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PhytoDabs Review

CBD isn’t the only good thing in the hemp plant. Have you ever been curious about these terpenes we always hear about? Which ones have the natural benefits you’re looking for? Finally! You can become your own terpene scientist! PhytoDabs offers isolated hemp terpenes blended with CBD in potent concentrations, so you can figure out which ones give you the perfect entourage effect. It’s major.

CBDLife UK Review

CBDLife UK offers a solid, clean line of CBD products. Don’t live in the UK? The brand ships their innovative and clean CBD catalog worldwide! And interestingly, CBDLife UK was a founding member of the country’s Cannabis Trades Association, an independent body of companies that investigates claims made by cannabis vendors. The idea is to promote increased transparency and testing protocols. We dig it, but we’d like to be able to see more of CBDLife UK’s own independent lab tests online.

Terra Vida Review

Terra Vida has a crazy-big line of CBD products, most of which are topicals. And like most CBD topicals in the world, most of theirs are unfortunately full of synthetics. On the flip side, Terra Vida has some bright spots in their catalog, one being their mostly-clean CBD hair conditioner. It’s currently a toss-up for this skincare-heavy vendor who needs to take a good next step by providing lab test results online.

Stanley Brothers Review

The Stanley Brothers are at it again! The pioneers behind Charlotte’s Web and the CBD industry at large are offering a separate line of irresistible whole-plant infusions. We’re talking about some of the purest, most high-quality hemp oil you can get. The brothers have put together a simple line of amazing infusions drawing from their 10+ years experience with innovation in cannabinoids. Because these infusions contain THC above the 0.3% federal requirement, you can only buy from licensed dispensaries and shops in approved states.

House of Oilworx Review

House of Oilworx is the quirky, small-town CBD brand out of Minnesota that does well with our methodology. They have sound sourcing, processing, and they’re known to be innovative and charitable, too. House of Oilworx sells a few of their own CBD products in their online store as well as other options from third-party vendors. The brand was born out of hardship, and we find their backstory genuine and inspirational. We think House of Oilworx will resonate with a lot of people.

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Review

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics certainly has the high-end appeal nailed. With nods in Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Goop, the CBD topical brand is a favorite among jetsetters and wellness junkies willing to pay a premium for the best CBD products they can find. Dr. Kerklaan misses the mark with our Safety and Charity Badges, but they are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the upscale CBD topical space.

TrustBo Review

TrustBo has one prerogative — to get you to trust them. The good news? We totally do! We’re happy to see a CBD brand really bring it big time when it comes to transparency. Full-panel testing by independent labs? Check! TrustBo even performs allergen testing on every single one of their CBD products. If you have an allergy or simply want a no-nonsense, pure, and highly bioavailable CBD supplement, look no further.

Reef CBD Review

Surfers, meet the CBD brand just for you! Reef CBD is a relatively solid CBD purveyor with tasty cannabidiol offerings that speak to the SoCal lifestyle. If you’re looking for delicious CBD tinctures and gummies, you’ve come to the right place. Reef CBD sources have organically grown Colorado hemp in a quality, reasonably-priced line of goodies. Check out the righteous catalog from this original brand who earns an almost-perfect score.

Wild Hemp Review

Wild Hemp was born out of the vape industry — the subsidiary of a vape company called American Juice Co — and now manufactures CBD products from smokables to water-soluble tinctures. The brand scores a couple points with us, namely for some really awesome hemp CBD cigarettes and their clean sourcing/processing. But there are also a few things we think are holding back Wild Hemp from being as awesome as they could be.

Neurogan Review

Heard of hygge? It’s the Danish word that invokes finding enjoyment in the simple things in life. And what better way to do so than get healthy with some CBD oil! Neurogan was founded by Jan Brandup who grew up in Denmark and experienced a personal history with hemp. He eventually persuaded a family member to convert their corn farm into a hemp farm and Neurogan was born. Neurogan now offers one of the broadest selections of CBD products in the field.


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