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Tasty Hemp Oil Review

Tasty Hemp Oil is one of the leading brands focused on producing high-quality products that actually taste good. Their “tastier” CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, and CBD oils are aimed at those who are seeking awesome hemp products but can’t stand that “hempy” taste. With products containing very simple, high-quality, and often organic ingredients, Tasty Hemp Oil is a wonderful destination for both CBD novices and those who desire more palatable hemp CBD options.

Gevitta Review

Gevitta specializes in creating mineral spray supplements, one product in their line is specially formulated with CBD oil and will cost you $40. Gevitta delivers the highest quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional using natural ingredients to support sleep and energy needs.

Bluebird Botanicals Review

With an air of humility and kindness, Bluebird Botanicals makes it easy for us to conclude that they’re one of the best CBD vendors in existence. Not only does Bluebird Botanicals practice dozens of sustainability techniques, but they also cultivate loving relationships with the farmers who grow their hemp.  One can see Certificates of Analysis for every product; a real rarity in the industry.  To seal the deal, offers incredibly generous discounts to the disabled, veterans, and low – income individuals (upon verification).  One would be hard – pressed to find another CBD vendor with quite the same flair for authenticity and passion.

Cibaderm Review

Cibaderm, Cibaderm, wherefore art thou Cibaderm? That’s how we felt trying to pinpoint this brand’s products online. Cibaderm is under the HempMeds PX family of brands, and HempMeds PX is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc., a publicly traded company. Two of six of Cibaderm’s products were completely unavailable for purchase at any of the third-party sites we checked, and many of the remaining were out of stock at various online retailers. We’re willing to award Cibaderm a couple of badges largely based on the actions of their parent company, HempMeds PX, but the overall prognosis is a bit of a tragedy.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Review

It is beyond remarkable the Real Scientific Hemp Oil was able to help change the laws surrounding CBD in both Brazil and Mexico.  Two different children experienced such positive results in their illness while using RSHO that it sparked major controversy when they were not allowed to have it in their home country.  RSHO is the wise old grandpa of the CBD industry.  Sometimes Grandpa forgets to publish his Certificates of Analysis, but we still all know he’s a great guy.  Hats off to Real Scientific Hemp Oil for creating such a legendary product.

Elixinol Review

Thanks in large part to Paul Benhaim’s love of hemp and his generous nature, Elixinol maintains connections around the globe that enable them to procure highly potent, verified clean hemp every time. With clearly defined values, goals, and procedures, Elixinol is a tightly run ship. The fact that the folks at Elixinol go so far as to use Miron glass for some of their packagings speaks volumes about the quality of what they produce. With more educational resources than you can shake a stick at – and Certificates of Analysis for nearly every product – choosing Elixinol for reliably pure cannabinoid products is a no-brainer.

Dixie Botanicals Review

Dixie Botanicals obviously caters to the more active CBD users with their targeted branding. It’s a good move, considering CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and balancing effects are great for both pre- and post-workout supplementation. But whether you’re a workout nut or just on the hunt for some CBD goodness, Dixie Botanicals has something for everyone.

Endoca Review

It would take many pages to communicate the full extent of what makes Endoca such a remarkable CBD vendor; what we will say is that very few do it better. Whether it’s genuine respect for the environment, all-encompassing quality control, dozens of fun (and potent!) products, or the fact that they run harvesting machines on biofuel, the folks at Endoca humbly demonstrate they are by far one of the best players in the CBD game. With such an extraordinary level of commitment to traditional agricultural practices and sophisticated technologies, any cannabinoid connoisseur would be wise to put Endoca at the top of their must-try list.

Bio Hemp CBD Review

Bio Hemp CBD is taking the healing powers of mother nature and combining them with nanotechnology to enhance their bioavailability. Bio Hemp CBD is a very special company because they are changing the game of CBD Oil. When CBD is taken in oil form much is lost in the digestive process, when CBD becomes water soluble it becomes 50 times more bioavailable.

HempMeds Review

Not only was HempMeds the first mainstream distributor and retailer of CBD hemp oil (and the only ones bringing CBD to Mexico), but they continue to set high standards for the rest of the CBD industry. Offering brands such as Real Scientific Hemp Oil, Cibdex, Cibaderm, and Dixie Botanicals, HempMeds covers about every niche of CBD product. Our only beef with is their lack of published Certificates of Analysis alongside each product; a shame considering the pride they take in their TripleLabTesting™ process.


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