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Pure Relief Review

Pure Relief is one of those rare CBD vendors that may not have an uber-compelling backstory or sophisticated branding, but lets their CBD oil speak for itself. Independent test results prove that the CBD oil used in Pure Relief’s products is not only potent; it boasts a robust, full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that we don’t see every day. The line is 100% all-natural, and just one more contaminants test will put this trustworthy brand at five badges.

GoGreen Hemp Review

GoGreen Hemp certainly covers the gamut with their product catalog — CBD tinctures, vape cartridges, CBD topicals…the gang’s all here! We like certain aspects, like their charitable program that goes above and beyond and their highly affordable, all-natural CBD balms. However, GoGreen does not currently post contaminants tests results online.

CBD 2.0 Review

CBD 2.0 hails from Louisiana and promises “a better CBD for a better you”. They fulfill that promise through their water-soluble, nano-sized CBD oil with optimum bioavailability, and they take it further by infusing carefully chosen Ayurvedic herbs in the mix. Ayurvedic medicine dates back thousands of years and incorporates different herbal remedies and plant therapies to treat a myriad of health conditions. By synergizing this ancient tradition with the benefits of CBD, this brand is providing a real treasure trove of plant-based health solutions. We want to see CBD 2.0 up their game even further by posting up-to-date test results for contaminants and purity for their products.

Lily CBD Review

Lily CBD is a rare East Coast-based entrant in the CBD oil market, but the company brings with it all the zippy follow-through the Northeast is known for. New York State farms are responsible for organically growing Lily CBD’s hemp, while the more extensive—but safer and cleaner—CO2 extraction method is employed to cultivate CBD oil. The company also has all of its products tested for heavy metals and other contaminants and works just as hard spiritually as it does physically, with a percentage of all sales donated to charity.

Kush Queen Review

If you’re looking for a CBD gift, this is THE place! Kush Queen offers deluxe CBD lifestyle products with old favorites and a few that are unique to this female-owned, female-focused brand. Their super popular Lit Kit is a fantastic $20 gift box of goodies, and they make a fabulous CBD bath bomb for dogs! Kush Queen has even more uncommon offerings and a curated focus that make them one of the best online options out there for CBD gifts.

Sera Labs™ Review

Sera Labs wins big time when it comes to our methodology. This focused CBD brand sources organic USA hemp and processes it cleanly. They’ve got all the third-party safety tests we look for; they’re innovative, and they go above and beyond in the charity department. We have a bone to pick about their CBD skincare with supposedly ‘100% natural ingredients’, but other than that, Sera Labs is clearly a five-star champ.

Healing Resources Review

Arizona-based Healing Resources starts out strong, with a trio of admirable guiding principles placed right up front. But the company does little to follow-up on their noble ethos—at least, from what we can see on their website, with many finer details and third-party lab test results both absent. We do, however, applaud them for a trait that didn’t make the top three: Charity. The company offers a generous discount to military members, which is always great to see.

WINK Review

WINK claims to be the first CBD brand by women and for women, and while we’re not sure if they were really the first, these ladies still earn serious innovation points for their groundbreaking CBD products. The entire WINK line is female focused, although their extensive cannabidiol offerings can be enjoyed by anyone. Most of the WINK line is clean, and the best parts are the special treats you won’t find anywhere else (yet) in the space like their CBD liquid Stevia.

Culture for Good wants to be a driving force in bringing about the exact scenario described in its name – and the company does a good job of leading by example. Products are fine-tuned to help rejuvenate and invigorate the skin and mind, and a charitable streak has the company extending those items to military members free of charge. Still, we’d love to see the results of Culture for Good’s third-party lab tests to ensure their CBD oil is as pure as their philosophy, and hear more about where their hemp is sourced and how their cannabidiol is extracted.

Relief Brand Review

Relief Brand isn’t like the CBD vendors we see everyday. Sure, they don’t boast anything particularly different, but they’re not your average Joe either. For example, they skip the basic topicals like CBD salve and instead offer specialized serums. And their ingredients are all natural across the board. Imagine that! They also have an awesome nano CBD water that’s pretty affordable compared across the industry (probably why it’s difficult for Relief Brand to keep it in stock). Check out the goods.


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