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RE Botanicals Review

Renew. Regrow. Regenerate. RE Botanicals is the real deal on the sustainable agriculture front with an expert and seasoned founder and the ultimate in regenerative farming practices. They are the first national hemp brand to receive the coveted but arduous USDA organic seal due to their commitment to all things organic, no exceptions. RE Botanicals is on a mission to reverse climate change with responsible farming, and they’re making huge strides. We’re pleased to award them all five stars for their unparalleled standards of excellence.

Myaderm Review

Boasting ‘pharmaceutically elegant transdermal creams that use CBD to reduce pain and inflammation’, Myaderm has zeroed in on the topical segment of the industry with an intriguing line for people and their pets.  While the company has a litany of positive testimonials and media spotlight features among the likes of PBS and CNN, we need to see a bit more disclosure from them in certain areas.  Questions as to their source material and extraction method need immediate attention for us to award them a higher ranking.

Restorative Botanicals Review

The Restorative Botanicals product line in a nutshell fulfills three requirements: calming, nutritious, and delicious.  This Colorado company has been on the CBD scene since 2015, creating unique formulations by combining full spectrum hemp oil with other nutritious oils for a potent anti-inflammatory effect.  We applaud Restorative Botanicals for sourcing powerful, clean ingredients uncommon in the industry and for using high-quality ingredients in general, but they fall a bit short of our standards when it comes to laboratory testing.

Thoughtcloud Review

Level up!  That’s what’s happening with Thoughtcloud, a sophisticated innovator with products that dominate.  We’re talking ozonated molecules, high concentrations of lesser-known, powerhouse cannabinoids, and prime healing ingredients wielded by holistic experts.  Any discerning consumer in the holistic space will recognize this brand’s superiority.  They fall just short of a five-star rating by failing to post online test results, but other than that, Thoughtcloud earns high marks from us as a trustworthy and charitable organization.

Buddha CBD Teas Review

We can’t say enough good things about Buddha Teas.  Everything about this company screams sustainability, from their honestly organic ingredients to the environmentally-friendly coating on their packaging.  And they’re doing something no one else is, at least in America.  The CBD in their tea is water soluble, optimizing bioavailability and creating a wonderful experience for tea drinkers everywhere.  We were incredibly close to awarding them a five-star rating, but we need to see lab results from their CBD to make that happen.

Joy Organics Review

The mission of Joy Organics is to set a standard of purity and bioavailability in the CBD business.  The founder had significant trouble finding CBD products that actually worked, which inspired her to create a company people can rely on.  Everything is grown and processed in the U.S. and verified by stringent testing to create extremely effective, full spectrum supplements.  Joy is known to donate sales proceeds to legitimate non-profits, and her business is steadily growing as more and more consumers discover her potent, affordable products.

CBDistillery Review

A passionate group of Colorado natives decided people have a right to first-rate hemp extract as an alternative method to combat health issues. And CBDistillery was born. CBDistillery categorically covers the gamut of CBD products with everything from suppositories to vape pens. Their sources are clean and sustainable, and we find them to be exceedingly transparent with their schedule of regular third-party testing. A 10% discount for veterans and active-duty military personnel is offered in perpetuity, evidence that this is a company that cares.

Prime Sunshine Review

As the name suggests, Prime Sunshine is all about the great outdoors. When the founder experienced a huge boon to her wellness regime from full spectrum, outdoor hemp, she decided to offer others the same gift. All Prime Sunshine’s products are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and contain zero preservatives or isolate. What we find very interesting is their process rooted in health and science. While they have a couple of shortcomings, this is a brand worth checking out.

NutraCanna Review

Non-GMO Kentucky hemp with 0% THC is the name of the game at Nutra Canna. They’re on a mission to propel the hemp movement forward by offering cost-effective products, supporting educational efforts, and employing sustainable practices. Their pharmacist-formulated products are always free of parabens and artificial colors, and importantly, laboratory tests for safety and purity are regularly posted online for each. Plus, they are the innovators of the CBD dissolvable tablet, an exciting product with high bioavailability.

LolaHemp Review

Meet Lola, the loveable Chihuahua and inspiration behind LolaHemp, an ethically-driven purveyor of CBD for pets. Their motivation is the wellbeing not only of their furry customers, but of rejected and abandoned pets suffering from health issues. The product line is admittedly limited and only features CBD hemp oil tinctures in three sizes, but the quality and charitable mission of this small company is overwhelmingly evident.

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