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PharmaHemp Review

While U.S.-based customers need not apply, PharmaHemp remains an enticing option for our friends across the Atlantic. While the lack of contaminants test results on their Certificates of Analysis is something needing immediate attention, we can’t ignore the passion PharmaHemp demonstrates for CBD hemp cultivation and CBD product formulation. Hand-selected seeds and flowers grown in the subalpine regions of Croatia and Slovenia give us great hope that PharmaHemp has some truly wonderful products.

Try The CBD Review

This Denver brand wants us all to “choose to feel life at its best.” They don’t wow us with an emotional backstory or sleek branding, but the quality of their CBD products and ardent transparency are enough to peak our interest. And our rating. We can easily say that Try the CBD hits all the right marks. Whether you’re looking for full spectrum or isolate, vape oils or CBD tinctures, you can bet these products are safe and contain exactly what they say they do.

Zakah Life Review

The Zakah Life brand throws the word “organic” around a lot, but unlike the massive amount of CBD brands that do the same, they actually use mostly organic ingredients. In fact, their CBD balm contains 100% organic ingredients, an anomaly in the CBD topical space and a feat we applaud. But we think it’s weird that Zakah Life makes a big deal on their homepage about the importance of test results and where hemp is grown but doesn’t disclose either when it comes to their own company.

CBD Rx/Functional Remedies Review

Functional Remedies and its parent company CBDRX are genuinely innovative and sustainable organizations that are leaders in the industry in their efforts on the genetic engineering and sustainable farming fronts. We believe their products and processes are top of the line, and we look forward to seeing where their groundbreaking research will take them and the CBD space at large.

HempWorx Review

When it comes to having a verifiably pure product, HempWorx receives high marks. More impressive yet is the tenacity with which they attempt to educate consumers about CBDs. However, HempWorx is a multi-level marketing company that requires membership to purchase their products, and as such we recommend looking elsewhere for your personal CBD needs.

Hemplucid Review

Hemplucid is a highly trustworthy CBD brand that uses innovative technology and exudes ardent transparency. In fact, we consider their transparency innovative in and of itself. Engaging in charitable endeavors like donating to nonprofits or providing veterans discounts would put them at a five-star rating. (And psst… Ditch the polysorbates!)

Koi CBD Review

Koi asserts they believe in helping people. And we really believe them! We see these sorts of statements all the time in the CBD world, but Koi is doing all the right things to help people benefit from CBD oil’s amazing health advantages. First off, their sourcing and extraction methods are clean and sustainable. Second, they publish up-to-date lab tests for safety and purity. Finally, Koi gives military personnel and veterans 25% off for life. We applaud their wholehearted and successful efforts at providing “pure, powerful CBD to help you live a happy, healthy life.”

Rosette Wellness Review

After years of battling a life-threatening autoimmune disease, founder Harry moved his family to a farm to grow his own cannabis and replace his prescriptions. Decades of research and experimentation resulted in Rosette Wellness, his vehicle to share cannabinoid therapy with the masses. For now, one must reside in California to try these Emerald Cup-winning products, including CBD tinctures with different THC ratios. But we like what we see. If Rosette publishes CoAs proving their laboratory testing, they might just find a top spot on our list.

Kiva Confections Review

Anyone who’s visited a medical cannabis dispensary in California has come across Kiva’s artisan cannabis-infused chocolate bars. They’ve garnered multiple awards for their attention to detail and quality control, and rightly so. This dedication at each step of the process is what differentiates a good vendor from a great one. The only nuance is the lack of published Certificates of Analysis, but these are available upon request (as they do perform extensive tests). As such, Kiva is really more of a 3.5 as opposed to a 3.

Hempotion Review

Hempotion is yet another example of an outwardly unscrupulous CBD vendor. Whether it’s information on source material, innovative products, a bold and uplifting mission statement, laboratory test results, or charitable intentions that one seeks, disappointment is sure to fill the hearts of any would-be visitors to Hempotion’s site.


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