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Buddha CBD Teas Review

We can’t say enough good things about Buddha Teas.  Everything about this company screams sustainability, from their honestly organic ingredients to the environmentally-friendly coating on their packaging.  And they’re doing something no one else is, at least in America.  The CBD in their tea is water soluble, optimizing bioavailability and creating a wonderful experience for tea drinkers everywhere.  We were incredibly close to awarding them a five-star rating, but we need to see lab results from their CBD to make that happen.

HealthSmart CBD Review

HealthSmart CBD focuses on natural solutions for optimal wellness, and they do so by procuring remarkable products with transparency and passion.  Additionally, the company seems genuinely committed to educating its customers with a wealth of organized information and links to published studies on their website, all without making any lofty (not to mention unethical) claims.  Organic ingredients and online independent test results for each SKU reinforce a responsibility to safety and quality that we always love to see.

Joy Organics Review

The mission of Joy Organics is to set a standard of purity and bioavailability in the CBD business.  The founder had significant trouble finding CBD products that actually worked, which inspired her to create a company people can rely on.  Everything is grown and processed in the U.S. and verified by stringent testing to create extremely effective, full spectrum supplements.  Joy is known to donate sales proceeds to legitimate non-profits, and her business is steadily growing as more and more consumers discover her potent, affordable products.

CTFO Review

CTFO stands for Changing the Future Outcome. They offer a large variety of CBD-based products as well as products that contain no CBD at all. The CTFO focus seems to be largely on marketing, offering individuals free, tailor-made websites to sell their product line; think Mary Kay for the CBD business. Admittedly, CTFO surprised us with a high score of 4 out of 5 badges, but we are bothered by a lack of ingredients lists for most of their CBD products.

Foria Review

Meet the famous CBD brand originally made for women. Foria dramatically hit the scene by introducing a cannabis tampon for menstrual relief and a THC infused arousal lubricant for women. Since, they have developed non-THC products featuring their pure CBD extract, organic MCT oil sourced solely from coconuts, and other organic plant-based ingredients to boost the wellness of everyone, not just the ladies. We are impressed by Foria’s sustainable business practices and their exciting, unique product offerings.

PureKana Review

PureKana utilizes novel strains of industrial hemp that have more flowers and a higher concentration of cannabinoids. Their product line is sleek and focused on quality rather than a barrage of options. Purekana did not qualify for the Safety Badge, falling short as they do not provide current and comprehensive Certificates of Analysis. Their charity work could use improvement too. However, with some minor enhancements, we can envision ranking PureKana higher among our community of trusted vendors.

HMP2GO Review

ArenaLife states their mission is to “actively disseminate information about our products to health-conscious consumers”. For us, they lack a spirit of innovation and ethos to qualify for the Mission Badge. We can award the Quality Badge for their clean extraction methods and honestly natural ingredients, but we have to hold off on the remaining badges for now.

Enecta Review

Say buongiorno to Enecta, the Italian CBD company with simple, full spectrum products for daily balance and wellness. Fair prices are part of their ethos, as are organic soil, elite plant genetics, and customer service. Enecta also offers premium CBG products. CBG is hot right now, but many in the industry have yet to take advantage of this beneficial cannabinoid. All in all, Enecta has a beautiful product line and good practices, but we’re missing some elements that would rank them higher.

Veritas Farms Review

“Healthy plants, healthy people, healthy planet.” That’s what drives Veritas Farms, a family owned CBD business that oversees all stages of production on their farm in southern Colorado. Here is a group that prides themselves on transparency and a passion for sustainability. They claim to consider a triple bottom line that encompasses the plants they grow, the people they help, and the money they save. And they have the processes and company culture to back it up.

Ambary Gardens Review

Ambary Gardens has a grassroots feel and an obvious hyper-focus on their innovative greenhouse grow operation. They are committed to sustainability in everything they do. Onsite, Ambary Gardens is constantly adapting to utilize the best organic methods to care for each individual hemp plant. When it comes to outside sourcing for items like their CBD topical products, they only use ethical, earth-friendly vendors. We recognize this CBD brand for their genuine passion for the cultivation of clean, organic hemp as a labor of love.


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