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We're consumers of CBD products too and after being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape we created this to level the playing field. We want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Got a question? Contact Us.

Noontide Herbal Elixirs Review

We’d like to think that CBD companies wouldn’t be deliberately offensive, but the photo on the Noontide Herbal Elixirs homepage of a giant styrofoam soda cup next to one of their CBD products (see below) leaves us feeling very uncomfortable. We’re uncertain whether they are consciously trying to deliver a particular message, or simply have what some may consider poor taste. Regardless, the lack of safety information and lack of product/company transparency stood out even more to us.

Nature’s Way Botanicals Review

Nature’s Way Botanicals has a bone to pick — it’s with Big Pharma along with the harmful medicines that affect so many searching for answers to health and wellness issues. Their solution? The natural power of CBD oil and essential oils. They provide strikingly comprehensive and unbiased CBD information on their site, an uncommon occurrence in a space where companies hand pick information to plug their products. Their hearts are in the right place, but we need a few things cleared up.

Lidtke Review

Lidtke is a natural supplement retailer that offers its own line of CBD tinctures, including synergistic herbal blends for humans and pets. Anti-inflammatory healers like turmeric and ginger are combined with full spectrum CBD oil to produce powerful combinations for relief. Lidtke uses zero artificial ingredients, something we applaud and wish we saw more of with the onslaught of new CBD companies eager to get in on the goods. And Lidtke looks like they’re trying to be transparent by posting test results for each SKU. But we did a double-take that reveals these CoAs not to be as comprehensive as they should be.

Pura Vida CBD Review

This Dutch CBD Oil Company appears to have it going on with a fresh product line. Their ingredients are cleanly sourced and natural, and if their hemp is indeed sourced from organic hemp farms in Slovenia and Croatia, we bet the cannabidiol itself is top notch. Unfortunately, Pura Vida lacks the basics, like a solid mission statement and more importantly, test results for safety and purity. Regardless, purchases are unavailable to those residing in the US and Canada, so any visits to Pura Vida remain a sightseeing experience for most.

Canna Companion Review

Meet the pioneers of cannabis science for the animal world. Canna Companion’s team of veterinarians have been researching the effects of CBD oil on pet health for almost 20 years. They even have their own proprietary database of thousands of case studies that is helping the world better understand the proper delivery, doses, and treatment programs for CBD for pet issues like inflammation and more. Their CBD products are trusted by vets and pet parents across the country, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this CBD pet brand at the top of their game.

JuJu Royal Review

Julian Marley carries on his father’s legacy with his cannabis company, JuJu Royal. Although the primary focus is on promoting THC-rich marijuana strains, they do offer hemp CBD products that appear aimed at recreational users. Although there’s not necessarily anything wrong with JuJu Royal (other than the lack of testing data), there is also nothing that stands out and inspires us beyond the family name, which is likely to be more than enough for many.

Smart Organics Review

Think smart… Go organic. Smart Organics’ products are more than your basic CBD fare. While they do offer hemp oils, salves, and tinctures (including two CBD + terpenes oils), they also feature a curated variety of synergistic supplements and functional foods. Their holistic approach is obvious in their 100% all-natural and beneficial ingredients, and they came extremely close to earning the Safety Badge. A few tweaks is all they need.

Populum Review

Populum is out to destigmatize hemp. Join the club. They aim to make CBD benefits accessible and affordable for everyone, taking their name from the Latin ad populum, meaning “for the people.” Populum uses food grade ethanol extraction followed by fractionalized distillation and sources their CBD hemp from domestic Colorado farms. We love that they offer a risk-free 30-day trial geared toward CBD first-timers to try out their products and experience the positive effects for themselves. See why we consider Populum a solid brand.


Sustainability is the name of the game for this Austria-based EU-only CBD vendor, as they use every part of the hemp plant during processing. Leaves turn into teas; seeds and nuts become oils and protein; and the lower parts serve as building blocks for textiles, fertilizers, and building materials. And unlike the many CBD companies we see who market their products as 100% organic, MEDIHEMP can back up their claims with certified-organic CBD oil in both isolate and full spectrum options. We believe this to be a solid, trustworthy CBD brand that falls just short of higher marks.

Elite Botanicals Review

Elite Botanicals is a large-scale, innovative supplier of CBD oil to reputable brands in the industry. We don’t know enough about their wholesale proprietary CBD product line due to missing ingredients lists. And even though Elite Botanicals is technically a CBD oil supplier, not a retail operation, we cannot award more than three badges based on our sound methodology.


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