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Naternal Review

Naternal gives us the warm and fuzzies — not because they have a super-touching backstory or cute photos of puppies on their CBD pets page. Rather, the solid scientific and rigorous testing processes that back their cannabidiol catalog give us peace of mind. Naternal isn’t a CBD giant or an influential social media presence, but they do have a clean and charitable seed-to-sale operation. We are totally down with all their CBD products and everything they do!

NanoCBD Plus Review

Unique products are hard to come by in the burgeoning CBD oil space, but Nano 101 appears to have one of them. The Irvine, CA-based company offers one of the market’s only—and what it says is its strongest—CBD oil skin patch. Proprietary extraction methods allow Nano 101 to infuse its hypoallergenic patches with full-potency CBD, and although we understand keeping some of that process under wraps for business purposes, we’d like to see just a bit more information on the company’s specific CBD extraction method—or any evidence of the third-party testing of its cannabidiol.

CannaBliss Labs Review

Love. Living. Healthy. CannaBliss Labs wants to improve the quality of life of people everywhere and to get people to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle through their CBD oil. They promise only premium and natural ingredients in a CBD product line featuring consumer favorites like tinctures, gummies, and pain relief balm. But we did in fact find unnatural ingredients in their offerings that make us feel uneasy about their dubious claims. And a lack of information regarding source location, extraction method, the type of CBD they use, and safety testing has us holding the phone for now.

Dosist Review

Those interested in CBD-only products should note that all of Dosist’s current formulas include THC, as well as CBD. However, those who live in states where THC consumption is legal—and don’t mind the substance—should also note that Dosist offers an exceptionally innovative delivery system for those cannabinoids, ensuring that customers receive a “perfect dose” every time to keep the focus on wellness—and getting the results one is looking for.

RAW Health Infused Products Review

RAW Health centers their brand on their CBD-infused super waters. Each formula — Refresh, Renew, and Relax — features broad spectrum, 0% THC CBD oil and just nine ingredients. RAW Health prides themselves on the natural thing, and all their all-natural claims check out. No synthetics or artificial stuff here! But unfortunately, this fresh CBD brand ranks low according to our methodology. See why we currently can only give them one badge.

Root Bioscience Review

Root Bioscience leads with what almost sounds like fighting words when they say, “We’re a science company. Not a cannabis company trying to learn science.” And well, we love it! Meet the real deal when it comes to CBD science. This team of technicians, researchers, and farmers produces high-grade CBD raw materials and offers white-label services for various products. Their consumer brand Naternal showcases Root Bioscience’s obvious obsession with quality, nature, and science.

Seven Points CBD Review

Seven Points CBD has a powerful and simple mantra — Big relief. Not big pharma. This CBD brand caters heavily to the active, athletic lifestyle, and the team members themselves are SoCal athletic-adventure seekers. Seven Points CBD says all the right things, and we believe they have real quality behind them. However, we’d like to see some safety tests posted online for their CBD products. This is the industry standard now.

Omax Health Review

Omax Health wants you to live life to the max! We do too, and that’s why we tirelessly vet every new CBD vendor on the scene with our solid methodology. In this case, Omax Health fares well, getting three of our five badges. They have an impressive scientific team and a pretty unique CBD product that targets, of all things, the female orgasm. But we still know very little about the cannabidiol they use in their supplements.

Barlean’s Review

Barlean’s started out as an omega-3 supplement company and now, nearly three decades later, offers awesomely clean nutritional goodies from flaxseed oil to CBD oil. Their backstory couldn’t be more authentic, and it’s clear this Pacific Northwest brand is deeply invested in quality supplements and giving back to the global community. Transparent and ethical, they’re an easy CBD brand to get behind.

Dr. Norm’s Wellness Review

Taste the cookie, not the medicine. Dr. Norm’s mantra serves this CBD cookie brand well — their award-winning CBD cookies are probably some of the best around. We also love their secondary motto, “Know your dose.” Dr. Norm’s prides themselves on accurate dosing in each bite-sized CBD cookie they make. If they could just make a few tweaks, we can definitely see a higher rating in the future for this lovable brand.


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