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KanaVape Review

KanaVape is a French-Czech company that has created another CBD oil vaporizer that costs about $55. Focused on nature and sustainability and combining over 10 years of experience with growing hemp this team might have actually created a great vape CBD product.

PyoorCBD Review

PyoorCBD is a CBD oil company focused on health and fitness conscious customer that range in price from $40-$99. Pyoor CBD is an edgy cool cutting edge looking CBD oil brand that has a small catalogue of CBD products ranging from gold oils, sleep aids and berry drink mixes.

Nectar Leaf Review

Nectar Leaf produces tinctures and CBD oil extracts focused on therapeutic properties of cannabidiol that seem affordable and range in price from $30-$85. Nectar Leaf is one of the few CBD brands speaking out about the benefits of CBD, which makes them unique and a little bold.

Bio CBD Plus Review

Bio CBD Plus is taking the healing powers of mother nature and combining them with nanotechnology to enhance their bioavailability. Bio CBD Plus is a very special company because they are changing the game of CBD Oil. When CBD is taken in oil form much is lost in the digestive process, when CBD becomes water soluble it becomes 50 times more bioavailable.

CW Botanicals Review (charlotte’s web)

CW Botanicals aka the hemp derived version of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil products are high quality cost effective ranging in price from $50-$995. CW Botanicals was created by the same people who brought the Marijuana derived high CBD oil in the the main stream with the help of CNN’s Weed special.

Crystal Pure CBD Review

Crystal Pure CBD is a CBD oil isolate powder that is 99%+ concentration that is only sold wholesale. Crystal Pure CBD has recently created their first tincture product that ranges in price from $169-$200. This all natural CBD crystallate (very fine CBD crystals) are blended back into organic hempseed oil to create a tincture that is free of waxes and other particles.

Jeff’s Best Hemp Review

Jeff’s Best Hemp CBD oil products are raw, high quality, high purity that won’t break the bank costing just $22. Jeff definitely achieves his mission of providing the lowest prices possible as this is one of the lowest cost per milligram on the market. Jeff’s Best Hemp is organically grown hemp, keeping the CBD oil raw so that it is high in CBD-A.

Cannadiol Review

Cannadiol creates high quality CBD oil supplements that range in price from $99-$560. As it is impossible to trademark cannabidiol (CBD), what’s the next best thing? Change the spelling to Cannadiol and call it a day!

CanChew Gum Review

CanChew Gum is an all natural CBD oil infused gum company that produces high quality products that are priced at $20 per pack. CanChew gum is expected to have a range of health benefits including pain management, anxiety relief, treating nausea and vomiting.

Kannaway Review

Kannaway is the first ever network marketing company selling hemp CBD oil products that range in price from $50-$399. Kannaway is an innovative growing community of people excited to benefit from hemp CBD oil products as well as profit off of them promoting; “movement with a pay plan”.

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