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Diamond CBD Review

While Diamond CBD certainly talks the talk, it remains to be seen if they will put their money where their mouth is. We love hearing about organically grown hemp from Scandinavia, HPLC testing, supercritical CO2 extraction, GMP certification, and centuries of experience cultivating the finest hemp — but remain steadfast in our wariness. We challenge Diamond CBD to step up to the plate and provide documentation to support the wild claims made on their site.

Nano Craft CBD Review

Nano Craft CBD hits many targets, including the discussion of the source material, a demonstration of positive intent, innovative products and procedures, and safety verification by a third-party, independent laboratory to boot. Whether it’s for athlete’s recovery or convenient CBD dosing on the go, Nano Craft is sure to warm the hearts of many with their original product lineup.

Cloud 9 Hemp Review

While we respect Cloud 9 Hemp’s mission to bring cannabis-based medicinal products to people in all 50 states, we wish that they could do so while providing current CoAs to help verify the safety of their offerings. Being fairly average in most regards, Cloud 9 Hemp does little that is new; however, the abundance of customer reviews on many products is sure to be a game-changer for many skeptical customers.

Folium Biosciences Review

Folium Biosciences makes a great name for themselves by taking all the steps necessary to demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and safety. CoAs are available on request, and distributors are encouraged to visit the organic farms where their hemp grows. Although not a site for retail shoppers, those looking for a source of high-quality phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil for product creation need look no further than Folium Biosciences.

CBD for Life Review

CBD for Life prides itself on being a company owned by women — a vibe that translates well into their product offerings. Sporting one of the best lineups of cannabinoid-infused body care products that we’ve seen, CBD for Life may tickle many a fancy. While the claimed absence of phthalates, parabens, GMOS, formaldehyde, and artificial colors is reassuring, we need to see published laboratory testing results to be truly at ease about using these products.

Hemp Fusion Review

The people behind Hemp Fusion seem driven by a desire to bring health, wellness, and natural medicine to all those in need. Their products boast many innovative features that we rarely see in the CBD industry, such as effective herbal formulas or the inclusion of black pepper oil for increased bioavailability. However, a lack of relevant laboratory testing data has forced us to remain skeptical about Hemp Fusion’s level of integrity.

Pure Spectrum Review

We are taking Pure Spectrum’s word for good when they not only claim organic from ‘seed to sale,’ but also tout laboratory testing for over 200 contaminants — as proof of neither is available online. Though Pure Spectrum appears to have very good intentions (especially considering they donate 1% of sales to the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation), there are some potential improvements they could make to their site that certainly wouldn’t hurt — and would only boost consumer confidence in their products.

AON Mother Nature Review

AON Mother Nature, the self-proclaimed “Nature Superfood Store,” is a slightly more viable option than many of its competitors. A broad range of products finds their home at AON, including transdermal patches, vaping starter kits, and perhaps most notably various terpene juices. Despite these facts, AON’s failure to present pertinent information about not only the source but also the safety of their merchandise leaves us with questions.

Amma Life Review

With over 20 years of experience working in the health and wellness industries, Sophia and K. of Amma Life certainly have the credentials needed to bring plant-based medicine to the public. Using only organic and non-GMO hemp, they craft some novel products — including a potent pink paste that is purportedly excessively rich in mouth-watering terpenes. Like many others before them, Amma Life fails to publish relevant CoA’s that would quell a conscious customer’s worried mind

4 Corners Cannabis Review

Although 4 Corners Cannabis makes the bold claim that their 16% CBD, clone-only Ma-at cultivar is unrivaled in the hemp industry, their explanation for said advantage is largely unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. Our hats are off to them for being an end-to-end CBD company, removing all intermediaries from their business equation and passing the value on to the consumer. However, a lack of current lab tests forces us to hang our heads and weep, as this component is crucial to be considered a reputable CBD business.

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