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Hemptouch Review

Hemptouch is an interesting case. According to our methodology, they rank low, but we are honestly impressed by this homegrown operation backed by passionate individuals. The company hails from Slovenia, where hundreds of years of hemp cultivation inform their organic practices. Founded by an herbalist, this CBD skincare brand has some of the cleanest and premium offerings in the business. They utilize powerful herbs and essential oils and use absolutely zero synthetic ingredients. If only they would both conduct and post test results on their cannabidiol, we’d be over the moon for Hemptouch!

Speakeasy 710 Review

Speakeasy takes us back to the roaring 20s with their prohibition-era aesthetic. The branding is strikingly appropriate for the cannabis industry, a clever move for this popular company with an award-winning vape pen and multiple big media plugs. But for all the fun marketing, we struggle with the basic elements that Speakeasy seems to be lacking. For one, there are zero test results for purity or potency available for public view. We also take issue with a void of comprehensive ingredients lists for their CBD products, something we don’t take lightly. Hopefully, this brand with an old school feel can adopt the current standard practices of reputable CBD vendors.

CBD’R Us Review

If CBD gummies are your thing, CBD R Us has your number. They have an astonishing 15 varieties, the most we’ve seen to date from a CBD vendor. The company has a happy, fun vibe with bright colors and energetic branding. But with the exception of the crazy amount of options in their CBD gummy line, we’re a tad underwhelmed by the CBD R Us product lineup. Plus, we were only able to verify one badge for them due to a lack of information, comprehensive CoAs, and charity involvement. Looks like they need to make some moves to level up.

The Ensohara tagline reads, “Nature balance with science.” The company passionately believes in CBD oil as a natural way to promote health of both body and mind — from CBD for arthritis to CBD for anxiety, a litany of conditions have been shown to improve with the miracle oil. Ensohara provides a few cannabidiol products that appear pretty standard to reach their goals of encouraging holistic health. They’re doing some things right by engaging in charitable acts and utilizing CO2 extraction and nanotechnology, but we need to see some improvement in the transparency department.

Revival CBD Review

The Revival CBD team is made up of a group of enthusiastic dreamers and creators passionate about all things CBD. Their line exclusively contains isolate and includes a little something for everyone, even furry friends. We’re a bit concerned with Revival CBD, mainly because they disclose shockingly little information about their CBD oil itself. Plus, they may be utilizing an unsavory extraction method.

Big Sky Botanicals Review

Big Sky Botanicals operates under the guiding belief that phytocannabinoid-rich products can benefit almost anyone. They are consummately transparent, detailing every step of their production process, all of which takes place right here in the U.S. The brand sources organic hemp, they use both CO2 and ethanol extraction, and they offer broad spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC. We really like what we see here, and Big Sky Botanicals conducts rigorous testing for potency and contaminants. But at this point, these tests are done internally (not by a third party), which means the company cannot receive our Safety Badge quite yet.

Active Botanical Co. Review

Active Botanical Co has come a long way. From an underwhelming CBD vendor with too much missing information to an outstanding example of safety testing protocols, here’s a brand that makes adjustments in the best interest of consumers. We dig that. We also dig their all-natural line of CBD products that caters to the more experienced CBD user.

Abinoid Botanicals Review

Abinoid Botanicals is sick and tired of seeing the crazy amount of chemicals in skincare products. And we are too! It’s fantastic to see someone besides us calling out the use of synthetic ingredients in supposedly ‘natural’ products for the body’s largest organ (the skin). This brand offers premium ‘garden grown skincare’ and unlike many CBD skincare vendors, actually follows through on their all-natural promise. Abinoid Botanicals incorporates wonderful herbs and extracts, but there’s one extract we don’t know enough about to rank them higher — their CBD oil.

Fully Activated Review

Fully Activated was borne of a classic tenet of advertising: When you find something that works, you want to tell everyone you know about it. And that includes our furry and four-legged friends. With that goal in mind, the company produces a wide variety of small batch-made CBD oil products to help both humans and pets deal with a wide range of ills. And while we love their caring philosophy, we’d like to see just a bit more hard logistics from the company, including any results of third-party lab testing.

Hemp Direct Review

The name Hemp Direct almost has the sound of a cannabidiol department store, and the company isn’t far from a digital version of one. The website sources its CBD oil products from a number of brands, though it offers its own small line of CBD oil tinctures and softgels—all of which are backed up by solid scientific numbers showcasing their purity and potency. And while we get a lovely bit of background on the company’s founding, we wish we had just a tiny bit more detail about how the cannabidiol oil is extracted from its hemp plants.


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