that with a few improvements, Bare Roots could become a vendor we can get behind.


EMPE USA provides a broad selection of CBD offerings, including a whopping 16 options of CBD gummies. The brand claims their products come from hemp that is grown and harvested in the USA and are manufactured domestically, but we don’t know their extraction method. While EMPE USA provides cannabinoid profiles for each SKU, they don’t provide tests for contaminants and are in need of some work to rank higher with our methodology.

Tokn’ Review

Tokn is certainly not one of the ‘token’ CBD vendors with an array of products and a website full of information. Instead, this small company grows a few strains of CBD hemp flower on their little farm in Oregon and offers them just as they are to the world. No nonsense, no sophisticated branding or packaging, just premium hemp flower grown with care. They do make delicious CBD teas and pre-rolls, but that is the extent of their small product line. There’s something to be said for these smaller vendors that don’t offer a lot by way of variety but get it right where it counts.


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