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4 Corners Cannabis Review

Although 4 Corners Cannabis makes the bold claim that their 16% CBD, clone-only Ma-at cultivar is unrivaled in the hemp industry, their explanation for said advantage is largely unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. Our hats are off to them for being an end-to-end CBD company, removing all intermediaries from their business equation and passing the value on to the consumer. However, a lack of current lab tests forces us to hang our heads and weep, as this component is crucial to be considered a reputable CBD business.

Palmetto Harmony Review

More than just another CBD company, Palmetto Harmony’s passionate pursuit of natural healing remedies is like sweet music to our ears. Claiming to test everything from “seed-to-sale,” Palmetto Harmony uses only organically grown hemp on which novel “combative pests” replace pesticides and herbicides. The only thing that could make us love Palmetto Harmony any more would be if they decided to support some form of charity.

Aceso Review

Aceso lives up to the origins of its name, offering some rather unique plant-based medicine for those in need of healing — all at a price one can afford. Aceso plays heavily on their usage of specific terpene/CBD ratios, resulting in uniquely functional products. Whether it’s a CoA, an adaptogenic CBD drink mix, or just information on cannabinoids that one seeks, Aceso is a sure place to find it.

Delta Botanicals Review

If you’re looking for a CBD-enhanced cooking oil, then this is the best place to find such a thing. Otherwise, Delta Botanicals falls short when it comes to proving their integrity. Nowhere on the site will one find any CoAs or even the slightest discussion of laboratory testing. Furthermore, there is a total lack of information about the source of their hemp. In short, we encourage exercising caution with this company.

Blue Moon Hemp Review

Blue Moon has two hallmarks of an excellent CBD provider – a foundation of good ethics and accessible price points. Furthermore, they implement a process called “high-speed emulsion” wherein the desirable substances are converted to nano-sized molecules, ultimately affording higher bioavailability and extended shelf life. Additionally, they offer rich sources of education and wisdom regarding cannabinoid consumption; Blue Moon is high on our list of top CBD vendors.

American Shaman Review

While claiming to use some impressive high-tech equipment to produce the finest CBD products currently available, American Shaman falls just short of the glory by failing to publicly present pertinent data on either their techniques or their test results. Still, we encourage those with chronic illness or disability to give American Shaman a look and check out their Compassionate Care program.

Pure CBD Vapors Review

A five-star company, Pure CBD Vapors offers countless high-quality cannabinoid-related items from companies like Vape Bright, Curavape, Blue Moon, iPuff, Hemplucid, iHempCBD, Entourage, and Medusa — one is sure to find their favorite brand here. Their testimonials section is wonderful for those looking to understand the ins and outs of different oils and e-liquids. As an added bonus, every product carried on Pure CBD Vapor’s website has undergone laboratory testing — a huge relief for conscious consumers.

Mary’s Medicinals Review

With numerous accolades, including ‘Best Medical Advancement’ from The Cannabist two years in a row, Mary’s Medicinals is pioneering a more natural way out of opioid addiction with their potent transdermal cannabinoid patches. Besides the usual suspects, CBD and THC, Mary’s prides itself on offering products also rich in CBN, CBC, and THCa. For those lucky enough to live in a qualifying state (Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, or Arizona), Mary’s Medicinals is a potentially life-saving operation.

Hempower Review

Hempower Nutrition is one of many sources of water-soluble CBD products, which are becoming increasingly popular. Enhanced bioavailability and increased convenience are the main reasons for the recent surge in popularity of this form of CBD. Hempower also crafts products utilizing cold pressed hemp juice, which is naturally rich in terpenes, CBDa, and other beneficial compounds unique to raw hemp. The only real drawback to Hempower is the lack of publicly posted CoAs — an unfortunate commonality amongst many CBD brands.

Phivida Review

As if being certified organic and utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction isn’t enough, Phivida goes one step further by offering their “Phivida Families” program, in which one is eligible to receive 50% in subsidies for a lifetime. Although CoAs are not currently available on Phivida’s website, we heard from a bird that they have some very rigorous and advanced testing procedures in the works, so stay tuned to hear updates!

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