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Incann™ Review

Incann claims to be all about living with intention — we can happily say they fulfill this claim! Say hello to a trustworthy, genuine, and high-quality CBD vendor who frankly, we’re impressed with. Incann is one of those rare gems who goes above and beyond what they say they are. In a market where CBD companies promise the world, Incann actually delivers. See why we think so highly of them.

CopperGel Review

“I’ve tried every pain relief under the sun, and nothing works better than CopperGel!” Yup, Mike Tyson said that. In fact, he owns the CopperGel company. The brand currently offers just three topicals, two of which contain CBD. Parent company Tyson Holistic is out to provide consumers with awesome cannabis products, approved by Mike himself. At present, CopperGel ranks low because we don’t know enough about their cannabidiol.

Haleigh’s Hope® Review

Like the brand Charlotte’s Web, this namesake is based on the remarkable story of a young girl. Jason Crawford, the pioneer botanist behind the CBD oil that is Haleigh’s Hope, met Haleigh in 2009. He spent the next seven years developing cannabidiol with a specific therapeutic compound ratio. Parents all over the country are now coming to Haleigh’s Hope for well, hope. Meet this game-changing, seed-to-sale CBD brand with a huge heart.

Boomer Natural Wellness Review

Boomer Natural Wellness wants you to know that wellness is not a luxury — it’s a lifestyle! We love that sentiment; everyone deserves access to natural wellness. Meet a CBD vendor with a different feel than what we’re used to. This Las Vegas outfit is run by a band of wellness practitioners who firmly believe in holistic health. Boomer’s online CBD store leaves something to be desired, however, with some key points missing.

Swiss Relief Review

Swiss Relief’s name is a bit of a misnomer — their CBD hemp does not come from Switzerland. It’s grown organically right here in the USA. Sustainable hemp farms in Kentucky, clean CO2 extraction, and mostly natural ingredients are what underpin the Swiss Relief line of CBD products. They need to up their testing protocols, but Swiss Relief and their sister-brand Blue Moon are both reliable CBD vendors with the right moves.

Twinlab Review

You may have heard of Twinlab. They’re a power player in the nutritional supplement space and have been for five decades. Twinlab offers everything you can think of when it comes to supplements: probiotics, vitamins, sports nutrition, and more. Now, they’ve stepped up to bat with three CBD supplements in highly original formulations. Twinlab is a solid operation, and if they can post contaminants results, they’ll earn the Safety Badge.

JustCBD Review

Just CBD has a truly staggering collection of CBD items for sale. Look for your typical offerings like CBD tinctures and vape liquids along with some more nuanced products like their CBD dried fruits and CBD protein bars. Just CBD does the right thing by providing a current CoA with cannabinoid content for each SKU. But we still need to know more about them, and more importantly, their CBD oil.

Plant People Review

You can almost feel the breeze with Plant People — that’s because they’re a total breath of fresh air! Sure, they’ve got impressive nods in high-profile media outlets like the New York Times and Vogue, but it’s their dedication to organic, full-spectrum CBD and highly potent herbal combinations that have us singing their praises.

Holistik Wellness Review

Holistik Wellness calls themselves a ‘mainstream beverage company’. But there’s a twist! They include awesome CBD into their water-soluble powders. They’ve nailed making CBD highly accessible, with small packets of 10mg CBD that mix perfectly with a bottle of water, smoothies, juices, the sky’s the limit here! We like the intention behind Holistik Wellness, but they need to do some more ‘CBD company’ stuff to get more badges.

Healthy Skin CBD Review

Remember those ultra-convincing, multi-step acne treatment infomercials? Acne treatment systems are bought by millions, and it looks like Healthy Skin CBD might be following in these footsteps. It’s the same idea — a three-step acne regimen — but with cannabidiol to really keep acne at bay. And there are legitimate studies on CBD and acne that are extremely promising. We’d just like Healthy Skin CBD to provide a bit more info on their actual CBD to jump on their bandwagon.


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