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Eqova Life Sciences Review

Eqova Life Sciences is the first brand to offer full spectrum CBD oil exclusively to medical practitioners. The company talks a big game about backing all their products with hard science, medical expertise, and comprehensive testing. They seem to have all the credentials to do what they say they do. According to our methodology, however, they lose ground since they do not post any independent lab results or disclose the origin of their hemp. And unfortunately, this is another case of a CBD vendor claiming to use all-natural ingredients and doing the opposite. We’re justifiably a little cautious.

Essentially Hemp Review

Essentially Hemp appears to prefer letting the numbers speak for themselves. There’s nary a word to be found on the company’s background or general ethos, yet there’s plenty of transparency on the safety and quality of its hemp and CBD oil on its site. Third-party lab test results and direct communique opportunities with the company’s pair of hemp growers abound, making it clear that Essentially Hemp has a safe product on offer, regardless of why the company wanted to begin selling it.

Extract Labs™ Review

Extract Labs is one busy operation. After getting its start in Boulder, Colorado in 2016, the company has already seen itself expanding across the country, with a second lab opening last year in Kentucky. But with the exceptional range of products on offer, it’s easy to see why the business would need all the extra room. Extract Labs covers nearly every base of CBD oil delivery method, but even more notably showcases a remarkable commitment to safety and quality across the board, with each item in its inventory checking out as nontoxic and nearly entirely all-natural.

Life Bloom Organics Review

Meet Life Bloom Organics, a happy SoCal CBD brand for an active lifestyle or just about anyone who wants to feel their best. Each of their products is around the $40 mark and boasts water-soluble CBD formulations for sleep, intimacy, and more. The company employs a PhD chemist and produces everything in microbatches, a boon to quality and consistency. We love their message of health powered by nature and their use of all-natural flavors. LBO does not rank low for any nefarious reasons but rather, needs to disclose more information to jive with our methodology.

CloverStrip CBD Review

Clover Strip wants to simplify the CBD oil delivery process. “No more messy tinctures” seems to be the company’s philosophy, and it offers instead a streamlined and leak-free alternative: dissolvable CBD strips to be placed under the tongue. The delivery method releases a consistent amount of cannabidiol every time and seems especially useful for CBD novices or those wishing to be more discrete. But before fully signing on to this pared-down product, we’d love to bulk up on more background information about the company and its cannabidiol.

Willie’s Remedy Review

If it’s good enough for Willie Nelson… Yes, that’s right, the “Willie” whose remedy we’re partaking in with this brand of CBD-infused coffee is none other than the country crooner himself. A longtime and very public advocate of cannabis, Willie got into the cannabidiol game in 2019, launching Willie’s Remedy with his wife Annie, with the coffee based on her own personal recipe. But while Nelson has a long history of supporting sustainable agriculture (FarmAid, anyone?), and his legal cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, is meticulous about its sourcing and growing practices, we unfortunately don’t get much background information on the Remedy’s website, which makes it difficult for us to award many badges to the brand.

Johnny Apple CBD Review

Johnny Apple CBD is one of those brands that snuck up on us — the first impression didn’t exactly leave an impression. But after an in-depth look into their processes and product line, we’re impressed! They post comprehensive safety results for all their CBD products, including cannabinoid profiles and contaminants tests, and they source organically grown U.S. hemp. Plus, their line is free of the synthetic stuff like PG and polysorbates. We’re on board!

Casa Luna Chocolate Review

Love CBD? Love chocolate? Casa Luna has delightful creations that combine the two. They handcraft their CBD chocolates with certified organic and kosher components, and the ingredients lists are strikingly short. That’s a good thing! When it comes to nutritional wellness, less is more; simplicity is king. Casa Luna describes their chocolate-making process in detail, but we do not know enough about the CBD oil they incorporate in their recipes to rate them higher with our methodology.

Hammer Nutrition Review

Alright stop. Hammer time! We couldn’t resist that segway from a song that came out around the same time as Hammer Nutrition, a powerhouse supplement company geared toward athletes and the active. The brand has just four CBD options, each with all-natural ingredients, two of which are water soluble. We like their sourcing and their processes, but they come up short because they do not post independent CoAs. And in an interesting twist, Hammer Nutrition has the identical CBD offerings of another vendor reviewed by us.

Hemp Victory Garden Review

Hooray for hemp! Hemp Victory Garden is a nostalgic brand that celebrates the history of cannabis in America, specifically the fighting spirit behind production efforts during WWII. We love their enthusiasm, and their CBD product line isn’t too shabby, with over 20 options that cater to most genres of cannabidiol enthusiasts. If Hemp Victory Garden can get on board with testing protocols and charitable giving, they’ll really have something to celebrate.

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