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What are the best CBD oil products?

Cannabidiol QuestionsWhat are the best CBD oil products?
The EditorThe Editor Staff asked 3 years ago

Many of our readers have asked which are the best CBD oil products to buy? 

1 Answers
The EditorThe Editor Staff answered 3 years ago

Everyone is very different, it totally depends on your needs and your preferences. Oils are more potent, cost more, and yet you are usually paying less per milligram of CBD. Pills are an easy way to get it down, but much CBD is lost in digestion. Tinctures can be a tasty way to get CBD sublingually but often times contain other ingredients you might not want. Vapes are quick to deliver medicine but not everyone wants to inhale vaporized propylene glycol (the carrier). Edibles can be quite tasty yet some of us should not be having too much sugar. And topicals are great, yet often times don’t have enough CBD to treat the whole body well. The point is, you’ll have to try different kinds and decide for yourself.

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