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Cibdol Review

Based in Switzerland, Cibdol maintains the Swiss’ reputation for producing high-quality consumables. Dedicated to purity, consistency, and environmental responsibility, Cibdol sets them apart from the rest of the industry in a multitude of ways. Astonishingly, Cibdol performs extensive laboratory testing (and publishes CoA’s) for each product they sell. Europeans rejoice; cibdol.com is yet another reliable option for verifiably safe and effective CBD products.

Cibdol is a European operation with offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Their CBD oil is extracted in Swiss laboratories, but it appears much of the processing takes place in the Netherlands, as this is where their Halal and food safety certifications are issued. Cibdol promises all the thing we love to hear: no GMOs, no pesticides, and stringent lab testing for all their products.

From what we can tell, they fulfill most of these parameters. They indeed provide tests on all their batches of CBD oil for cannabinoid profiles and heavy metals. This is a great start, especially for a European CBD vendor (they tend to be a bit more lax on posting these results). However, to qualify for our Safety Badge we’ll need to see more contaminants test results that include pesticides, microbials, and residual solvents. Plus, Cibdol will need to post a cannabinoid profile for each SKU.

That said, Cibdol boasts organic, European hemp and a clean CO2 extraction process to procure their CBD oil, so kudos on that front. The brand is transparent about their processing which after extraction, includes a proprietary filtration method that results in the beautiful golden color of their oil. After that, terpenes are infused into the solution which is then combined with other ingredients into their formulas.

We’re fans of the Cibdol CBD product line. It’s focused but offers just enough by way of variety. Most of their offerings contain liposomes, fatty vessels or bubbles that bind to nutrients and disperse them throughout the body. While the jury is still technically out on CBD liposomal delivery, this is a long-standing drug delivery method known to dramatically increase bioavailability. It’s definitely a boon to the CBD consumer.

The Cibdol catalog of full spectrum CBD offerings includes the following:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures suspended in olive oil
  • CBD Oil Tinctures suspended in hemp seed oil
  • CBD Oil Tinctures suspended in black cumin seed oil (hello antioxidants!)
  • CBD Softgels
  • Liposomal CBD Oil Drops
  • Liposomal CBD Supplements
  • Liposomal CBD Topicals – This area is our only point of contention with the line. We don’t like the use of synthetic ingredients like phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, and PEG-100 stearate. But admittedly, the ingredients lists here look scarier than they actually are. Though many compounds are difficult to pronounce, most are effectively safe. No parabens or phthalates to be found.

We appreciate Cibdol’s comprehensive ingredients lists and precaution suggestions for each CBD product. If the company can get right with our safety methodology and post about some charitable giving, they could very well become a five-badge vendor.

Bottom Line – Cibdol offers the European consumer top-notch products made from their golden CBD oil. The fact that most of their lineup contains absorption-boosting liposomes is a huge plus

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Cibdol utilizes organically grown hemp and CO2 extraction to procure their line of CBD.

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Cibdol has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Cibdol has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Cibdol believes in delivering gold-standard CBD products made from organic hemp.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Verified

Cibdol utilizes a proprietary process that removes all the waxes, fats and chlorophyll from their product, producing a free-flowing ‘golden oil.’

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+41 61 588 03 13
[email protected]

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Cibdol Reviews

  • AvatarMike says

    Josh is correct. Since 2017 they let a third party (Fundacion Canna from Spain) test their batches. You also see it on their website in the latest analysis they’ve uploaded.

    In my opinion this gives a lot more confidence to their products.

  • AvatarJosh says

    It looks like their most recent batches are done by a third party now, which gives a bit more confidence.

  • AvatarKimberly says

    Their CBD testing is done in-house which is never acceptable. It should be done by 3rd party labs.

  • AvatarAlison Burt says

    I use Cibdol oil and it is amazing, they have lab test results for every batch and these are on the website, the oil doesn’t taste disgusting like a lot of other oils and would highly recommend to anyone

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