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Evolution CBD Review

The CBD industry is changing. As more and more vendors come online every day, we’re noticing a small group of elite brands that are stepping it up — they’re more evolved if you will. Evolution CBD is a great example of one of these premium vendors. They offer the best of the best when it comes to cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing. Grown and made in America, there’s something for everyone.

Urbal Activ Review

For those who want an active, healthy life free of chronic pain, Urbal Activ has the answer. Their CBD products are geared toward more active individuals and include water-soluble tinctures made with nano technology and multiple options for dogs and cats. This high-performance brand is off to a great start, but they need to get with the program by posting their current independent lab results online. Doing so is no longer an anomaly in the industry, but rather part of best practices that sets apart trusted brands from the many CBD vendors popping up almost daily.

Big Sky Botanicals Review

Big Sky Botanicals operates under the guiding belief that phytocannabinoid-rich products can benefit almost anyone. They are consummately transparent, detailing every step of their production process, all of which takes place right here in the U.S. The brand sources organic hemp, they use both CO2 and ethanol extraction, and they offer broad spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC. We really like what we see here, and Big Sky Botanicals conducts rigorous testing for potency and contaminants. But at this point, these tests are done internally (not by a third party), which means the company cannot receive our Safety Badge quite yet.

Active Botanical Co. Review

Active Botanical Co has come a long way. From an underwhelming CBD vendor with too much missing information to an outstanding example of safety testing protocols, here’s a brand that makes adjustments in the best interest of consumers. We dig that. We also dig their all-natural line of CBD products that caters to the more experienced CBD user.

Frogsong Farm Review

Frongsong Farm is truly a company worth singing about. Passionate and committed, they not only strive to elevate the level of CBD oil products currently on the market but bring up the standards of their fellow cannabidiol purveyors, as well. The company operates through example, with its exceedingly thoughtful processes and policies clearly on display throughout the website. We can only hope, in this case, that the rising tide raises all boats.

Vital Leaf Review

Vital Leaf is exactly what you want in a CBD company — passionate, goal-driven, and honest. They were founded by an artisan chef who formulated their dreamy, best-selling CBD chocolate bars with grade-a ingredients any wellness junkie will wholeheartedly approve of. In fact, Vital Leaf’s ingredients are all honestly organic and ethically sourced, including their full spectrum cannabidiol. If you’re looking for the ultimate in purity and taste, Vital Leaf is where it’s at.

Naked CBD Review

With a name like Naked, it may be no surprise that the company sells products that are au natural. That was the original goal, in a mission to help offer safer alternatives to opioids for pain management, but Naked CBD’s success has since helped the company expand to include a vast array of cannabidiol products, covering every need from a morning jolt of energy to a muscle rub. And each item checks out as safe, with Naked also bearing all when it comes to third-party lab test results.

Mary’s Nutritionals Review

Mary’s Nutritionals is part of the widely known Mary’s family of brands that also includes Mary’s Medicinals and Mary’s Whole Pet (you can find separate reviews on them by us). The Mary’s Nutritionals line specializes in CBD products with mostly topical options. Their CBD transdermal patch that offers a staggering eight to 12 hours of controlled release has won numerous awards and was one of the first of its kind in the biz. Mary’s Nutritionals certainly brings innovation to the table, but we’d like to see independently conducted test results for purity/potency and contaminants.

Plain Jane Review

The approach of this CBD vendor is obvious — keep it simple. Plain Jane does just that by sticking to basic ingredients and a focused product line. Their bread and butter is CBD joints and cigarettes, but they take them a step further by offering both whole blends and material that has been stripped of terpenes, effectively removing that quintessential cannabis scent. They’re using quality hemp grown in southern Oregon and testing their isolate for purity, pesticides, and solvents. Overall, we like the Plain Jane line, but the company falls short of flying colors with our rating system.

1937 Apothecary Review

True to its mix-minded namesake, Apothecary has a flair for whipping things up on request, with the company offering in-house customization of cannabidiol flower blends, which can be rolled up and smoked. It’s a cool concept – one Apothecary itself likens to a “craft beer” approach to CBD oil. Still, we just wish there was a bit more evidence of the company’s other foodie-borrowed idea: the farm-to-table path they say their hemp is on.


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