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Smart Organics Review

Smart Organics’ products are more than your basic CBD fare. While they do offer hemp oils, salves, and tinctures (including a CBD + terpenes oil), they also feature a curated variety of synergistic supplements and functional foods, too. We wish they had some proof of product safety for consumers, but otherwise Smart Organics appear to have all the hallmarks of a solid supplement company.

Populum Review

We love Populum’s expressed commitment to “quality first.” Populum performs laboratory testing on their source material, falling just a hair shy of receiving the rarely-awarded safety badge (we require individual, up-to-date, third-party product CoAs), although they do offer a quality certification by a PhD. Populum’s 30-day money back guarantee takes all the uncertainty out of the purchasing process – this really is a 3 ½ star review, would that we awarded half-stars. Nevertheless, we recommend Populum wholeheartedly.


Sustainability is the name of the game for this Austria-based EU-only CBD vendor, as they use every part of the hemp plant during processing. Leaves turn into teas; seeds and nuts become oils and protein; and the lower parts serve as building blocks for textiles, fertilizers, and building materials. We did not find any CoAs, so we must remain neutral in our opinion of MEDIHEMP and its parent company, the Deep Nature Project.

Elite Botanicals Review

Elite Botanicals is perhaps the biggest and best hemp CBD source in the industry, partnering with the most trusted CBD leaders in the space. Boasting organic, US-produced, clinically-tested, full-spectrum high CBD hemp oil, Elite Botanicals (through their website at PureAmericanHemp.com) offers consistent quality and peace of mind for those interested in wholesale purchasing or producing their own CBD products or via co-branding.

Green Gorilla Review

Although Green Gorilla claims to use organic, non-GMO hemp in their products, they are not pulling the wool over our eyes. The front page reeks of obsession with money, and even includes a completely unrelated ‘Forbes’ graphic (just in case it is unclear to the reader what their motives are). Failing to discuss anything about the safety of their products, they instead fall back on hyped-up talk of their ‘high polyphenol olive oil’ and why that sets them apart. Let us be frank – we do not recommend wasting any hard earned cash with this profit-centered business.

MedUSA CBD Review

While one won’t find any Gorgon women with snakes for hair at MedUSA, there is everything from cannabinoid-enriched massage oil, pre-packaged CBD brownie mixes (“Take~n~Bakes”), or pet CBD treats, there are products for the whole family. However, potentially falsified testing data invites a healthy dose of skepticism into our minds and hearts.

HYGIA Nutrients Review

With a combination of a unique, proprietary hemp cultivar, published scientific data comparing the competition with their products, and various sound business practices, Hygia Nutrients stands at the forefront of our minds when we think of innovative and exciting CBD companies. Although no CoAs are available for viewing by the public, we are confident that with their excellent team of brilliant scientists, they will be able to make this a reality — subsequently putting our troubled minds to rest.

Fairwinds CBD Review

Fairwinds CBD is a predominantly medical marijuana company that is led by former engineer James Hull. The ingenuity and creativity innate to the engineering life translate well into the hemp industry, as Fairwinds has what are some of the most technologically advanced monitoring systems in the biz. Humidity, temperature, light levels, and CO2 ppm are a few of the environmental conditions that receive constant attention thanks to a proprietary set up designed by Mr. Hull himself. Unfortunately, their products are not available for purchase online (Washington residents are the lucky winners today), but multiple photos on their site of various cannabis strains make for great eye candy in the meantime.

Hempland USA Review

HempLand USA is about as ‘patriotic’ a CBD vendor as we’ve seen, even putting our country’s acronym in their moniker. They state that ‘Made in the USA’ should be the gold standard by which to compare all CBD products. Unfortunately, only telling us the country of origin does little to instill confidence in or excitement about their products.

Prime My Body Review

Prime My Body’s claim to fame is offering an innovative ‘liposomal delivery system’ wherein cannabinoids are encapsulated inside globular clusters of phospholipids, allowing for dramatically enhanced absorption. Prime My Body offers exciting and unique products for the avid active lifestyle enthusiasts and health-seekers among us — provided you become an affiliate and are willing to embrace the MLM lifestyle.

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