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About Us

Transparency Is Rare

Especially in new emerging industries such as the CBD hemp oil movement. As an agnostic investigative group we are here to level the playing field to help you find the right CBD oil products.

We Fight For The User!

Our vision, quite simply, is to help you get CBD on your shelf. If it's on your shelf, you are more likely to use it. And if you use it you are more likely to benefit, thrive and live a healthy life.

We achieve this by shortening the learning curve and simplifying the purchase process through producing educational content, organizing the brand landscape, and reviewing all products containing CBD.

Here Are Our Values

  • User First – We fight for the user!!
  • Confidence – So that you can make confident feel-good purchases
  • Discovery – So that you can discover all the brands and buy the right CBD product for your needs
  • Knowledge – To organize and educate on all things CBD usage & best practices
  • Clarity – To set healthy expectations on results, cost, and quality
  • Value Exchange – To be compensated for helping others make smart purchases

We Exist to Solve These Problems

  • Not knowing if a product will work for you or not
  • Questions about safety; testing, pesticides, pathogens, and residual solvents…
  • Doubts about quality and potency of CBD products
  • Are you getting the best value for your dollar
  • The right product for you might be the one you're not finding
  • No transparency because this is such a new market with no regulations
  • Marketing makes it hard to tell which products are actually popular and trending

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Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

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