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Milagro CBD Review

Milagro CBD hails from Ireland and has developed an impressive European presence. They use minimal ingredients in addition to their full spectrum extract, something we highly appreciate. Too often, purveyors in the hemp space add a traffic jam of additional ingredients that are not only superfluous considering CBD’s natural benefits, but many times counteractive to these benefits (think natural and artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.). Instead, Milagro CBD is committed to purity and potency. We simply need to see more effort in certain fields to award the brand more badges.

CBD Global Extracts Review

CBD Global blew our hair back with the ferocity of their efforts in the cannabinoid industry. Pioneering with various items such as Cannabis Transparency Standards (CTS) and their Official Transparency Report (OTR), quality and safety are always a guarantee with this vendor. Although not geared towards the average consumer, if you are a retailer/wholesaler, we highly recommend you give this phenomenal, integrals, and dedicated CBD company your hard-earned dollars.

Shanti Wellness Review

Shanti, the Sanskrit word for peace and tranquility, is the guiding inspiration behind Shanti Wellness, a chic blender of full spectrum CBD with some of nature’s most famous adaptogens. Shanti looks the part with beautiful branding and a positive message; they can definitely talk the talk. However, in order to issue them more badges, we need to see them walking the walk by backing up their products with 100% quality ingredients and displaying independent lab results.

Kure CBD Review

Kure CBD was founded by a vape industry veteran whose personal experience with the healing effects of CBD prompted a segway into the hemp business. Kure CBD promises “world class products created by top notch scientists”. But we have to ask, who are these scientists? Kure CBD lacks an appropriate level of transparency by not posting laboratory results online and failing to disclose basic elements of their process. The discovery of undesirable, even toxic, ingredients in their product line makes us reticent to give them the go-ahead.

Fab CBD Review

Nutrition is the answer, that’s the motto enthusiastically proclaimed by Fab CBD. Fab CBD got their start searching for natural solutions that could mitigate reliance on over-the-counter medications for pain and inflammation.  Their products are nutrition and performance driven, meant to bring out the best in a healthy lifestyle.  We’re impressed by their full spectrum oils, high in quality and rich in terpenes, but we’re not psyched about the topical salve due to a nasty ingredient unfortunately, we’ve been seeing a lot of these days.

RE Botanicals Review

Renew. Regrow. Regenerate. RE Botanicals is the real deal on the sustainable agriculture front with an expert and seasoned founder and the ultimate in regenerative farming practices. They are the first national hemp brand to receive the coveted but arduous USDA organic seal due to their commitment to all things organic, no exceptions. RE Botanicals is on a mission to reverse climate change with responsible farming, and they’re making huge strides. We’re pleased to award them all five stars for their unparalleled standards of excellence.

VitaMia Hemp Review

At VitaMia Hemp, the farm is the muse of this family business that emphasizes quality over quality.  They easily hit high marks for sustainability and advanced farming techniques, priding themselves on the purity of their products that have a literal personal touch (they are harvested and processed by hand).  We recognize excellence in localized production, as their entire process takes place in Colorado, and the bulk of it happens on or near their farm in Boulder.  However, VitaMia falls short in a few key areas that we’d like to see resolved.

Harmony Review

As their name suggests, Harmony is interested in making the world a better place, and they intend to accomplish this through proliferating cannabinoid products to the masses at an affordable cost. Their business model reflects their expansive mindset as does their international, forward-thinking team. Meet the self-proclaimed hemp pioneers determined to eliminate barriers and improve lives across the globe.

Illuminent CBD Review

Illuminent has an extensive product line and a competitive direct selling platform, offering consumers the chance to be business owners themselves by pedaling their merchandise. While the company is full of promises of innovation and quality, we find them to be lacking in just that. Illuminent offers both isolate and full spectrum options, something we love to see from CBD product manufacturers. However, their widespread use of artificial flavors and the fact that they sell nicotine e-liquids don’t sit very well with us.

The Wee Hemp Company Review

Meet Wee Hemp, a team of eco-conscious straight shooters with an infectiously personal branding message. Wee Hemp hails from Aberdeen, Scotland and sources CO2-extracted, industrial hemp grown in Europe and the U.S. sans pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.  Their segway into the CBD industry began with a daunting personal health battle and blossomed into a little company with big personality.  There’s something downright loveable about Wee Hemp; we just need a wee bit more from them to grant more badges.

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