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Soothe CBD Review

Soothe your mind. Soothe your body! It sounds like a good time. Soothe CBD is out there to help ease your mind and boost your wellness with a simple line that earns a perfect score with our methodology. For one, they nail it on quality and up-to-date testing that exceeds industry standards. We also applaud this conscious brand on their mission to raise mental health awareness.

Proleve Review

We like a couple of things about Proleve, a small CBD company out of sunny Tampa, Florida. What do we like most? That definitely has to be their robust CBD oil in the full spectrum tincture — a real winner! We also appreciate that the brand offers a military/veterans discount and both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (0% THC) options. However, we are once again irked at ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, and even ‘no THC’ claims that don’t check out.

Zatural Review

Zatural was originally founded by naturopath MaryAnn Strager to enhance the wellness of her patients. They carry a variety of CBD products — including water-soluble CBD softgels — in addition to their arsenal of supplements, oils, extracts, and soaps. According to our methodology, Zatural is rated fairly high due to their clean sourcing, charity, and innovative practices. They deserve their score, but a claim of selling strictly all-natural products does not seem to fit with the ingredient list on some of their products.

Caliper CBD Review

Looking for unadulterated, water-soluble CBD powder? Caliper CBD nails it. Their CBD powder is completely odorless and flavorless and will dissolve into anything — coffee, water, smoothies, oatmeal, you name it! And we’re super intrigued by a published study that proves their product has insane bioavailability. Caliper CBD lands an almost perfect score from us. The only thing missing are current lab results for their innovative CBD catalog.

Vital Plan Select Review

Vital Plan Select just might be one of the best CBD vendors when it comes to truly full-spectrum CBD oil. We say ‘truly’ since many in the industry make this claim, but few can back it up with the astounding terpene profiles we see here. Founded by a physician who made the switch to natural healing, Vital Plan Select is a great choice for potent cannabidiol from a conscious company.

Aspen Green Review

We’ll cut right to the chase — Aspen Green gets a perfect score! And for good reason. Meet the organic folks who are who they say they are. Aspen Green has the highly coveted, expensive, and hard-to-get USDA certified organic seal for their CBD oil tinctures. In fact, most of the ingredients throughout their CBD catalog are organic. This small brand is making all the right moves on a mission-focused journey to bring people the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the planet.

PurePower Review

PurePower wants us to sleep like we don’t have problems, say goodbye to big pharma, and help our bodies thrive naturally with their groundbreaking CBD products. Where do we sign up? We admit we’re a bit dazzled by this conscious vendor with high tech, high ethical standards, and high-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for bioavailable CBD from an honest company, it doesn’t get much better.

Wana Wellness Review

Wanna enjoy delicious CBD without the chemical additives? Look no further than Wana Wellness, the subsidiary of mega-popular Wana Brands. Wana Brands produces a variety of cannabis products (only available in certain states), but they’re renowned for their great-tasting CBD gummies. Now, this impact company has released a line of CBD gummies legal for sale in all 50 states.

Bailey’s CBD Review

When it comes to CBD for pets, Bailey’s just does it better. Perhaps it’s because the founder spent years growing and extracting medicinal cannabis in California. Or maybe it’s their passionate team of veterinarians. Or maybe it’s their truly full-spectrum cannabidiol that’s some of the most robust we’ve seen — according to third-party tests — in the CBD pet arena. No matter how you slice it, Bailey’s is one of the best.

Avid Hemp Review

If knowledge is power, Avid Hemp came into the cannabidiol world with a hefty arsenal. The company had 20 years of hemp advocacy under their belt before the plant even became legal in the United States. Avid put all that know-how to good use quickly, utilizing longtime trusted partners they had cultivated along the way to help bring a quality, safe and sustainable CBD product to market. Check out their unique CBD Keto Oil and more!


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