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Cannimal Review

Cannimal is a premier provider of CBD for animals with non-GMO products and thoughtful formulas. The company focuses on the combination of CBD oil with adaptogenic herbs to provide healing relief for pets with pain and anxiety. What makes Cannimal unique is their pump containers: they offer zero droppers for their CBD oil. They made this intentional move because they stand behind delivery directly into the mouth for highest bioavailability and it’s a safer method for animals.

Erika Valentina Doria, founder of Cannimal, is a self-proclaimed animal whisperer, yogi, and healer with over five years experience in the cannabis industry. Cannimal products are not white labelled and are centered on the healing combination of CBD oil with powerful adaptogens. Adaptogens are natural plant substances known to synergistically ‘adapt’ to what the body needs. For example, an adaptogen may affect a body needing rest by lowering cortisol levels, promoting sleep, whereas the same adaptogen may stimulate a different body in need of metabolic energy.

Turmeric is one of the more well-known adaptogens and is featured in the Relieve formula, featuring full spectrum CBD oil, MCT oil, and other adaptogenic herbs. Each Cannimal formula is targeted for specific issues. What’s cool is that Erika provides information under every product about each of the adaptogens, including studies and research about their capabilities. The Relax formulation features organic passionflower, and Everyday Wellness has no herbs. They also offer a special CBD Equine formula that can be used topically as well.

The Eva’s Blend addition was inspired by Erika’s dog who suffered from chronic illness and was given 30 days to live upon the diagnosis. At the time, she did not have enough information on dosing or delivery of CBD (which is why Cannimal provides EXCELLENT instructions on this front), but she did give Eva something called Turkey Tail Mushroom. Eva lived five months longer than expected, and based on the science behind the mushroom’s health properties, Erika decided to add it in the CBD blend.

Cannimal uses only imported miron glass to house their CBD oil blends. We’ve seen this material used by a few other top-tier vendors willing to shell out the extra cash for it. Miron glass filters light and is thought to protect CBD compounds and other live phytochemicals.

We are granting Cannimal the Innovation Badge because of their intentional move to forego glass droppers. They purposely put their formulations in pump bottles because that’s exactly how they want you to administer it to your pets: pump it straight in the mouth. The idea is to increase bioavailability and prevent injury from animals biting glass. Check and check. Sound thought processes and a great idea.

Unfortunately, we cannot award the Safety Badge because there is just one CoA posted that does not contain contaminants results. Though we believe Cannimal is very much on the up and up, they need to post for each SKU so consumers can be confident they’re getting what they pay for, safely.

Bottom Line – Cannimal is an ethical brand with a quality lineup of blends of CBD oil with adaptogenic herbs that just needs a bit more transparency with testing.

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Cannimal uses full spectrum, non GMO CBD oil that is CO2 extracted in their products and tests for purity and contaminants.

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Cannimal has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

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Cannimal has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

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Cannimal is passionate about assisting animal guardians in finding optimal wellness for their dogs, cats, and horses.

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Innovation Verified

Cannimal does not use glass droppers, only pump bottles to increase bioavailability and prevent injury to animals.

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