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The Legion of Bloom Review

The Legion of Bloom may derive its name from a group of supervillains, but the company is anything but malicious. On the contrary, the Legion puts an impressive amount of thought and care into its line of cannabis and cannabidiol wares, from the way the plants are grown and harvested to the packaging the final product comes in. We must note, however, that the company’s two skincare products are the only items legal to purchase everywhere, so buyers beware.

Floyds of Leadville Review

The potential for pain is everywhere in this world, for everyone from professional athletes to desk jockeys. And unfortunately, the opportunity to ease that pain with potentially habit-forming opioids also seems to be everywhere. Floyds of Leadville wants to help break that chain by offering an all-natural line of cannabidiol products to soothe aches both emotional and physical. Inspired by the experiences of founder Floyd Landis himself, the company does well to honor its mission with a raft of quality and tested items.

Savage CBD™ Review

Savage CBD knows that life throws curveballs, so they want to provide the world CBD products that restore balance and up quality of life. We love this sentiment; it’s refreshing and honest. All in all, we think Savage CBD is doing a good job covering their bases — their testing protocols are good, they offer veterans discounts, and they have a good range of both isolate and full spectrum CBD products. But we’d like to know more about their extraction process and where they source their hemp. Also, there are a few too many artificial ingredients in the vape products for us to feel totally comfortable.

EsseCann Review

Going through the aging process is—hopefully—inevitable, but it doesn’t have to hurt. That’s essentially the philosophy of EsseCann, which hopes to help others relieve the aches and pains of life with the natural aid of cannabidiol. Like many who have gone on to start CBD-based companies, the founders of EsseCann were inspired by their own positive experiences with CBD oil. And the company backs all of its all-natural products with lab test results speaking for the purity and potency of their cannabidiol.

UnCanny Wellness Review

Aside from the ideas of honesty and transparency, UnCanny Wellness says it’s guided by “the three p’s.” People? Check—The company looks out for its customers by using quality sourced hemp and safely extracted CBD oil to produce a bevy of reliable and consistent products. Planet? Check. UnCanny partners with Vermont-based nonprofit One Tree Planted, to make sure one tree indeed gets planted for each order placed through its site. Profit? With a very market-friendly price range for its quality products, we’re the least sure about that last aspect of UnCanny’s motto, but with such a thoughtful line of cannabidiol items on offer, we sure wish them the best!

CBD Clinic Review

An offshoot of the CBD-focused Abacus Health Products—which is itself a subsidiary of the large pharmaceutical company Aidance Scientific—CBD Clinic offers a range of CBD-infused oils, lotions, ointments, and creams to help aid chronic pain of the muscles, joints, and nerves. The products are especially targeted toward the particularly athletic or specifically injured, and the company only sells its cannabidiol-based items to health and wellness practitioners. Still, if you have the right credentials, it seems CBD Clinic has a safe and innovative product to offer.

Pet Releaf Review

Operating out of Eastern Colorado, Pet Releaf offers a top-shelf product for fur babies that’s safe—and, in some cases, tasty—enough for their humans to use. The company obviously has a deep love of animals, going as far as developing their own strand of pet-friendly cannabidiol for their line of CBD oils and CBD pet treats. We don’t want to be so corny as to say that this company is the “cat’s meow,” but—it’s already out there now. And we’ll stand by it.

Bhang Review

Bhang is an up-and-coming leader in the CBD world. The company currently develops products that are cannabis- and cannabidiol-friendly, though its range of CBD oil-specific products is pretty extensive, including a range of edibles, CBD vape oils, and CBD oil tinctures. It also seems to put its money where its mouth is in terms of cultivating quality hemp and producing CBD oil that’s safe for consumption, though to be a truly five-badge company in our eyes, we’d like to see a few more charitable efforts on the company’s behalf.

Feel Brands Review

Whether you’re looking to feel your best, feel more motivated, or feel at rest, Feel CBD wants to help. The St. Louis-based company caters to these healthy desires with three specially formulated types of CBD oils and capsules meant to help you power up, power down, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. The cannabidiol used by the company hits all our marks for safety and quality, and we love the added bonus of Omegas in the CBD tinctures, a perfect supplement for athletes and the active.

Warrior’s Edge CBD Review

Salt Lake City-based Warrior’s Edge delivers exactly what its name promises. The company is focused on promoting CBD oils and other items that help veterans and first responders battle through any mental or physical pain they may have developed after dedicating themselves to their country. The company also hopes to help other “warriors” stay on top of their game through their cannabidiol products. And Warrior’s Edge follows up on this promise in other ways, donating part of all proceeds to several different nonprofits which cater to veterans and first responders, and offering a 20% discount for former or currently active military members.


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