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Blue Moon Hemp Review

Blue Moon has two hallmarks of an excellent CBD provider – a foundation of good ethics and accessible price points. Furthermore, they implement a process called “high-speed emulsion” wherein the desirable substances are converted to nano-sized molecules, ultimately affording higher bioavailability and extended shelf life. Additionally, they offer rich sources of education and wisdom regarding cannabinoid consumption; is high on our list of top CBD vendors.

CBD American Shaman Review

American Shaman borrows its name and mission from the ancient traditions of Native American healers. Their CBD product line is beautifully packaged, with a minimalistic and natural look, and they were one of the first in the business to use nanotechnology. By rendering CBD particles smaller, absorption rates and bioavailability are thought to increase dramatically. Those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, in particular, may want to give American Shaman a look to check out their ‘Compassionate Care’ program.

Pure CBD Vapors Review

A five-star company, Pure CBD Vapors offers countless high-quality cannabinoid-related items from companies like Vape Bright, Curavape, Blue Moon, iPuff, Hemplucid, iHempCBD, Entourage, and Medusa — one is sure to find their favorite brand here. Their testimonials section is wonderful for those looking to understand the ins and outs of different oils and e-liquids. As an added bonus, every product carried on Pure CBD Vapor’s website has undergone laboratory testing — a huge relief for conscious consumers.

Mary’s Medicinals Review

With numerous accolades, including ‘Best Medical Advancement’ from The Cannabist two years in a row, Mary’s Medicinals is pioneering a more natural way out of opioid addiction with their potent transdermal cannabinoid patches. Besides the usual suspects, CBD and THC, Mary’s prides itself on offering products also rich in CBN, CBC, and THCa. For those lucky enough to live in a qualifying state, Mary’s Medicinals is a popular option for all your cannabinoid needs.

Phivida Review

As if being certified organic and utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction isn’t enough, Phivida goes one step further by offering their “Phivida Families” program, in which one is eligible to receive 50% in subsidies for a lifetime. Although CoAs are not currently available on Phivida’s website, we heard from a bird that they have some very rigorous and advanced testing procedures in the works, so stay tuned to hear updates!

Receptra Naturals Review

true Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailFollowReceptra Naturals: 60-Second Summary Touting 100% organic, family-farmed, Colorado-grown hemp, Receptra is a breath of fresh air. They use only hand-selected hemp in their extractions, offering a huge quality benefit over conventional mass harvesting. Athletes may find a good friend in Receptra, as they offer a great CBD balm and a …

Vape Bright Review

Vape Bright is the prime choice for those seeking a straightforward, potent, and consistent experience with phytocannabinoid-rich vape cartridges. With their 1mg of CBD per inhale standard, Vape Bright’s pure extra-strength CBD oil cartridges are head and shoulders above most vaping options – and a true therapeutic option. Additionally, the rich terpene profile of their chemical-free vapes brings an element of satisfaction that is lacking in many other formulations.

Canna-Pet Review

One of the pioneers in the pet-cannabinoid world, Canna-Pet stands out as a go-to choice when selecting a medicine for your furry friend.  Not only are they covered by major insurers such as Petplan and Trupanion, but there are also over 200 veterinarians currently using their product.  That speaks for itself, and despite any media regarding the FDA issuing warnings to Canna-Pet, rest assured it has nothing to do with the quality – it’s just about technicalities regarding what one can and can’t say on a supplement label.  Pets are a crucial component of any family, and you can have peace of mind knowing your companion will be getting some of the best pet CBDs available with

Holland Hemp Company Review

Holland Hemp Company is a Washington based company that makes CBD oil products that range in price from $9-$490. Holland Hemp Company sells many different brands of CBD products including their own self branded line called Holland Hemp Honey.

The Medics Inc. Review

The Medics Inc. start out generating much excitement by enthusiastically discussing their exclusive access to what they claim to be the best hemp genetics available – and truly American in origin, to boot.  Further encouraging is The Medics Inc.’s in-depth attempts to educate the public about everything from endocannabinoid deficiency to the history of the hemp plant.  Unfortunately, until up to date Certificates of Analysis are published on, we will remain cautiously optimistic.


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