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RxCannaCare Review

Los Angeles-based RxCannaCare is focused on utilizing the benefits of nature to enhance the natural beauty of our skin. Its CBD-infused skincare line offers a range of options for creating or keeping up with a regular regiment, and the company also dips into the areas of pleasure and pain, using CBD-based creams and oils to create pain relief products and an “intimates” line. A twin skincare line which utilizes hemp oil rather than CBD is also available.

Vital Plan Select Review

Vital Plan Select just might be one of the best CBD vendors when it comes to truly full-spectrum CBD oil. We say ‘truly’ since many in the industry make this claim, but few can back it up with the astounding terpene profiles we see here. Founded by a physician who made the switch to natural healing, Vital Plan Select is a great choice for potent cannabidiol from a conscious company.

Aspen Green Review

We’ll cut right to the chase — Aspen Green gets a perfect score! And for good reason. Meet the organic folks who are who they say they are. Aspen Green has the highly coveted, expensive, and hard-to-get USDA organic seal for their CBD oil tinctures. In fact, most of the ingredients throughout their CBD catalog are organic. This small brand is making all the right moves on a mission-focused journey to bring people the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the planet.

PurePower Review

PurePower wants us to sleep like we don’t have problems, say goodbye to big pharma, and help our bodies thrive naturally with their groundbreaking CBD products. Where do we sign up? We admit we’re a bit dazzled by this conscious vendor with high tech, high ethical standards, and high-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for bioavailable CBD from an honest company, it doesn’t get much better.

Wana Wellness Review

Wanna enjoy delicious CBD without the chemical additives? Look no further than Wana Wellness, the subsidiary of mega-popular Wana Brands. Wana Brands produces a variety of cannabis products (only available in certain states), but they’re renowned for their great-tasting CBD gummies. Now, this impact company has released a line of CBD gummies legal for sale in all 50 states.

mintedLeaf Review

“The entourage effect is our guiding principle.” So says mintedLeaf, a purveyor of cannabidiol goodness made right here in the USA. The brand aims to provide consumers with effective alternatives to the common stuff in the medicine cabinets. And for the most part, they’re succeeding, especially with their CBD pain relief cream that boasts a special, therapeutic ingredient for aches and pains that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the CBD space.

Avid Hemp Review

If knowledge is power, Avid Hemp came into the cannabidiol world with a hefty arsenal. The company had 20 years of hemp advocacy under their belt before the plant even became legal in the United States. Avid put all that know-how to good use quickly, utilizing longtime trusted partners they had cultivated along the way to help bring a quality, safe and sustainable CBD product to market. Check out their unique CBD Keto Oil and more!

Kats Botanicals Review

Kats Botanicals has earned a reputation as a trusted online vendor of all kinds of natural remedies, not just CBD oil. When we took a good look at what’s behind this one-stop-shop for clean botanicals, we can see why customers keep coming back. Kats Botanicals offers both whole-plant CBD products and isolate options sourced from organic hemp grown way up in the Colorado Rockies. Check out the goods.

FOCL Review

Smarter CBD. Next-level wellness is here. Feel better fast — FOCL certainly gets the award for the best one-liners! Meet the CBD brand bringing you the ‘supplement stack’ you didn’t know you needed. The idea is to ‘stack’ beneficial adaptogens and vitamins along with CBD to help you perform better, recover faster, and sleep like a baby. FOCL is new on the scene but keeps it clean with a line that’s totally vegan and totally natural.

Pure Hemp Shop Review

Pure Hemp Shop says its CBD oil is as unsullied as its name implies, coming exclusively from pesticide- and chemical-free farms that the company’s owners have gone so far to personally visit (and get a literal feel for the soil). Still, we take a bit more issue with the purity of other ingredients the involved in the huge range of products. Pure Hemp’s CBD skincare line is especially unnatural and many of its CBD edibles employ the use of food coloring additives. Though, the store certainly offers a huge array of other cannabidiol options—for affordable prices.


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