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CBDistillery Review

A passionate group of Colorado natives decided people have a right to first-rate hemp extract as an alternative method to combat health issues. And CBDistillery was born. CBDistillery categorically covers the gamut of CBD products with everything from suppositories to vape pens. Their sources are clean and sustainable, and we find them to be exceedingly transparent with their schedule of regular third-party testing. A 10% discount for veterans and active-duty military personnel is offered in perpetuity, evidence that this is a company that cares.

CBDistillery has an impressive product range and a strong online presence complete with an active community, informative blog, and an educational YouTube channel. The directive behind their practices is to procure premium, affordable hemp products that people can use to treat a variety of wellness issues or simply to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Non-GMO, outdoor industrial hemp free of pesticides is the primary ingredient in every product. CBDistillery uses CO2 extraction for the majority of their concoctions, but cold-pressed hemp oil in the pet tinctures (they claim coconut MCT oil has been known to be harsh on pets’ digestive tracts). Stalks and stems are grown using organic methods and processed into both isolate and full spectrum offerings.

CBDistillery is blatantly on top of their safety testing. Independent, third-party lab results are available online for each SKU, and from what we can tell, they stay up-to-date. They offer rapid fulfillment and shipping plus free shipping on orders over $75.

The product line is extensive, with over 14 different ways to consume CBD oil. CBDistillery’s most popular items are the CBDrop full spectrum tinctures which utilize coconut MCT as a carrier oil. Other full spectrum items include the cold-pressed pet tinctures and full-spectrum capsules.

CBD crystalline isolate for dabbing, oral, and edible applications is available in both powder and slab form. The Pure CBDelicious Formulation Powder is similar to the crystalline isolate but specifically processed as an ingredient to use in food and beverages. CBD isolate is also used in their wax (recommended for dabbing), pure CBD tinctures, e-liquids, suppositories, terpsolate blends (CBD isolate + terpenes), and gummies. They have a tasty CBDizzolve drink mix to throw in a water bottle for nutrition on-the-go, and a topical line featuring CBD Salve and CBDefine Skin Care Cream.

CBDistillery has recently upgraded their vape pen line by adopting CCELL® technology, which uses a patented ceramic formula developed by over 260 engineers that elevate the efficiency and consistency of the vape experience.

Bottom Line – CBDistillery checks all the boxes. They create quality products that undergo regular testing, are open to new and innovative technologies, and exhibit a compassionate ethos in both their mission and forever discount for veterans.

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CBDistillery uses non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the U.S. for both full spectrum and CBD isolate products.

Safety Badge

Safety Verified

CBDistillery regularly posts frequent third-party test results under each SKU on their website.

Charity Badge

Charity Verified

CBDistillery offers a permanent 10% discount for all veterans and active-duty service members on every order.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

CBDistillery stands behind the right of every person to access affordable, high-quality hemp to incorporate into their wellness routine.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

CBDistillery upgraded their vape pen line by incorporating CCELL® technology to improve efficacy and potency.

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CBDistillery Products

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CBDistillery CBD Tinctures

Start with the basics: CBD oil tinctures are a great option for anyone from the cannabidiol-curious to the experts in the field. The product is simple, direct, and to the point, containing nothing but a company’s CBD oil, usually mixed into a carrier oil and sometimes lightly flavored with one or two other ingredients.

CBDistiller’s CBD oil needs nothing more than a coconut carrier oil to do the job. Which is all well and good, because the company makes a quality product.

CBDistiller uses non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado to create their CBD oil, which is extracted using the CO2 method – noted across the industry for its safety and efficiency. And each batch of the stuff is third-party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins, with results available directly on CBDistller’s website.

The company’s CBD oil is full-spectrum, meaning all aspects of the hemp plant remain intact in the mix, including all terpenes, flavonoids and trace amounts of THC.

CBDistiller offers its CBD tinctures in several strengths, including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and an impressively strong 2500mg of cannabidiol per each 30ml bottle. Prices range from $20 to $130, with the largest available option coming in at a notably cheap 52 cents per milligram.

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CBDistillery CBD Capsules

Capsules offer a whole different CBD experience, with the pills offering a consistent amount of cannabidiol each and falling neatly into many people’s daily routines, which already include time for taking vitamins or other supplements.

CBD capsules must also pass through the digestive system before hitting the bloodstream, making their effect hit on a delay but last at a lower and slower pace throughout the day.

CBDistillers offers several versions of the product, including CBD capsules that contain both the company’s full-spectrum CBD oil and a CBD isolate—which is THC-free and has nothing in it but the cannabidiol itself.

The product also comes in two forms: softgel and a harder pill, with the softgels made from animal-based gelatin but the hard version comprised of all plant-based—and vegan-friendly—ingredients.

Strength and size vary as well, with 60- and 30-count bottles available for both the isolate and full-spectrum softgels—all of which include 30mg of cannabidiol per pill. The hard capsules come in a 30-count pack and contain 25mg of CBD oil each.

Prices on the entire line range from $50 to $115, depending on strength and size.

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CBDistillery CBD Isolates

The product represents a different type of CBD isolate.

Instead of being carried in an oil, these isolates come in powder form, made entirely from the industrial hemp grown by CBDistillers. But, like their oil-based counterpoints, these products are THC-free and indeed include nothing but pure cannabidiol.

Powdered CBD gives several options for consumption, with the product easily mixed into all manner of drinks or other liquids and even bakeable into homemade CBD edibles.

In fact, a version of CBD isolate intended specifically to be used as a cooking ingredient is offered by the company, retailing at $28 for a 1 gram tin. Otherwise, CBDistillers sells the CBD isolate powder in half-gram, 3.5g, 7g, and 14g containers, with prices ranging from $15 to $378.

