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CopperGel Review

“I’ve tried every pain relief under the sun, and nothing works better than CopperGel!” Yup, Mike Tyson said that. In fact, he owns the CopperGel company. The brand currently offers just three topicals, two of which contain CBD. Parent company Tyson Holistic is out to provide consumers with awesome cannabis products, approved by Mike himself. At present, CopperGel ranks low because we don’t know enough about their cannabidiol.

CopperGel is a subsidiary of Tyson Holistic who launched the copper topical line in August of 2018. CopperGel’s catalog contains three topicals aimed at localized relief for joints, muscles, aches, arthritis, etc. The brand has received major media attention from ESPN, CNN, and more and has garnered multiple endorsements from professional athletes.

The entire CopperGel product line is made in the USA, and they offer free shipping on all orders. While only two of their topicals contain CBD, all of them contain copper.

Copper is a natural element with a laundry list of natural benefits. CopperGel accurately claims that copper has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It’s also collagen-building, blood building, and helps accelerate wound healing. There are legitimate studies to back this up. CopperGel doesn’t reference them, but you can find them easily online.

Let’s get into the products themselves. The first is a roll-on which we won’t go in-depth about since it does not contain cannabidiol. Next up is CopperGel Ice, a ‘scientifically formulated’ blend of menthol, arnica, aloe, and CBD for long-lasting pain relief. This product contains synthetics we must disclose like PEG-100 stearate, phenoxyethanol, and PG — definitely not an all-natural topical, but not a bad offender in the chemicals department. Our only major qualm with CopperGel Ice is that the company does not disclose how many milligrams of CBD are included in each jar. We want to know!

Last is CopperGel’s CBD spray with 500mg cannabidiol. It’s non-greasy and admittedly, an interesting delivery method for a CBD pain relief topical. There are a couple of synthetics in this one too, namely PG and BHT.

It’s easy to award CopperGel the Innovation Badge for incorporating copper and CBD for an anti-inflammatory wonder-concoction, perfect for athletes, the active, and those suffering from arthritis.

But what do we know about the actual hemp and processes behind the CBD oil in CopperGel products?

The answer is very little.

On the blog, they state their CBD oil is third-party tested and that the CopperGel Ice product contains full spectrum cannabidiol. Apparently, their CBD oil comes from Tyson Ranch, another offshoot of the Tyson Holistic umbrella brand. Tyson Ranch seems like a legit operation, utilizing indoor cultivation, hand-trimming their plants, and supposedly meticulously inspecting their California hemp. Tyson Ranch currently offers cannabis products (THC) in licensed dispensaries.

Unfortunately, we just don’t know enough to grant CopperGel more badges. Mike Tyson, known for his colorful and surprisingly genuine personality, seems to have an authentic interest in producing quality CBD hemp products. If we can verify the facts, perhaps CopperGel can go toe to toe with some of our high-ranking CBD vendors.

Bottom Line – CopperGel combines copper with CBD for targeted pain relief topicals. This popular brand by Mike Tyson needs to let the public in on more of what’s behind their cannabidiol — extraction method, growing techniques, independent lab results, etc. — before jumping in the ring with the more transparent CBD companies out there.

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CopperGel combines the natural benefits of CBD with health-boosting properties of copper in their topicals.

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CopperGel Reviews

  • AvatarJason says

    I am 45 and looking to where I could buy Coppergel I have had problems from over training and in the last 3 years have been on pain medication for this so I am looking for reviews and were I could buy Copper Gel CBD spray ?

    Look fwd to your reply


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