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RxCannaCare Review

Los Angeles-based RxCannaCare is focused on utilizing the benefits of nature to enhance the natural beauty of our skin. Its CBD-infused skincare line offers a range of options for creating or keeping up with a regular regiment, and the company also dips into the areas of pleasure and pain, using CBD-based creams and oils to create pain relief products and an “intimates” line. A twin skincare line which utilizes hemp oil rather than CBD is also available.

Aspen Green Review

We’ll cut right to the chase — Aspen Green gets a perfect score! And for good reason. Meet the organic folks who are who they say they are. Aspen Green has the highly coveted, expensive, and hard-to-get USDA organic seal for their CBD oil tinctures. In fact, most of the ingredients throughout their CBD catalog are organic. This small brand is making all the right moves on a mission-focused journey to bring people the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the planet.

Bailey’s CBD Review

When it comes to CBD for pets, Bailey’s just does it better. Perhaps it’s because the founder spent years growing and extracting medicinal cannabis in California. Or maybe it’s their passionate team of veterinarians. Or maybe it’s their truly full-spectrum cannabidiol that’s some of the most robust we’ve seen — according to third-party tests — in the CBD pet arena. No matter how you slice it, Bailey’s is one of the best.

The Trusted Lab Review

The Trusted Lab has a beautifully simple MO — to be a steadfast source for CBD products you can trust. What does that trust mean? It means clean ingredients, superior testing, and high-grade CBD oil. It means you get what you pay for! We trust The Trusted Lab for doing everything they say they do. Check out the CBD brand with some of the most extensive safety testing protocols out there.

Envy CBD Review

Envy CBD hits all the right marks for what we look for in a trustworthy CBD vendor. They source their hemp from organic farms in Colorado and Oregon and use a clean, ethanol extraction method. Plus, they earn the hard-to-get Safety Badge, providing third-party tests that go beyond industry standards, but meet ours.

Naternal Review

Naternal gives us the warm and fuzzies — not because they have a super-touching backstory or cute photos of puppies on their CBD pets page. Rather, the solid scientific and rigorous testing processes that back their cannabidiol catalog give us peace of mind. Naternal isn’t a CBD giant or an influential social media presence, but they do have a clean and charitable seed-to-sale operation. We are totally down with all their CBD products and everything they do!

Dosist Review

Those interested in CBD-only products should note that all of Dosist’s current formulas include THC, as well as CBD. However, those who live in states where THC consumption is legal—and don’t mind the substance—should also note that Dosist offers an exceptionally innovative delivery system for those cannabinoids, ensuring that customers receive a “perfect dose” every time to keep the focus on wellness—and getting the results one is looking for.

Root Bioscience Review

Root Bioscience leads with what almost sounds like fighting words when they say, “We’re a science company. Not a cannabis company trying to learn science.” And well, we love it! Meet the real deal when it comes to CBD science. This team of technicians, researchers, and farmers produces high-grade CBD raw materials and offers white-label services for various products. Their consumer brand Naternal showcases Root Bioscience’s obvious obsession with quality, nature, and science.

Leafy Drops Review

Los Angeles-based Leafy Drops started last year, after its veteran owner found their own success with CBD oil to combat depression and anxiety. Its mission, it says, is to help people, and it seems to follow through, not only offering quality—and safe—products for humans, but using other ingredients in their products that are helpful for other members of the primate family.

Empower® BodyCare Review

If we could choose one word to describe Empower BodyCare, it would be BADASS! Founder Trista Okel came up with the concept while sitting in a jail cell for protesting medical cannabis restriction. She then spent eight years developing a CBD topical oil for pain that people can’t get enough of. So much so, it’s become the best-selling cannabis topical in Oregon. See why this badass CBD vendor makes all the right moves.


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