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Cibedium Review

Cibedium started similarly to many of the CBD vendors we see. Their founder suffered from major health issues and was thrilled to discover the natural benefits of CBD oil. But he encountered what, unfortunately, many do who are new to CBD — a dosage that didn’t match independent test results. Although Cibedium technically ranks low with us currently, they do pretty well in the transparency department.

Cibedium is a small outfit out of Doral, Florida that uses CBD oil cleanly extracted from organic Colorado hemp. The brand wants CBD to become your ‘daily sidekick’ for overall wellness with their line of reasonably priced cannabidiol products.

The founder of Cibedium (we don’t know his name) suffered a variety of health problems later in life, like diabetes, arthritis, and even anxiety and depression. Endless combinations of pharmaceutical drugs made his quality of life terrible, so he was ecstatic when he stumbled upon CBD.

But his journey wasn’t easy. He encountered products whose dosage did not match their test results. Like many people new to CBD oil, there were major doubts about efficacy.

He was thus inspired to create a transparent CBD company with products that work, where what you see is exactly what you get. Cibedium follows through by posting comprehensive ingredient lists for every single product and current potency results on all their SKUs.

Cibedium currently offers a healthy selection of CBD products with both full-spectrum and isolate options. Check out the goods:

  • CBD oil drops – We checked out the cannabinoid profile on these and boy, do we approve! These are full-spectrum tinctures with a super-strong range of cannabinoids, including CBDV, CBG, CBC, and even CBN! For those who don’t know, CBN is a highly beneficial phytocannabinoid that is probably the least common of the above in the full spectrum products we see. Love it.
  • CBD gummies with vitamin C – These are our favorite of the Cibedium gummy selection since they’re vegan and have natural colors and flavors.
  • CBD sweet & sour gummies – Not so much love for these gummies that contain artificial colors and flavors.
  • CBD treats for cats and dogs
  • CBD topicals – Cibedium offers a CBD roll-on and a CBD pain cream. Unfortunately, both are brimming with synthetics. The former is the cleaner of the two, with just polysorbate 20, PG, and triethanolamine. The CBD pain cream contains 5 types of parabens, chemical additives that mimic estrogen and have been linked to a variety of issues.

We like that Cibedium is transparent, but we need to view contaminants results to award the Safety Badge. We also recommend they get involved in Charity to get a higher rating from us.

Bottom Line – Cibedium is a transparent CBD vendor with really awesome CBD tinctures, but we’d like to see more initiative in other departments like charitable ventures and innovation.

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Badges For Cibedium

Quality Badge

Quality Verified

Cibedium sources hemp grown organically in Colorado that is extracted with CO2.

Safety Badge

Safety Unverified

Cibedium has not been verified to provide current, third-party lab results for both potency and contaminants.

Charity Badge

Charity Unverified

Cibedium has not been verified to actively engage in charity, from compassionate discounts to nonprofit work.

Mission Badge

Mission Verified

Cibedium is on a mission to create CBD products with a consistent level of high quality that are backed by third-party lab results.

Innovation Badge

Innovation Unverified

Cibedium has not been verified to offer innovative practices, technology, and/or products in the CBD space.

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1-888-395-CBD1 (2231)

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