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CBD TRU Review

CBD TRU is quite the enigmatic CBD brand. For one, we’re confused about the sourcing of their hemp and have no idea what extraction method(s) are used. CBD TRU does not include comprehensive ingredient lists with their online CBD products, leaving us with more questions. They fall short in the testing department too, with missing tests and cannabinoid profiles that don’t match their claims — probably wise to wait until more bases are covered.

Kush Queen Review

If you’re looking for a CBD gift, this is THE place! Kush Queen offers deluxe CBD lifestyle products with old favorites and a few that are unique to this female-owned, female-focused brand. Their super popular Lit Kit is a fantastic $20 gift box of goodies, and they make a fabulous CBD bath bomb for dogs! Kush Queen has even more uncommon offerings and a curated focus that make them one of the best online options out there for CBD gifts.

Mr. Pink CBD Review

It’s champagne wishes and CBD dreams for this Beverly Hills company. Mr. Pink CBD is the first vendor we’ve seen to go with the celebrity angle, and we’ve never seen a company in the CBD oil space with this kind of star power. That power comes from the Mr. Pink brand that took LA by storm a few years ago, and we have to say, we like most of what we see here, especially their eco-conscious practices.

Sera Labs™ Review

Sera Labs wins big time when it comes to our methodology. This focused CBD brand sources organic USA hemp and processes it cleanly. They’ve got all the third-party safety tests we look for; they’re innovative, and they go above and beyond in the charity department. We have a bone to pick about their CBD skincare with supposedly ‘100% natural ingredients’, but other than that, Sera Labs is clearly a five-star champ.

The Good Patch Review

Transdermal CBD patches were huge when they first came on the scene — controlled release, discreet delivery, and a jump in bioavailability among the benefits. The Good Patch has taken CBD patches to the next level by adding other botanicals for synergistic effects that cater to a bad hangover (that patch is pumped with B vitamins) or even a bad breakup (the Be Calm patch has added menthol). We tip our hats to folks at The Good Patch for their innovative transdermal formulas; we just wish they’d adopt sounder testing protocols for their CBD.

Secret Nature CBD Review

Secret Nature offers consumers a way to go ‘beyond the high’ by offering smokable, vapable, and edible full spectrum CBD. Blaze their premium hemp flowers by purchasing them on their own and in pre-rolled joints, or bask in the glory of their CBD tincture with a proprietary formula we consider A+. This brand doesn’t have a lot of the strategic branding or optimized content of the bigger names, but they practice sustainability and offer an all-natural and sleek product line. Although they have the makings of an elite CBD vendor, they need to streamline their testing protocols (which the company claims to be in the process of doing).

WINK Review

WINK claims to be the first CBD brand by women and for women, and while we’re not sure if they were really the first, these ladies still earn serious innovation points for their groundbreaking CBD products. The entire WINK line is female focused, although their extensive cannabidiol offerings can be enjoyed by anyone. Most of the WINK line is clean, and the best parts are the special treats you won’t find anywhere else (yet) in the space like their CBD liquid Stevia.

Culture for Good wants to be a driving force in bringing about the exact scenario described in its name – and the company does a good job of leading by example. Products are fine-tuned to help rejuvenate and invigorate the skin and mind, and a charitable streak has the company extending those items to military members free of charge. Still, we’d love to see the results of Culture for Good’s third-party lab tests to ensure their CBD oil is as pure as their philosophy, and hear more about where their hemp is sourced and how their cannabidiol is extracted.

‘Nirvana is hard to attain, but Velobar comes close.’ Now THAT’S a brand that’s totally confident in their product! We can see why. Velobar CBD crafts protein bars from organic ingredients; they’re vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and they pack 20 mg of CBD in each bar. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of their product is the origin of their CBD — no hemp involved. Velobar CBD is one of the first brands to utilize a new, totally renewable source of cannabidiol that’s going to shake up the industry.

B-Well Pharmaceuticals leaves us with more questions than answers. There’s a couple bright spots, like comprehensive ingredients lists for their CBD products (we don’t see enough of these in the industry) and CBD time-release capsules. But we have a major issue with the brand’s low level of transparency that leaves us confused as to the true origin of their CBD hemp and the processes behind the scenes. We’re justifiably holding the phone on B-Well for a hot minute.


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