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CBD Global Extracts Review

CBD Global blew our hair back with the ferocity of their efforts in the cannabinoid industry. Pioneering with various items such as Cannabis Transparency Standards (CTS) and their Official Transparency Report (OTR), quality and safety are always a guarantee with this vendor. Although not geared towards the average consumer, if you are a retailer/wholesaler, we highly recommend you give this phenomenal, integrals, and dedicated CBD company your hard-earned dollars.

Fab CBD Review

Nutrition is the answer, that’s the motto enthusiastically proclaimed by Fab CBD. Fab CBD got their start searching for natural solutions that could mitigate reliance on over-the-counter medications for pain and inflammation.  Their products are nutrition and performance driven, meant to bring out the best in a healthy lifestyle.  We’re impressed by their full spectrum oils, high in quality and rich in terpenes, but we’re not psyched about the topical salve due to a nasty ingredient unfortunately, we’ve been seeing a lot of these days.

RE Botanicals Review

Renew. Regrow. Regenerate. RE Botanicals is the real deal on the sustainable agriculture front with an expert and seasoned founder and the ultimate in regenerative farming practices. They are the first national hemp brand to receive the coveted but arduous USDA organic seal due to their commitment to all things organic, no exceptions. RE Botanicals is on a mission to reverse climate change with responsible farming, and they’re making huge strides. We’re pleased to award them all five stars for their unparalleled standards of excellence.

Nature’s Script Review

Nature’s Script has an impressive operation, performing manufacturing, packaging, and shipping all in-house for purportedly outstanding quality control.  They valiantly attempt to check all the boxes, and their product quality and safety levels are admittedly on point.  Sustainably grown, industrial hemp and regularly published, independent testing for potency and contaminants earn our applause.  However, the company is lacking a solid mission with an uber impersonal branding message and a contradictory practice involving artificial ingredients, a huge no-no for us.

SAUC Review

The proof is in the SAUC! Pronounced “sauce”, here is a company that has a singular focus: they do one thing and they do it well.  By centering all their efforts on the vape market, SAUC delivers an elite product line featuring a blend of CBD isolate with organic terpenes that tastes great and contains no traceable amounts of THC.  Their price point is noticeably affordable, and from what we can tell, they don’t sacrifice any product integrity.  Relentless research and ardent transparency are the cornerstones of their practices, and we like what we see.

HealthSmart CBD Review

HealthSmart CBD focuses on natural solutions for optimal wellness, and they do so by procuring remarkable products with transparency and passion.  Additionally, the company seems genuinely committed to educating its customers with a wealth of organized information and links to published studies on their website, all without making any lofty (not to mention unethical) claims.  Organic ingredients and online independent test results for each SKU reinforce a responsibility to safety and quality that we always love to see.

Joy Organics Review

The mission of Joy Organics is to set a standard of purity and bioavailability in the CBD business.  The founder had significant trouble finding CBD products that actually worked, which inspired her to create a company people can rely on.  Everything is grown and processed in the U.S. and verified by stringent testing to create extremely effective, full spectrum supplements.  Joy is known to donate sales proceeds to legitimate non-profits, and her business is steadily growing as more and more consumers discover her potent, affordable products.

Veritas Farms Review

“Healthy plants, healthy people, healthy planet.” This is the ethos that drives Veritas Farms, a family owned business that oversees all stages of production on their farm in southern Colorado. Here is a group that prides themselves on transparency and a passion for sustainability. They claim to consider a triple bottom line that encompasses the plants they grow, the people they help, and the money they save. And we think they have the processes and company culture to back it up.

Ambary Gardens Review

Ambary Gardens has a grassroots feel and an obvious hyper-focus on their innovative greenhouse grow operation. They are committed to sustainability in everything they do. Onsite, Ambar Gardens is constantly adapting to utilize the best organic methods to care for each individual plant. When it comes to outside sourcing for items like their topical products, they only use ethical, earth-friendly vendors. We recognize this brand for its genuine passion for the cultivation of clean, organic hemp as a labor of love.

CBDistillery Review

A passionate group of Colorado natives decided people have a right to first-rate hemp extract as an alternative method to combat health issues. And CBDistillery was born. CBDistillery categorically covers the gamut of CBD products with everything from suppositories to vape pens. Their sources are clean and sustainable, and we find them to be exceedingly transparent with their schedule of regular third-party testing. A 10% discount for veterans and active-duty military personnel is offered in perpetuity, evidence that this is a company that cares.

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