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Green Gorilla Review

Although Green Gorilla claims to use organic, non-GMO hemp in their products, they are not pulling the wool over our eyes. The front page reeks of obsession with money, and even includes a completely unrelated ‘Forbes’ graphic (just in case it is unclear to the reader what their motives are). Failing to discuss anything about the safety of their products, they instead fall back on hyped-up talk of their ‘high polyphenol olive oil’ and why that sets them apart. Let us be frank – we do not recommend wasting any hard earned cash with this profit-centered business.

HYGIA Nutrients Review

With a combination of a unique, proprietary hemp cultivar, published scientific data comparing the competition with their products, and various sound business practices, Hygia Nutrients stands at the forefront of our minds when we think of innovative and exciting CBD companies. Although no CoAs are available for viewing by the public, we are confident that with their excellent team of brilliant scientists, they will be able to make this a reality — subsequently putting our troubled minds to rest.

Fairwinds CBD Review

Fairwinds CBD is a predominantly medical marijuana company that is led by former engineer James Hull. The ingenuity and creativity innate to the engineering life translate well into the hemp industry, as Fairwinds has what are some of the most technologically advanced monitoring systems in the biz. Humidity, temperature, light levels, and CO2 ppm are a few of the environmental conditions that receive constant attention thanks to a proprietary set up designed by Mr. Hull himself. Unfortunately, their products are not available for purchase online (Washington residents are the lucky winners today), but multiple photos on their site of various cannabis strains make for great eye candy in the meantime.

Treatibles Review

Treatibles has a big leg up (pun intended) on the competition among CBD pet products. Not only do they perform contaminant testing on both source material and finished product, they claim to also perform screening at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure optimal levels of CBD. While their glowing testimonials further instill consumer confidence, it’s already clear that Treatibles makes the health and well-being of animals a top priority.

Isodiol Review

Isodiol is close to as good as it gets in the CBD world. They distinguish themselves every step of the way by implementing full transparency, environmentally-friendly extraction techniques, and both in-house and third- party verified testing and full CoAs upon request. Although the flagship product (99% pure crystalline CBD) is impressive, there is nobody who will have an issue finding a product they love from Isodiol. We give them two thumbs up!

Irie CBD Review

Irie CBD blows away the competition by offering CBD products sourced exclusively from organically grown, non-GMO, sustainable hemp, using supercritical CO2 extraction to produce a terpene and phytonutrient- rich hemp oil, and making it clear that they have warm and charitable hearts. Were Irie CBD to add heavy metals/residual solvents/microbials/etc. testing to all of its currently published CoAs, they would be near the top of our list for most highly recommended CBD vendors.

Diamond CBD Review

While Diamond CBD certainly talks the talk, it remains to be seen if they will put their money where their mouth is. We love hearing about organically grown hemp from Scandinavia, HPLC testing, supercritical CO2 extraction, GMP certification, and centuries of experience cultivating the finest hemp — but remain steadfast in our wariness. We challenge Diamond CBD to step up to the plate and provide documentation to support the wild claims made on their site.

Nano Craft CBD Review

Nano Craft CBD hits many targets, including the discussion of the source material, a demonstration of positive intent, innovative products and procedures, and safety verification by a third-party, independent laboratory to boot. Whether it’s for athlete’s recovery or convenient CBD dosing on the go, Nano Craft is sure to warm the hearts of many with their original product lineup.

Cloud 9 Hemp Review

While we respect Cloud 9 Hemp’s mission to bring cannabis-based medicinal products to people in all 50 states, we wish that they could do so while providing current CoAs to help verify the safety of their offerings. Being fairly average in most regards, Cloud 9 Hemp does little that is new; however, the abundance of customer reviews on many products is sure to be a game-changer for many skeptical customers.

Folium Biosciences Review

Folium Biosciences makes a great name for themselves by taking all the steps necessary to demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and safety. CoAs are available on request, and distributors are encouraged to visit the organic farms where their hemp grows. Although not a site for retail shoppers, those looking for a source of high-quality phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil for product creation need look no further than Folium Biosciences.

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