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The Editor

We're consumers of CBD products too and after being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape we created this to level the playing field. We want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Got a question? Contact Us.

Barlean’s Review

Barlean’s started out as an omega-3 supplement company and now, nearly three decades later, offers awesomely clean nutritional goodies from flaxseed oil to CBD oil. Their backstory couldn’t be more authentic, and it’s clear this Pacific Northwest brand is deeply invested in quality supplements and giving back to the global community. Transparent and ethical, they’re an easy CBD brand to get behind.

Dr. Norm’s Wellness Review

Taste the cookie, not the medicine. Dr. Norm’s mantra serves this CBD cookie brand well — their award-winning CBD cookies are probably some of the best around. We also love their secondary motto, “Know your dose.” Dr. Norm’s prides themselves on accurate dosing in each bite-sized CBD cookie they make. If they could just make a few tweaks, we can definitely see a higher rating in the future for this lovable brand.

Potli Review

Disclaimer — don’t let the low rating fool you! According to our methodology, yes, technically Potli only gets two badges. But don’t let that deter you from scoring one of their amazing CBD-infused culinary items for sale in California and Las Vegas. Potli’s ingredients are the cream of the crop, and it truly doesn’t get much more sustainable or mindful than these two ladies who know what they’re doing in the kitchen (and with their cannabis, too!).

Vitagenne Review

Vitagenne wants everyone to feel great, sleep better, and recover faster. And they’re making it happen with a premium line of CBD products that are meticulously tested and packed with all-natural ingredients. Everything about the brand oozes quality and authenticity — they speak a lot about empathy in a way that does not sound forced. Their CBD catalog is simple but totally top notch. We’re on board.

Leafy Drops Review

Los Angeles-based Leafy Drops started last year, after its veteran owner found their own success with CBD oil to combat depression and anxiety. Its mission, it says, is to help people, and it seems to follow through, not only offering quality—and safe—products for humans, but using other ingredients in their products that are helpful for other members of the primate family.

Prana Principle Review

Anything else… is just less. That’s the Prana Principle. But when it comes to this CBD vendor, the keyword should actually be “more”. By that, we mean we need to see a lot more from them. They’ve got the apothecary-style, sophisticated branding down, but a total lack of visible test results for their CBD products is a bit concerning.

CBD Drip claims to have “The Brand That Works.” Another claim made is that they perform all extractions on Clean Green Certified European hemp crops; to our dismay, however, no certification or CGC seal is presented on the site. To top it off there are no CoAs available on the site for viewing by the public, and this one-two punch is more than enough to warrant skepticism from the concerned CBD consumer.

Amrita CBD Review

We don’t have much good to say about Amrita CBD. Then again, they don’t have much to say either. Everyone, please take note of this example of a CBD vendor who should make you pause before you purchase. Now that industrial hemp cultivation is legal at a federal level and more people are becoming aware of the life-changing benefits of CBD oil, we’re seeing a boom in new CBD brands ready to cash in on the opportunity. Read our take on the suspicious Amrita CBD. It will help you to to appropriately vett other companies in the future.

Incann™ Review

Incann claims to be all about living with intention — we can happily say they fulfill this claim! Say hello to a trustworthy, genuine, and high-quality CBD vendor who frankly, we’re impressed with. Incann is one of those rare gems who goes above and beyond what they say they are. In a market where CBD companies promise the world, Incann actually delivers. See why we think so highly of them.

Alpha Omega Vapes Review

Relax and feel great — that’s what Alpha Omega wants us to do. But we find it pretty difficult to relax with the strikingly limited amount of information they provide about their CBD oil and CBD e-liquids. We know the company is just starting out, but consumers deserve to know what they’re getting when it comes to CBD supplements. Alpha Omega has some major strides to make.


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