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CBD American Shaman Review

American Shaman borrows its name and mission from the ancient traditions of Native American healers. Their CBD product line is beautifully packaged, with a minimalistic and natural look, and they were one of the first in the business to use nanotechnology. By rendering CBD particles smaller, absorption rates and bioavailability are thought to increase dramatically. Those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, in particular, may want to give American Shaman a look to check out their ‘Compassionate Care’ program.

American Shaman has all the appearances of a dynamic CBD business, offering high-quality cannabidiol products for humans, cats, dogs, and even horses! Utilizing organic, non-GMO industrial hemp imported from Montana which is around 1,000 acres of organically grown hemp.

American Shaman’s line of products contain the highest quality of hemp oil available containing high amounts of cannabidiol 100% Natural-Pure CO2 Extract. It is 100% Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Hemp and has no heavy metals or insecticides. They have batch tested their products using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography.

With prices ranging from $10-$180, there is quite a lot to choose from in the American Shaman line, whose CBD is delivered exclusively in the nano-sized form, thanks to their proprietary technology:

  • CBD oil tinctures – These come in four varieties with both full-spectrum and isolate options. Unfortunately, artificial flavors abound in the flavored oils, but there’s some good stuff in here too. For example, the full spectrum tinctures contain saponin, a powerful phytochemical with immune-boosting properties. This is actually the first time we’ve seen this robust botanical incorporated with CBD oil.
  • CBD oil for dogs, cats, and horses.
  • CBD edibles – CBD candy, CBD popcorn, and a fan favorite, the Hermit Cookies.
  • CBD topicals – This line we are proud to say uses only all-natural ingredients and includes
  • CBD salve, serums, lip balm, and face cream.

American Shaman is motivated to contribute to the common good, as they offer a program called ‘Compassionate Care’; a straightforward application process comes first, where proof of a chronic illness or disability is required. Once accepted, they send a discount code that gives buyers 30% off any purchase – with a threshold of at least $35 needing to be spent.

Bottom Line – Overall, American Shaman presents an excellent balance between cutting edge science, straightforward formulations, and old fashioned good vibes.

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Badges For CBD American Shaman

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

American Shaman uses only organically grown, non-GMO hemp paste from fields in Montana.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

American Shaman products are 100% Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Hemp and have No heavy metals, insecticides, or pesticides.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

American Shaman offers a ‘Compassionate Care’ program for individuals with chronic illness or disability.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

American Shaman strives to create the highest quality CBD products on the market to benefit people and the planet.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

American Shaman was one of the first to use nanotechnology to create radically small particles of the CBD compound that generate higher bioavailability.

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CouponAmerican Shaman Coupon Code: COR20

Save 20% on CBD American Shaman's complete catalog of hemp CBD products.

Doesn't expire

CBD American Shaman Products

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CBD American Shaman Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

There’s nothing necessarily out-of-the-ordinary about a CBD tincture. A quick scan of digital shelves will show that nearly every cannabidiol company has a version of the stuff.

And while American Shaman has a number of different tinctures available, one in particular truly stands out among the rest.

The company’s water-soluble, hemp oil was one of the first in the industry to utilize liposomal technology, meaning the cannabidiol molecules are made much more readily absorbable in the body, and, therefore, felt more power more quickly, by using even less product. The trick is including reverse-osmosis water to the mix, which more easily slips through cell membranes, delivering the CBD straight to the source.

Two versions of the product are up for sale. American Shaman produces their water-soluble CBD tincture in both a full-spectrum variety—meaning all aspects of the hemp plant are represented, including 0.3% of THC—and as an isolate, which has all the same benefits of cannabidiol but is THC-free. Both formulas include 300mg of CBD oil and retail for $60.

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CBD American Shaman CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for more convenience, or just have more time to spare, you might like the idea of a CBD capsule.

The delivery method must work its way through the digestive system before being discharged into the body, so its effects are felt on a delay, but the cannabidiol is released more slowly and steadily, giving users a prolonged and milder CBD experience.

Capsules also offer a more regimented approach when it comes to the amount of cannabidiol being consumed, and in the case of American Shaman, each pill contains 15mg of CBD oil, mixed into MCT carrier oil, which is derived from coconut oil.

The capsules themselves are made from plant-based cellulose, making them vegetarian-friendly. And the final product is sold in a jar of either 30 capsules—which counts 450mg total of CBD and sells for $60—or 60 capsules, which offers a cumulative 900mg of cannabidiol for $110.

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CBD American Shaman CBD Candy

If you like to have your cannabidiol and eat it, too, American Shaman’s CBD candy may be the product you’re looking for.

The CBD edible mixes 25mg of cannabidiol into 8 pieces of candy that come in a range of unique flavors, including blueberry, cherry, mint chip and watermelon. And while we’re not the biggest fans of seeing Red 40 appear on the ingredients list—an additive common in the food industry but still flagged by the FDA—the rest of the elements create a product with all the convenience of a CBD capsule and all the taste of a sweet treat.

American Shaman’s CBD candies are sold in packs of 8, for $15 each.

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CBD American Shaman CBD Cream

CBD oil isn’t limited to working from the inside out.

American Shaman’s CBD topical cream does a powerful job of working from the outside in. The formula utilizes the company’s same safe CBD oil—organically grown from non-GMO hemp sourced in Norway, extracted using the industry-standard CO2 method, and tested for pesticides and other toxins—and blends it with a number of other natural ingredients to produce a cannabidiol product suitable to be used on your skin.

The CBD cream utilizes traditional skincare remedies such as aloe vera and Vitamins A, D & E to help facilitate smoother, softer skin, while also including a whopping 500mg of American Shaman’s CBD oil in the mix.

The specialized formula is made with the company’s full-spectrum CBD oil, which is replete with naturally-occurring terpenes and cannabinoids that also work in concert to keep skin replenished and healthy. And a 2oz jar of the item sells for $110.

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CBD American Shaman CBD Skincare

Skin creams are well and good, but only represent one aspect of a skincare routine. American Shaman recognizes this and fills in many of the other aspects of that routine with its CBD skincare line.

Among the wide range of products are hydrating body lotion, CBD lip balm, a CBD bath balm, and cannabidiol replenishing face cream.

But perhaps our favorite item on the list is also the company’s most unique: a CBD under-eye serum. The product packs American Shaman’s full-spectrum CBD oil with several other ingredients to produce a formula intended to revitalize that telling under-eye area, and plump the skin back up with the essential fatty acids and vitamins found in hemp oil to help diminish discoloration, wrinkles, and puffiness and rejuvenate sagging skin.

The penetrating serum—which is not tested on animals—delivers an impressive 300mg of cannabidiol per bottle, and sells for $60.

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CouponAmerican Shaman Coupon Code: COR20

Save 20% on CBD American Shaman's complete catalog of hemp CBD products.

Doesn't expire

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