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Kats Botanicals Review

Kats Botanicals has earned a reputation as a trusted online vendor of all kinds of natural remedies, not just CBD oil. When we took a good look at what’s behind this one-stop-shop for clean botanicals, we can see why customers keep coming back. Kats Botanicals offers both whole-plant CBD products and isolate options sourced from organic hemp grown way up in the Colorado Rockies. Check out the goods.

FOCL Review

Smarter CBD. Next-level wellness is here. Feel better fast — FOCL certainly gets the award for the best one-liners! Meet the CBD brand bringing you the ‘supplement stack’ you didn’t know you needed. The idea is to ‘stack’ beneficial adaptogens and vitamins along with CBD to help you perform better, recover faster, and sleep like a baby. FOCL is new on the scene but keeps it clean with a line that’s totally vegan and totally natural.

Envy CBD Review

Envy CBD hits all the right marks for what we look for in a trustworthy CBD vendor. They source their hemp from organic farms in Colorado and Oregon and use a clean, ethanol extraction method. Plus, they earn the hard-to-get Safety Badge, providing third-party tests that go beyond industry standards, but meet ours.

Enveed Review

Enveed hails from San Diego with fresh branding and an athletic, millennial vibe. The brand is committed to reducing people’s reliance on pharmaceuticals by turning them on to CBD for pain relief, stress relief, and more. We’ve been watching Enveed for a while now and have taken note of their positive strides to become more innovative, transparent, and charitable. They’re a great example of a CBD company moving in the right direction. And Enveed has all five badges to prove it!

Pura Cura Review

“We set the bar high, without getting you high.” What we love about Pura Cura is that they do their bar raising the simple way — with spotless CBD oil, organic ingredients, and love for the Earth. Pura Cura is a small CBD brand with just a few product options, but they stay focused on the important stuff. They regularly provide third-party tests and give back to the environment in a big way by planting a tree for every product sold.

Canvas 1839 Review

Be well. Do good. Sounds simple enough for Canvas 1839, the hip Austin brand that prides themselves on offering ‘CBD as uncompromising as you’. We admit, we like their vibe. They speak a lot to the seemingly inescapable craziness of modern life and CBD as the natural antidote to make things a little better. The brand is off to a good start, but we’d like to see Canvas 1839 publish contaminants results online and ditch their ‘all-natural’ claims.

Provacan Review

When it comes to research-backed CBD oil, Provacan knocks it out of the park. Meet the UK CBD brand intimately involved with some of the world’s most groundbreaking cannabis research in Israel. Provacan has developed a fantastic line of potent, innovative CBD products. Right now, they come in at three of five badges, according to our methodology. We look forward to seeing more from the UK’s first certified kosher cannabis brand.

Straight Hemp Review

Let’s get one thing straight — Straight Hemp is who they say they are! In an industry full of dubious claims, we’re happy to say that Straight Hemp backs up everything they say. Meet a CBD brand committed to keeping things natural and strikingly clear. Straight Hemp doesn’t offer a ton of variety by way of their CBD catalog, but each product they make is a winner in our book. They’re a straight-up refreshing bunch.

Naternal Review

Naternal gives us the warm and fuzzies — not because they have a super-touching backstory or cute photos of puppies on their CBD pets page. Rather, the solid scientific and rigorous testing processes that back their cannabidiol catalog give us peace of mind. Naternal isn’t a CBD giant or an influential social media presence, but they do have a clean and charitable seed-to-sale operation. We are totally down with all their CBD products and everything they do!

Root Bioscience Review

Root Bioscience leads with what almost sounds like fighting words when they say, “We’re a science company. Not a cannabis company trying to learn science.” And well, we love it! Meet the real deal when it comes to CBD science. This team of technicians, researchers, and farmers produces high-grade CBD raw materials and offers white-label services for various products. Their consumer brand Naternal showcases Root Bioscience’s obvious obsession with quality, nature, and science.


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