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CBDistillery CBD Topicals

If your skin is drier than a CBD powder, CBDistillers also offers a line of CBD topical, combining the benefits of cannabidiol and skin-soothing lotions and balms.

Available in the line are a CBD lotion, CBD salve, and CBD lip balm, all of which utilize nothing but all-natural ingredients – a standard that many skincare-specific companies even fail to uphold.

Olive and coconut oils, as well as beeswax and a number of essential oils, comprise the base of the salve, while the CBD lotion includes apricot and sunflower oils among other healing elements and the CBD lip balm counts sweat almond oil and shea and coconut butters on its ingredients list.

All three also include CBDistillers’ full-spectrum CBD oil, with the 1oz jars of the salve and lotion containing 500mg of cannabidiol and both running $50 and the lip balm counting 25mg of CBD oil and costing $6.

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About Jason Brett

Self-care advocate, biohacker, and professional shopper of fine things. After being fed up with such a disorganized CBD landscape I decided to help level the playing field. I want to help you find the right CBD oil products so that you too can thrive! Questions? Contact Us.

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CBDistillery Reviews

  • AvatarPaul says

    Update: After posting this review they reached out to me and refunded my money and final sent the shipment. I appreciate the effort to make this right and being a person with integrity I felt that I should post this update.

  • AvatarPaul says

    I buy quite a bit of cbd oil and my main go to is Lazarus Naturals. If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend it. Unfortunately they don’t sell the vape juice so I’ve been trying a couple of different companies to see which one I like the best and I found cbdistillery on a review website and they were the highest ranked distributor so I looked on the website and found a small pack that was reasonable priced and figured I’d give it a try. The first red flag was after I purchased the product I got an email confirmation that said I should receive an email with the tracking number in 2 to 4 business days which seemed a little ridiculous that it would take that long to process my order of a sample pack of vape juice. I figured they probably just put that on there but actually send it out in a reasonable time for example if I purchase from Lazarus Naturals it always ships the same day as long as I get it in before 5 mountain time. Otherwise it for sure is sent the next day. I didn’t receive anything that day or the next or the day after that. Day 3 I sent an email inquiring about the shipment because I had not received the email and as instructed in the confirmation of the order I’d also been checking my junk mail. I got no response so by day 4 I was getting a little angry and sent them another email telling them just to cancel the order since they obviously had no intention of actually sending it. Finally I got a response that she had sent me the tracking number the previous day and that I should have checked my junk mail. This was a flat out lie. I was religiously checking my junk mail and even now its never shown up. On top of that her response did not go to my junk mail so its unlikely that the first response would have either. At this point I’m pretty frustrated because it is now the weekend and they didn’t even make it within there very lazy time frame to get the package mailed. I should also mention that the tracking number she sent me showed that a label for the package was created on April 9th the day after I placed the order but that’s it. They sent me a link that showed 5 days later that they still had not even taken the package to the post office. I was hot but I figured no way they don’t send it Monday and then I’ll never purchase anything ever again from these losers but I’ll just let this go cause its not worth it. But come Monday same thing never sent it. At that point I lost my temper on them and demanded a refund out of principal which they have not even acknowledged so I’m reporting them as fraudulently taking my money without ever sending the shipment. I just want to let everyone else know what piece of shit business is and steer clear unless you just like getting pissed off at people for not doing what they are supposed to. I don’t know what’s the problem with these guys but you have to suck pretty hard at what you do to treat people this way and I can’t remember when I’ve experienced customer service this terrible. Avoid them at all costs or you will be sorry.

  • AvatarBryce says

    Having the same problem here with the shipping with the same responses. Unfortunately wish i did my research. Bummed out

  • AvatarHelrn says

    Just moved to Colorado from Texas and the CBD Dol is absolutely incredible and has changed my skin! I was spending well over $700 a month buying various SkinMedica skin creams to hydrate my skin and this trumps them ALL! The secret is out to all friends and family in Texas. Great product, my only wish is that y’all made more skin care products!

  • AvatarROBERT Dimarsico says

    OH I’M 70

  • AvatarMichael says

    The product has an awful smell and taste. The only thing worse than the smell and the taste is their return policy. NO returns or credit for a defective product. Insane.

  • AvatarJohnny says

    Was about to go through this company for a wholesale account, however, if their retail service is any indication, it’d be a poor decision for me. I’ve been R&D’ing products to manufacture using their isolate for a few months now. The first couple of orders went fairly smoothly, but every order after that took longer and longer to get to me. Even as slow as USPS can be, it does not take 2 weeks to send something within the state. Then, I noticed, it was suddenly being shipped from IL. The last and final straw, is the current order that I’m waiting on. USPS doesn’t even show that they have received the shipment, according to the tracking, and also a rep on the USPS service number. After contacting customer service, I got two stories within 30 seconds. One was that they contacted usps, and were assured that it is in USPS’s possession but never got scanned, and then the story changed to “issues with the new system, all orders are being rushed out soon…” I can’t rely on a company that doesn’t have it’s stuff together like this, especially when it comes to depending on them for my own business. So, I’d recommend looking elsewhere folks, there are plenty of options now. There’s even one with a customer pick up option, who’s product is on par and better priced.

  • AvatarLiz says

    Not a fan. I have only tried ThoughtCloud & CBDistillery so far. The main issues i have with this product is the dropper is flawed & only fills about the quarter of the way, so it’s hard to measure doses & secondly, it feels extremely watery/liquidy. No matter how small the dose it barely stays sublingual. I won’t be purchasing again sadly

  • AvatarSarah says

    The 2500mg CBDistillery gave me anxiety 2 hours after taking it if I went even slightly over my quite small dose. I finished the bottle to be sure of the efffects and it was definitely this oil.

    I prefer Charlottes Web which is more relaxing.

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