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Want affordable CBD options? Vib (pronounced “vibe”) has the answer with CBD oil tinctures and disposable CBD vape pens that are a great bargain. However, we are unsure of some important factors with this brand. We don’t know where their CBD hemp is sourced, for one, nor how it is extracted. And we have pressing questions about their independent lab results that make us hesitant to feel the vibe, at least for now.

Dr. B-Well Pharmaceuticals Review

B-Well Pharmaceuticals leaves us with more questions than answers. There are a couple of bright spots, like comprehensive ingredients lists for their CBD products (we don’t see enough of these in the industry) and CBD time-release capsules. But we have a major issue with the brand’s low level of transparency that leaves us confused as to the true origin of their CBD hemp and the processes behind the scenes. We’re justifiably holding the phone on B-Well for a hot minute.

The tide is turning with CBD topicals. For consumers (like us) who are turning to cannabidiol to supplement our health regimens, the last thing we want are synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Topical CBD products have been notorious offenders, but things are changing with vendors like Kiskanu Hemp. This skincare brand takes all-natural even further by offering mostly certified-organic ingredients and displaying an honorable level of transparency.

Weller Review

Don’t just be well… be Weller! That’s the idea behind this cool Boulder brand that specializes in CBD-infused food and beverages with pizzazz. Their CBD products are delicious, gluten free, non GMO, and vegan. They hit all the marks for tasty, healthy treats you can feel good about purchasing. Plus, Weller is obviously committed to sustainability and clean sourcing. Our only qualm is their ‘broad spectrum’ CBD claim that isn’t as ‘broad’ as we’d like.

Absolute Nature CBD Review

Go green! Absolute Nature CBD has us amped and inspired to do more to help the planet. They go the extra mile to use as little plastic as possible, and their website is apparently ‘energy positive’, hosted by a green provider that reinvests in wind energy. Their CBD products are green too — all-natural and free of nasty solvents and pesticides. We look forward to seeing more from this budding CBD brand who hits the high notes for ethos and quality.

Social CBD Review

Say hello to some of the best tasting CBD vape pens in the biz! Social CBD got their start as one of the first CBD purveyors in the vape space. Their high-quality CBD vape pens maintain temperature consistency and have a 100% natural taste customers love. Since launching in the vape sector, they have developed a full line of CBD products for people and pets that’s earned them high marks with us.


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