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Empower® BodyCare Review

If we could choose one word to describe Empower BodyCare, it would be BADASS! Founder Trista Okel came up with the concept while sitting in a jail cell for protesting medical cannabis restriction. She then spent eight years developing a CBD topical oil for pain that people can’t get enough of. So much so, it’s become the best-selling cannabis topical in Oregon. See why this badass CBD vendor makes all the right moves.

Elevate CBD Review

Elevate CBD firmly believes that everyone is entitled to wellness. We totally agree. In fact, that’s why we do what we do. But the brand falls a bit short when it comes to easing minds of more discerning CBD consumers. For example, they do not disclose their extraction method for their CBD oil. Their independent lab tests also leave something to be desired. Take a look to learn more.

Be Trū Wellness™ Review

Be Trū Wellness™ believes that pain isn’t something inherently bad — it’s simply a message from our bodies that something needs attention. And they hope to help people answer that call naturally with a line of CBD products targeted at pain management for both humans and pets. We applaud the idea, as well as the subject matter competence displayed on the site, but we wish we had a bit more in writing when it came to Be Tru’s cannabidiol extraction process and third-party lab test results.


CBD Medic has deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The company is operated by Abacus Health Products, which is a subsidiary of the worldwide pharmaceutical distributor Aidance Scientific. CBD Medic is Abacus’ newest entrant in the CBD world, created last year to sell its products directly to consumers. (Previously, Abacus was only selling directly to licensed practitioners through its CBD Clinic company.) And while we’d assume the companies operate under similar safety guidelines, there’s simply not enough information on CBD Medic’s site to award them the same safety badge we gave to CBD Clinic.

Pure Relief Review

Pure Relief is one of those rare CBD vendors that may not have an uber-compelling backstory or sophisticated branding, but lets their CBD oil speak for itself. Independent test results prove that the CBD oil used in Pure Relief’s products is not only potent; it boasts a robust, full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that we don’t see every day. The line is 100% all-natural, and just one more contaminants test will put this trustworthy brand at five badges.

Greenlife Organics Review

Greenlife Organics is a seed-to-sale operation you might just fall in love with — they talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to sustainability. Their CBD products are simple, organic, and dubbing them high quality is an understatement. We also really appreciate that they offer isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum options in their lovely CBD catalog with an impressive team to back it up.

GoGreen Hemp Review

GoGreen Hemp certainly covers the gamut with their product catalog — CBD tinctures, vape cartridges, CBD topicals…the gang’s all here! High points include their charitable program that goes above and beyond and their highly affordable, all-natural CBD balms. And since the GoGreen team is both innovative and meticulous about their testing, they get all five badges from us.

CBD 2.0 Review

CBD 2.0 hails from Louisiana and promises “a better CBD for a better you”. They fulfill that promise through their water-soluble, nano-sized CBD oil with optimum bioavailability, and they take it further by infusing carefully chosen Ayurvedic herbs in the mix. Ayurvedic medicine dates back thousands of years and incorporates different herbal remedies and plant therapies to treat a myriad of health conditions. By synergizing this ancient tradition with the benefits of CBD, this brand is providing a real treasure trove of plant-based health solutions. We want to see CBD 2.0 up their game even further by posting up-to-date test results for contaminants and purity for their products.

Summit CBD Review

Denver-based Summit CBD may get its name from the towering mountains lying just West of the city. Or maybe it’s from the high-quality of cannabidiol product they hope to produce. Either way, it seems the company does a good job of living up to its lofty name, with a large variety of CBD oil items—for both people and pets—that pass our safety test and can help users with everything from revving up for a peak performance to chilling out at the end of a long day.

Love Grass™ Review

Sure, you’ve heard of THC, but what do you know about THCa? THCa is the precursor to THC, kind of like CBDa is to CBD. It’s completely non-psychoactive and similar to CBD, has a lot to offer by way of natural benefits. The Love Grass product is unlike any other we’ve seen in that it not only contains cannabidiol but a large amount of THCa as well. Since one can technically heat their CBD oil and the THCa will convert into active THC, Love Grass products have only been available in registered dispensaries in California. Nonetheless, we’re highly intrigued by this CBD oil for pets and people that packs a little something extra.


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