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Bhang Review

Bhang is an up-and-coming leader in the CBD world. The company currently develops products that are cannabis- and cannabidiol-friendly, though its range of CBD oil-specific products is pretty extensive, including a range of edibles, CBD vape oils, and CBD oil tinctures. It also seems to put its money where its mouth is in terms of cultivating quality hemp and producing CBD oil that’s safe for consumption, though to be a truly five-badge company in our eyes, we’d like to see a few more charitable efforts on the company’s behalf.

Evo Hemp Review

Boulder, Colorado-based Evo Hemp seems to have taken the mountain community’s famous hippie ethos to heart. The company is very involved in its mission to help create a more sustainable CBD oil market through the sustainable cultivation of hemp, on both an environmental and economic level. And it partners with the nearby Lakota Native American tribe to help it achieve those aims. The quality of the hemp farming seems up to snuff to us, as well, but we’d like to see just a bit more from them when it comes to providing up-to-date lab reports on their cannabidiol.

Hemp Healing Review

There’s a lot to like about Hemp Healing. The Australian company represents the Down Under division of top-notch CBD oil brand Endoca and shares many of its parent company’s stellar quality control practices and deeply-held belief in the natural power of cannabidiol. Still, there’s a decent amount lacking, too, like any up-to-date lab test results proving the potency and purity of the CBD oil. We’d tend to believe the company’s dedication to such practices, but can’t award our safety badge without more hard proof.

Feel Brands Review

Whether you’re looking to feel your best, feel more motivated, or feel at rest, Feel CBD wants to help. The St. Louis-based company caters to these healthy desires with three specially formulated types of CBD oils and capsules meant to help you power up, power down, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. The cannabidiol used by the company hits all our marks for safety and quality, and we love the added bonus of Omegas in the CBD tinctures, a perfect supplement for athletes and the active.

Every Day Optimal CBD Review

Every Day Optimal CBD offers the top-tier product their name hints at, thanks in part to the two doctors the company works with, each of whom contributes a number of informative (yet still readable) articles to the company’s blog. Their cannabidiol passes our safety standards, and the all-natural ingredients in their CBD line are impeccable.

Cannimal Review

Cannimal is a premier provider of CBD for animals with non-GMO products and thoughtful formulas. The company focuses on the combination of CBD oil with adaptogenic herbs to provide healing relief for pets with pain and anxiety. What makes Cannimal unique is their pump containers: they offer zero droppers for their CBD oil. They made this intentional move because they stand behind delivery directly into the mouth for highest bioavailability and it’s a safer method for animals.

Maple Plus Review

Maple Plus believes as we do — when it comes to wellness, simple is better. Meet the passionate Vermont team responsible for wonderful CBD-infused maple sugar, a first in the industry. Made with 100% organic Vermont maple sugar, this stuff is a sweet treat that’s actually good for you, thanks to the natural benefits of CBD and the numerous antioxidants and minerals from maple sap. We can’t get enough of this small-town brand who only has one product, but with heart and quality like this, that’s all they need.

CBD Plus USA Review

CBD Plus USA is the self-described safe, legal, affordable CBD solution. This Oklahoma operation has their sites set on nationwide domination. But they’re following a disturbing trend right now in the CBD space — ‘all-natural’ claims that don’t check out. We can forgive a couple of artificial ingredients, but it’s a dishonest move when you proudly tout your product line as all natural. And the use of parabens in their CBD topical is non-excusable. We’re holding off on our approval until some changes are made.

Tree of Life Botanicals Review

Tree of Life Botanicals is off to a great start. Organic hemp? Check. Clean extraction method? Check. All-natural ingredients? Check. Comprehensive testing? Half-check. Contaminants results are only posted for their CBD isolate. To make sure their products are 100% contaminant-free, we need to see either a contaminants test for the full spectrum CBD oil used to make product or one for each SKU. But other than that, we think this Colorado brand has great promise.

LEEF Organics Review

From the outside, Leef Organics looks like a top-of-the-line CBD brand. They’ve got the look, the Cali vibe, and their products contain all-natural ingredients. Their full spectrum hemp is sourced from organic farms in Northern California, and they even use a cold-press extraction method. All the trappings and the right words are there. But it’s hard for us to get past their claim of having 100% organic products when this isn’t close to being true. It’s not that the products aren’t quality, but they’re not what Leef Organics promises them to be. This inauthentic organic grandstanding is uber common in the space, and we need to hold CBD brands accountable.


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