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Hemp Fusion Review

The people behind Hemp Fusion seem driven by a desire to bring health, wellness, and natural medicine to all those in need. Their products boast many innovative features that we rarely see in the CBD industry, such as effective herbal formulas or the inclusion of black pepper oil for increased bioavailability. However, a lack of relevant laboratory testing data has forced us to remain skeptical about Hemp Fusion’s level of integrity.

Curavape Review

Curavape is first in line to receive the worst-of-the-worst award (unfortunately there is no such trophy) when it comes to doing business in the hemp CBD industry. There is a complete lack of discussion on source material, no published data on laboratory testing, no mission statement, and nothing that makes progress in the industry. Our two cents? Avoid Curavape as if it was the Bubonic Plague.

AON Mother Nature Review

AON Mother Nature, the self-proclaimed “Nature Superfood Store,” is a slightly more viable option than many of its competitors. A broad range of products finds their home at AON, including transdermal patches, vaping starter kits, and perhaps most notably various terpene juices. Despite these facts, AON’s failure to present pertinent information about not only the source but also the safety of their merchandise leaves us with questions.

Amma Life Review

With over 20 years of experience working in the health and wellness industries, Sophia and K. of Amma Life certainly have the credentials needed to bring plant-based medicine to the public. Using only organic and non-GMO hemp, they craft some novel products — including a potent pink paste that is purportedly excessively rich in mouth-watering terpenes. Like many others before them, Amma Life fails to publish relevant CoA’s that would quell a conscious customer’s worried mind

Alaska Cannabis Exchange Review

Founded by a family seeking alternative therapies for epilepsy, Alaska Cannabis Exchange makes some great-sounding claims about their products. If they truly do use a special strain of cannabis bred for its superior CBD genetics, that would be quite impressive. While ACE is ahead of much of the competition by posting even a single CoA, most products do not have any testing done for contaminants, and as such we encourage caution when considering said products.

SoS Pain Review

While a trip through SOS Pain’s website gives the reader a few blips of hopefulness, overall the outlook is grim. While the claimed intention of helping those with pharmaceutical drug dependency is noble, there’s no avoiding the fact that all the talk of laboratory testing and source material is just that — talk. If consumers don’t know where products are from, and also don’t have a clue what is in them, there is little reason to purchase them — and a lot of risks.

4 Corners Cannabis Review

Although 4 Corners Cannabis makes the bold claim that their 16% CBD, clone-only Ma-at cultivar is unrivaled in the hemp industry, their explanation for said advantage is largely unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. Our hats are off to them for being an end-to-end CBD company, removing all intermediaries from their business equation and passing the value on to the consumer. However, a lack of current lab tests forces us to hang our heads and weep, as this component is crucial to be considered a reputable CBD business.

Palmetto Harmony Review

More than just another CBD company, Palmetto Harmony’s passionate pursuit of natural healing remedies is like sweet music to our ears. Claiming to test everything from “seed-to-sale,” Palmetto Harmony uses only organically grown hemp on which novel “combative pests” replace pesticides and herbicides. The only thing that could make us love Palmetto Harmony any more would be if they decided to support some form of charity.

Aceso Review

Aceso lives up to the origins of its name, offering some rather unique plant-based medicine for those in need of healing — all at a price one can afford. Aceso plays heavily on their usage of specific terpene/CBD ratios, resulting in uniquely functional products. Whether it’s a CoA, an adaptogenic CBD drink mix, or just information on cannabinoids that one seeks, Aceso is a sure place to find it.

iPuff Review

Although the offerings are varied and abundant at iPuff’s one-stop CBD shop, information related to lab testing and sources is not nearly as plentiful. iPuff could streamline the consumer’s comparison shopping, as they offer multiple types of items in one place. On the other hand, conscious consumers are going to be disappointed when looking for lab test results to prove whether the products offered for sale are safe to consume. (There aren’t any.)

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