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Leafy Drops Review

Los Angeles-based Leafy Drops started last year, after its veteran owner found their own success with CBD oil to combat depression and anxiety. Its mission, it says, is to help people, and it seems to follow through, not only offering quality—and safe—products for humans, but using other ingredients in their products that are helpful for other members of the primate family.

Prana Principle Review

Anything else… is just less. That’s the Prana Principle. But when it comes to this CBD vendor, the keyword should actually be “more”. By that, we mean we need to see a lot more from them. They’ve got the apothecary-style, sophisticated branding down, but a total lack of visible test results for their CBD products is a bit concerning.

CBD Drip claims to have “The Brand That Works.” Another claim made is that they perform all extractions on Clean Green Certified European hemp crops; to our dismay, however, no certification or CGC seal is presented on the site. To top it off there are no CoAs available on the site for viewing by the public, and this one-two punch is more than enough to warrant skepticism from the concerned CBD consumer.

Incann™ Review

Incann claims to be all about living with intention — we can happily say they fulfill this claim! Say hello to a trustworthy, genuine, and high-quality CBD vendor who frankly, we’re impressed with. Incann is one of those rare gems who goes above and beyond what they say they are. In a market where CBD companies promise the world, Incann actually delivers. See why we think so highly of them.

Alpha Omega Vapes Review

Relax and feel great — that’s what Alpha Omega wants us to do. But we find it pretty difficult to relax with the strikingly limited amount of information they provide about their CBD oil and CBD e-liquids. We know the company is just starting out, but consumers deserve to know what they’re getting when it comes to CBD supplements. Alpha Omega has some major strides to make.

CopperGel Review

“I’ve tried every pain relief under the sun, and nothing works better than CopperGel!” Yup, Mike Tyson said that. In fact, he owns the CopperGel company. The brand currently offers just three topicals, two of which contain CBD. Parent company Tyson Holistic is out to provide consumers with awesome cannabis products, approved by Mike himself. At present, CopperGel ranks low because we don’t know enough about their cannabidiol.

Mission Farms CBD Review

Mission Farms boasts “healthy, tall, and lush hemp plants” courtesy of their nutrient-rich soil and ideal climate for growing hemp in Oregon. Led by families and designed with families in mind, their CBD oil tinctures only contain organic additives, including organic MCT oil and organic essential oils. Essential oils are huge in the CBD market, and we rarely see vendors with this kind of dedication to sourcing them organically. But while we feel warm and fuzzy about the Mission Farms CBD oil line, we get the willies from their deceptive language about what ingredients really lie in their CBD topicals.

Haleigh’s Hope® Review

Like the brand Charlotte’s Web, this namesake is based on the remarkable story of a young girl. Jason Crawford, the pioneer botanist behind the CBD oil that is Haleigh’s Hope, met Haleigh in 2009. He spent the next seven years developing cannabidiol with a specific therapeutic compound ratio. Parents all over the country are now coming to Haleigh’s Hope for well, hope. Meet this game-changing, seed-to-sale CBD brand with a huge heart.

Boomer Natural Wellness Review

Boomer Natural Wellness wants you to know that wellness is not a luxury — it’s a lifestyle! We love that sentiment; everyone deserves access to natural wellness. Meet a CBD vendor with a different feel than what we’re used to. This Las Vegas outfit is run by a band of wellness practitioners who firmly believe in holistic health. Boomer’s online CBD store leaves something to be desired, however, with some key points missing.

Naked 100 CBD Review

Naked 100 CBD is an arm of vape mega-giant Naked 100, a global brand known for their nicotine-laden e-liquids. They have a small offering of CBD e-liquids in four flavors, but unfortunately, we cannot speak to the quality or integrity of these products, mostly due to a lack of information. This appears to be yet another example of vape industry vets getting into the CBD game without adequate intention.


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