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Rose Gold CBD Review

With a focus on beauty, wellness, and pain relief, Rose Gold wants to harness the natural benefits of cannabidiol to help women retain healthy (and pain-free) skin and spread the good word about the CBD industry. But not all of the ingredients found in their skincare line are quite as natural as their cannabidiol, and there are a few questions about where their CBD oil comes from to begin with.

Nature’s Root Review

Colorado-based Nature’s Root has deep roots in the state’s CBD scene, with its founder connected to one of the state’s first legal hemp farms. The company says it’s committed to creating products that help people without harming the Earth, and we tend to believe them, though we’d still like to see a bit more information before awarding a badge for safety.

CBD Clinic Review

An offshoot of the CBD-focused Abacus Health Products—which is itself a subsidiary of the large pharmaceutical company Aidance Scientific—CBD Clinic offers a range of CBD-infused oils, lotions, ointments, and creams to help aid chronic pain of the muscles, joints, and nerves. The products are especially targeted toward the particularly athletic or specifically injured, and the company only sells its cannabidiol-based items to health and wellness practitioners. Still, if you have the right credentials, it seems CBD Clinic has a safe and innovative product to offer.

Pure Kind Botanicals Review

When it comes to sustainable technology and making use of everything the amazing hemp plant has to offer, Pure Kind Botanicals is second to none. The consumer product outfit of two major biotech companies, they’re offering top-of-the-line CBD oils produced through their own proprietary extraction method. And organic sourcing is a non-negotiable for this industry leader in biotech. They fall short of a perfect score according to our methodology, but Pure Kind Botanicals is definitely a top dog to watch.

Pet Releaf Review

Operating out of Eastern Colorado, Pet Releaf offers a top-shelf product for fur babies that’s safe—and, in some cases, tasty—enough for their humans to use. The company obviously has a deep love of animals, going as far as developing their own strand of pet-friendly cannabidiol for their line of CBD oils and CBD pet treats. We don’t want to be so corny as to say that this company is the “cat’s meow,” but—it’s already out there now. And we’ll stand by it.

Sativa Skincare Review

Australia-based Sativa seems to provide a diverse line of exceptionally-sourced all-natural and organic CBD oil-infused skincare products. The number of badges we’ve awarded here may not necessarily reflect the quality of the product, we believe, as it seems the company is a true believer in its sustainable and all-natural ethos. We’d simply like to see the receipts when it comes to test results for the quality and purity of their cannabidiol and wouldn’t mind reading a bit more about their preferred CBD extraction process.

Hemp Health Inc. Review

North County, San Diego-based Hemp Health Inc.—also known as Pharma Hemp—is a jack of all CBD trades, mixing its proprietary CBD oil into a wide range of products for both people and pets. Its ingredients lists are all on the natural side, though we could do with a bit more hard evidence of its satisfactory third-party lab test results. Still, the company certainly seems attuned to the needs of its military base-centric community, offering a deep—and lifelong—discount on its products for veterans.

Grassroots Harvest Review

It’s fairly obvious that Grassroots Harvest has a love for the grass roots they’re named after, but the rest of the company’s ethos or cannabidiol manufacturing practices are less easy to discern. Despite a wide range of CBD products on offer and some encouraging signs, like mostly all-natural and a few locally-sourced ingredients, the company fails to provide a few key aspects we look for—including all-important CBD purity test results—and we just can’t find enough information to award the brand our quality or safety badges.

Giraffe Nuts Review

CBD may be considered a healthy alternative to many harsher medications, but its delivery method certainly doesn’t have to be. Enter Giraffe Nuts: purveyor of tasty looking CBD edibles, including a line of CBD caramels and CBD gummies. (The company also sells CBD tinctures—all flavored, of course.) Though the company itself remains a bit mysterious across its pages, the quality of its products seems apparent to us. Still, we’d like to see more lab results for their range of CBD gummies and tinctures, not just their top-selling caramels.

Bhang Review

Bhang is an up-and-coming leader in the CBD world. The company currently develops products that are cannabis- and cannabidiol-friendly, though its range of CBD oil-specific products is pretty extensive, including a range of edibles, CBD vape oils, and CBD oil tinctures. It also seems to put its money where its mouth is in terms of cultivating quality hemp and producing CBD oil that’s safe for consumption, though to be a truly five-badge company in our eyes, we’d like to see a few more charitable efforts on the company’s behalf.


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