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Organica Naturals Review

Organica Naturals has a couple of bright spots. For one, their ingredients are simple and high-quality — plus, they actually disclose them! We appreciate that Organica Naturals is transparent in this regard. Posting potency tests for their CBD products is a great start, but we need to see a little more effort from the brand to award more badges at this time

Potluck Expo Review

We can’t think of a better name for this brand than Potluck Expo. It’s like all the cannabinoids are out in full force, ready to party in a variety of fantastically clean products! There are options here you won’t find anywhere else — like a CBN sleep patch, CBGa distillate, and more. Potluck Expo is a wholesaler manufacturer/distributor, so if you’re a customer, you can’t buy direct. But wholesalers might want to take a good, hard look at this highly innovative supplier.

SunSoil Review

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The phrase may be attributed to Leonardo DiVinci, but SunSoil has since taken up the mantra as its own. The Vermont-based company keeps things as pared down as possible in its CBD oil operations, from organic farming practices to their all-natural cannabidiol extraction process—all of which takes place on site at SunSoil’s farm, staffed entirely by locals in their smalltown location. SunSoil even has the coveted USDA organic seal! It’s a perfect score for this mission-driven operation.

Serene Cannabis Review

Serene Cannabis invites you to find your serene space — with their amazing CBD oil products, of course. There are two great things about this brand, the first being that their mission is solid and gives them a ton of credibility (founder Erica Valker contracted Lyme Disease and subsequently took a nearly decade-long journey of exploring CBD). And next, Serene Cannabis has a few products you honestly can’t get anywhere else. Now that’s something that always catches our eye!

CANVIVA (Formerly C4Life) Review

CANVIVA is a Minnesota-based brand with a budding line of CBD products. The standouts are definitely their CBD oil tinctures, available in multiple formulations and brimming with a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The company says they hope to help customers be and feel their best, and for the most part, it looks like their CBD products follow up on that promise. However, there are a couple minor kinks in the armor.

Noble Hemp Review

There’s nothing particularly troubling about Noble Hemp, according to our standards. Then again, there’s nothing particularly exciting, either. Noble Hemp offers pure CBD extracts homegrown in Colorado, and we approve of pretty much all the ingredients in their line.

Discover CBD Review

We were a little confused when we first discovered this brand. That’s because Discover CBD is more like two companies: the first, an online CBD catalog, and the second called Active CBD oil is their line of quality cannabidiol products from Colorado. Discover CBD talks big about their large selection, and rightfully so — you’ll find all sorts of products, from CBD isolate and full spectrum staples to their more exotic (and awesome), water-soluble CBN tinctures.

Palm Organix Review

Palm Organix was started by a husband-and-wife team from New Jersey with their eyes on the prize. They’ve created a company that cares with their line of broad-spectrum CBD — zero THC — products, retail store, and passionate commitment to customer service. Palm Organix gives us the down-home feel-goods! It doesn’t hurt that they win both our Safety and Innovation Badges, too. Now that’s something that should make you feel good.

Carolina Hemp Company Review

Meet Asheville’s favorite CBD hemp brand! Carolina Hemp Company is full of that small-town charm the South is known for. Although they make just a couple of retail CBD products themselves, their commitment to quality and sustainability is unwavering. This commitment is also reflected in the third-party CBD brands they have chosen to work with. We hope that this fresh-feeling company with a bright future can update their site with test results soon.

Cibedium Review

Cibedium started similarly to many of the CBD vendors we see. Their founder suffered from major health issues and was thrilled to discover the natural benefits of CBD oil. But he encountered what, unfortunately, many do who are new to CBD — a dosage that didn’t match independent test results. Although Cibedium technically ranks low with us currently, they do pretty well in the transparency department.


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