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EndoCoast eview

To EndoCoast, the concept of coasting is much more than getting by on your laurels – and much more of a noble action. It’s an entire lifestyle to the company, one that centers around the ability to find your center, and cruise through whatever life sends your way. And with their line of CBD oil tinctures and cannabidiol capsules, EndoCoast hopes to deliver that feeling, and way of life, generally, to all of their customers.

Ocanna wants you to say hello to a healthier life. This confident brand proclaims themselves ‘America’s #1 Premium CBD Brand’ with quality expected options like CBD gummies, tinctures, and topicals. The brand exclusively uses full spectrum cannabidiol in their formulations, but they are late to the game by failing to post third-party test results for potency and safety. We like the company culture and mission, but we’re a bit irked by another unsubstantiated organic claim.

Relief Brand Review

Relief Brand isn’t like the CBD vendors we see everyday. Sure, they don’t boast anything particularly different, but they’re not your average Joe either. For example, they skip the basic topicals like CBD salve and instead offer specialized serums. And their ingredients are all natural across the board. Imagine that! They also have an awesome nano CBD water that’s pretty affordable compared across the industry (probably why it’s difficult for Relief Brand to keep it in stock). Check out the goods.

‘Nirvana is hard to attain, but Velobar comes close.’ Now THAT’S a brand that’s totally confident in their product! We can see why. Velobar CBD crafts protein bars from organic ingredients; they’re vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and they pack 20 mg of CBD in each bar. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of their product is the origin of their CBD — no hemp involved. Velobar CBD is one of the first brands to utilize a new, totally renewable source of cannabidiol that’s going to shake up the industry.

The tide is turning with CBD topicals. For consumers (like us) who are turning to cannabidiol to supplement our health regimens, the last thing we want are synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Topical CBD products have been notorious offenders, but things are changing with vendors like Kiskanu Hemp. This skincare brand takes all-natural even further by offering mostly certified-organic ingredients and displaying an honorable level of transparency.

Weller Review

Don’t just be well… be Weller! That’s the idea behind this cool Boulder brand that specializes in CBD-infused food and beverages with pizzazz. Their CBD products are delicious, gluten free, non GMO, and vegan. They hit all the marks for tasty, healthy treats you can feel good about purchasing. Plus, Weller is obviously committed to sustainability and clean sourcing. Our only qualm is their ‘broad spectrum’ CBD claim that isn’t as ‘broad’ as we’d like.

Absolute Nature CBD Review

Go green! Absolute Nature CBD has us amped and inspired to do more to help the planet. They go the extra mile to use as little plastic as possible, and their website is apparently ‘energy positive’, hosted by a green provider that reinvests in wind energy. Their CBD products are green too — all-natural and free of nasty solvents and pesticides. We look forward to seeing more from this budding CBD brand who hits the high notes for ethos and quality.

Social CBD Review

Say hello to some of the best tasting CBD vape pens in the biz! Social CBD got their start as one of the first CBD purveyors in the vape space. Their high-quality CBD vape pens maintain temperature consistency and have a 100% natural taste customers love. Since launching in the vape sector, they have developed a full line of CBD products for people and pets that’s earned them high marks with us.

WellPUR Organics Review

Quality. Consistency. Transparency. These are the cornerstones of WellPUR Organics, a great example of a solid CBD vendor. They have clean sourcing and processes, they donate to charity, and they even utilize innovative technology in a few of their cannabidiol products. We have just a couple bones to pick — the main one being a lack of third-party contaminants tests — but overall, WellPUR Organics has our trust.

King Kanine Review

We have to hand it to King Kanine. This all-star CBD brand for pets easily earns each of our badges with flying colors. They’ve won multiple awards, including the title of best CBD products by Pet Business, and we can see why. King Kanine is charitable, innovative, and their broad spectrum cannabidiol is writhe with beneficial terpenes — a real winner we totally would feel good about giving our furry friends. Plus, they have some of the most comprehensive CoAs we’ve seen in the CBD for pets sector. Bravo.


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