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Harmonious CBD Review

Harmonious is here to help make your life more — you guessed it — harmonious! They do it by offering top-notch CBD products backed by impeccable testing and all-natural, quality ingredients. Harmonious CBD is an interesting, small outfit out of Nevada with a team of passionate wellness advocates behind them. We love that they donate profits to the US Wolf Refuge and help educate seniors on CBD oil with seminars. Overall, Harmonious CBD is a great find.

Moon Mother Review

Small farm, big results — we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Moon Mother not only exclusively uses all-natural ingredients, but all their ingredients are also certified organic: every single essential oil, everything. That goes for the hemp too. Moon Mother has their own USDA certified organic farm in Boulder where they grow the wonderfully potent hemp that makes each of their CBD oil products (especially their topicals) one of a kind.

TrustBo Review

TrustBo has one prerogative — to get you to trust them. The good news? We totally do! We’re happy to see a CBD brand really bring it big time when it comes to transparency. Full-panel testing by independent labs? Check! TrustBo even performs allergen testing on every single one of their CBD products. If you have an allergy or simply want a no-nonsense, pure, and highly bioavailable CBD supplement, look no further.

SunSoil Review

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The phrase may be attributed to Leonardo DiVinci, but SunSoil has since taken up the mantra as its own. The Vermont-based company keeps things as pared down as possible in its CBD oil operations, from organic farming practices to their all-natural cannabidiol extraction process—all of which takes place on site at SunSoil’s farm, staffed entirely by locals in their smalltown location. SunSoil even has the coveted USDA organic seal! It’s a perfect score for this mission-driven operation.

Serene Cannabis Review

Serene Cannabis invites you to find your serene space — with their amazing CBD oil products, of course. There are two great things about this brand, the first being that their mission is solid and gives them a ton of credibility (founder Erica Valker contracted Lyme Disease and subsequently took a nearly decade-long journey of exploring CBD). And next, Serene Cannabis has a few products you honestly can’t get anywhere else. Now that’s something that always catches our eye!

Palm Organix Review

Palm Organix was started by a husband-and-wife team from New Jersey with their eyes on the prize. They’ve created a company that cares with their line of broad-spectrum CBD — zero THC — products, retail store, and passionate commitment to customer service. Palm Organix gives us the down-home feel-goods! It doesn’t hurt that they win both our Safety and Innovation Badges, too. Now that’s something that should make you feel good.

American Hemp Oil Review

American Hemp Oil has a truly comprehensive website, a generous spirit (they give a lifetime discount to military, veterans, first responders, teachers, AND students), and they’ve got what it takes to be a top CBD vendor. American Hemp Oil is adamantly clear about where their hemp comes from and tells you literally everything you would ever want or need to know about each of their products. You can’t really go wrong with this one.

R+R Medicinals Review

R+R Medicinals is a small outfit from Colorado with a reasonably priced line of full-spectrum CBD products. And since the brand easily gets our Safety Badge, we can confirm that their cannabidiol is indeed, full-spectrum and awesome. Cannabinoid profiles and terpene tests prove that although R+R may not have wide variety like other sellers, they’ve got quality where it counts most.

SabaiDee Review

SabaiDee might not be the easiest name to say, but this Los Angeles CBD vendor is an easy read. And in this business, that’s definitely a good thing! SabaiDee has a small line of broad-spectrum CBD products that are meticulously tested, even going above and beyond the requirements for our Safety Badge. While the brand doesn’t offer much by way of variety, they’re a mission-driven organization with quality you can trust.

Soothe CBD Review

Soothe your mind. Soothe your body! It sounds like a good time. Soothe CBD is out there to help ease your mind and boost your wellness with a simple line that earns a perfect score with our methodology. For one, they nail it on quality and up-to-date testing that exceeds industry standards. We also applaud this conscious brand on their mission to raise mental health awareness.


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