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We're consumers of CBD products too and after being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape we created this to level the playing field. We want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Got a question? Contact Us.

Jolly Green Oil Review

Jolly Green Oil certainly evokes a fun, happy nature with their CBD edibles. Everything from chocolate covered pretzels to CBD popcorn and lollipops will bring out the kid in anyone. But looks can be deceiving, as rampant artificial flavors and colors lurk in these tasty treats. We’re willing to grant Jolly Green Oil the Safety Badge due to their current disclosure of independent laboratory results. But this exclusively CBD isolate company has a bit further to go to really drive home transparency. Letting us know where and how their CBD hemp is sourced and their extraction method is a great place to start.

Maple Plus Review

Maple Plus believes as we do — when it comes to wellness, simple is better. Meet the passionate Vermont team responsible for wonderful CBD-infused maple sugar, a first in the industry. Made with 100% organic Vermont maple sugar, this stuff is a sweet treat that’s actually good for you, thanks to the natural benefits of CBD and the numerous antioxidants and minerals from maple sap. We can’t get enough of this small-town brand who only has one product, but with heart and quality like this, that’s all they need.

CBD Plus USA Review

CBD Plus USA is the self-described safe, legal, affordable CBD solution. This Oklahoma operation has their sites set on nationwide domination. But they’re following a disturbing trend right now in the CBD space — ‘all-natural’ claims that don’t check out. We can forgive a couple of artificial ingredients, but it’s a dishonest move when you proudly tout your product line as all natural. And the use of parabens in their CBD topical is non-excusable. We’re holding off on our approval until some changes are made.

Tree of Life Botanicals Review

Tree of Life Botanicals is off to a great start. Organic hemp? Check. Clean extraction method? Check. All-natural ingredients? Check. Comprehensive testing? Half-check. Contaminants results are only posted for their CBD isolate. To make sure their products are 100% contaminant-free, we need to see either a contaminants test for the full spectrum CBD oil used to make product or one for each SKU. But other than that, we think this Colorado brand has great promise.

LEEF Organics Review

From the outside, Leef Organics looks like a top-of-the-line CBD brand. They’ve got the look, the Cali vibe, and their products contain all-natural ingredients. Their full spectrum hemp is sourced from organic farms in Northern California, and they even use a cold-press extraction method. All the trappings and the right words are there. But it’s hard for us to get past their claim of having 100% organic products when this isn’t close to being true. It’s not that the products aren’t quality, but they’re not what Leef Organics promises them to be. This inauthentic organic grandstanding is uber common in the space, and we need to hold CBD brands accountable.

Cali-Born Dreams Review

Cali-Born Dreams has a whimsical name and a bit of mystery surrounding them. The brand is not clear about who their founder/s is/are, and the information provided is just too scant to make us feel comfortable. They sponsor an MMA and Muy Thai fighter, which is cool. But there are two main things working against them: a lack of comprehensive contaminants tests and a small yet telling discrepancy as to the percentage of CBD advertised on their tinctures. Until some positive steps are made, this is a dream we’d prefer to wake up from.

Complete Body Daily Review

The goal of Complete Body Daily is simple: a life well lived. For those living with chronic pain, inflammation, and other health issues, this means finding natural solutions without the scary side effects. Enter CBD oil, the world’s wellness gamechanger. Complete Body Daily has a stellar line of CBD products, and their topicals stand out in particular. Each formula is unique and chock-full of potent antioxidants, some of which you may not have heard of yet. With some changes to their testing protocols and charitable giving, we think this brand could become a real contender.

Theramu Review

All-natural, tried and true relief — that’s the promise behind Theramu, an interesting brand whose formulas combine the natural benefits of CBD oil with the healing properties of emu oil. In fact, Theramu thinks emu oil is THE carrier oil for CBD, offering bioavailability on another level. Their products are 100% safety verified with all-natural ingredients, but vegans will have to take a pass.

Hemp Honey Liquid Review

Hemp Honey Liquid — the name just sounds delicious. Judging from their top-of-the-line ingredients (no PG here!), we have no doubt in the tastiness of their offerings. This CBD e-liquid vendor promises an ‘enchanting experience’ with rich, full bodied vape oils they claim to be uber potent. But regardless of user experience, we cannot verify the safety or quality of the CBD oil itself. Some changes need to be made for us to consider this brand the bee’s knees.

TheraJoy Pharma Review

TheraJoy has had skin in the CBD topical game long before most brands adopted the segment to their product lines. And unlike most brands out there claiming 100% organic ingredients, they actually back up their statements with certified organic ingredients in each and every formulation! TheraJoy’s CBD product line is simple, but you can’t beat their quality of ingredients. This is one of those brands we wish we could rank higher, but a couple of technicalities are holding us back.


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